Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Oh butterfly!!!!

The pic of the week is

For more pics, visit The Masks

And song of the week is


venkatramanan said...

Excellent photos! Really awe-inspiring! Great man! Keep it up!


Priya said...

Awesome picture and great song choice.

Dimplicious said...

Clearly the best!!!am amazed!!

P.S.Nice photos bt I admire your writings more!!!

చైతన్య said...

that's a wonderful capture harish!

and the song is also a good one... watched it long back in DD1... thanks for reminding it again here :)

Bhargavi said...

Me yahaan, me yahaan! :P

"malargal thOrum nadanthu pOgum siriya jeevanae
unthan manathai konjam iraval kaetkum enathu jeevanae"

Wowie pic!

N!kh!l said...

God! Which camera do you own? Are these pics as they are captured or did you photoshop them? No matter what they are all very very good.

Vidya said...

I loved all the pictures in your flickr account!

KK said...

Nice pic bud!! Awesome!!

What kinda lens do you use? Let me take a guess... 18-200mm??

Harish said...

Thanks maapi :)

Hee hee. Thanks yaar.

Thanks for your comment. Had to wake up the writer from the dead :)

Thanks yaar :)

Harish said...

Welcome back!

I have a D80 with 18-135mm lens. I photoshop it to enhance it. You have to do it for sure. But yeah....patience is the key :)

Thanks yaar :)

Thalai! Its a 18-135. 18-200 ellam enna maadhiri ezhaingalukku taradu illayaam :(

Princess said...


I was desperately looking for this song after that ad in TV. Thanks for sharing.