Monday, December 26, 2005

The Onlookers

Sunday. The only day in the week when the buses are not crowded to the brim and you can indeed catch a corner seat in a bus and watch singaara Chennai. There were about 20 passengers inside the bus and it was a boring journey for everyone including the driver.... Until...she arrived.

She boarded the bus and looked around. Every passenger's eyes were fixated on her and she too knew it, but walked unawares. The surprise in the eyes of everyone was because of two reasons. One..was seeing her in the bus and another reason was a child in her hand. "She? Married?" That was the question that sprang to everyone's mind. The kid in her hand and an ugly guy besides her seemed to answer their queries unknowingly.

She got 2 tickets and sat on the right hand side corner seat with the so-assumed husband. Everyone was still staring at her and she still didn’t react. She had become used to it for all her life and she was no longer bothered about it any more. She still remembered the surprise of her parents when they first saw her and the hara-kiri that was caused in her neighborhood. Now she was married and she didn’t want to think about it anymore and live a peaceful life....if these people do let her do so.

But then being an EUNUCH is still considered abnormal in our country......

Monday, December 19, 2005

Thalai pola varuma....

"Saurav Ganguly Axed"

ATM vaasalla watchman velai paakara Sentry lerundu Madhdhiyila Aatchi seyyara Mandhiri varaikkum ellarum ippa hot a discussion seyyara matter "Annan Gangulya ippadi neeki irukkanuma koodaatha". Avan avan mazhaila ninainju poi naari kidakira nelamaila idellam tevayaana oru discussiona nu neenga keakaradu en kaadhula nalla vizhudu. Aana paarunga....naan oru Indian (Captain style la padeenga pu) Soththu ku lottery adichchalum vetti nyayam pesaradu nama ooru kalachaaram. Ada eppadi vittu tara mudiyum?

Sari...nadandadu nadandu pochchu. Inimae Ganguly enna panalaam??

1. West Bengal Annatha Buddhadeb Bhattacharya (peru sollumbode vaai sulikikkum pola)oda support annan Ganguly kku irukiradunaala, avar Calcutta la MP Seat ko illa MLA seat ko nikkalam. Eppadiyum makkal oda anudaabam ellam avarukku votea maari vizhum. Appadiyae padi padiya munneri avar Bengal kkae CM a kooda aanalum Aachariya padaradukku onnum illa.
2. Neenga teruvula road la padam varainju kaasu sambaadikiravangala paathirupeenga. Adae maadhiri Ganguly Howrah Bridge Naduvula Batting panni kaati sambaadikalaam. West bengal Govt avar kooda tie up vechchu Tourism promote pannalam.
3. Illana Dalmiya kitta assistant a serundu adutta BCCI election la ninnu avar BCCI chairman a appoint aagalam. Appadi nadanda Avar Rahul Dravid a Dravida malai aera sollalaam. Greg Chappella indiya saalaigalila Chappel illama mottai veyilla nadakka vechchu kodumai padutalaam. Oru over la oru bouncerkku mela potta Cricket lerundu Life ban pandra oru sattatha amal padutalaam.

4. Obvious choice...Avar cinema la nadikalaam. Avar kku avalava dance aada varadhu, nadikka teriyaadhu (appa avar tamil cinema la hero va nadikalaam nu neenga kaekiradhu ennaku kaekkudhu). Aana sandai nalla poda varadu naala avarukku action hero vaaippu kaathu kidakku. Kadaisiya kidaitha tagavalin padi Naghma avar padatula herione a nadikka samathichirukaanga.

Unga kaivasam enna idea irukku?

Monday, December 05, 2005

Like good old days.....

After a lot of pestering my friend Nithy(a) Nandoo started to write a blog. A statuory piece of warning for those coming here and about to go there...if u r weak in tamizh..u can very well close the cross marked devil on the right hand side of your screen. Nandoo is one Tamil nuttie and is awesome when at his best.

What a fantastic weekend!!!! For a few minutes i had to make myself believe that i was in chennai and not cherapunji. Had someone photographed me on Friday night, my company's shares would have plummeted to Indian politicans honesty's levels. With a bag in my right hand, a pant up to my knee and a shoe pair in my left hand, i did present a pitiable sight.

After having watched all the news channels and all interviews cursing the government about its lack of readiness u must be having a gloomy picture of the rains in chennai. So for a change i will give u a whole fresh perspective of the rain in chennai and the positives out of it. Water flooded mine and my friends room and obviously there was no power. We slept friday night among chennai's fav and habitual kosukadi and woke up to a boring saturday morning. My friend called up to enquire my well being and informed that his parents had gone out of station and offered us to stay at his house. And that is where the fun begins.

Imagine 11 bachelors in one room watching tv!!!A horrendous site. Usually saturday and sunday guys just go out somewhere to either beach or cinema or mostly office with the last one being the most prominent. After a long time so many of us were together at one place and for so long. Everyone kept pulling the others leg and needless to say that the guys were in great form. The only affected creature in the whole process was Nithys 60 day old labrador dog. The poor creature could harldy figure out who the hell were we occupying his kingdom. The best part of the 2 days was when we had dosai and uttapam prepared at home for all the 11 people. One batch kept eating and another kept preparing till we ran out of the dosai maavu.

The only time one realized that fun was over was when monday morning dawned and everyone grew duy consious and were back to their responsible self. Hmmm....i am not surprised why we all hate Monday Mornings!!!!