Monday, September 22, 2008

How to lose friends and annoy people?

It is always good to have nice people around at our work place. And since most of us are bound to hang around our work place for more than half of our day, we expect it to be pleasant and funfilled. No offence.

But well...thats not the case everytime. Every office has its own share of people who do I put a pain in the butt. Havent we all come across people who we voraciously strangle, gag, kick, or hit in our dreams (not much choice)? There are people whom you dont even want to see eye-to-eye in your office and the worse case as per Murphy's law is that they are seated very next to you.

There is this lady who works at my client place. She is the epitome of grace and womanhood. Her voice is like a river flowing through the jungle and her smile can even bring back the dead from life. She is like the lifeline of our office and her mere presence is as priceless as Bindra's one gold for a billion people. I wish this was true?

Almost every office in TN is bound to have some of these characters - 
advice ambujam - Who keeps nagging
aruvai arumugam - Name says it all 
kaipulla - who makes vetti banda
kattadurai - frequently makes empty challenges 
Snake Babu - double crosser  
Revolver Reeta - who contantly morachifies
Minor Koonju - whats there to explain?
Gossip Geetha - Gossip monger

I donno under which category this dignified lady should be categorized as she almost falls under everyone one of the above mentioned namesakes.

Added to that is the share of the "Peter"s and "Mary"s who talk in a glorified american accent as if we get to work with George Bush, when the reality is that we are in the entertaining company of Govindasamy or Gandhimathi. You almost feel tempted to get up from your seat, walk to them and say "SHUT THE F**K UP". The best part is that when such people happen to meet some 'locals' and unroll their barrage of Websters dictionary idioms with fake accent. You almost wish the locals could just sneer and mouth "aiya...gammunu kada kayida".

The lady I am here to mention about is a perfectly fit recepient of the "annoying person" of the world award. Have you noticed the kreeechhhhh sound that erupts when you rub a chalk against the balckboard? Oh...u r getting headache just thinking about it? Well...I get to listen to it for almost 10 odd hours a day. The time she is not talking, her keyboard types very very fast. 

No no..she is not working. But chatting with her BF or whoever it is and almost kills the keyboard in the process. I swear I even saw the letter keys on the keyboard move on its own couple of times trying to run away from her. In addition to this, she has awesome linguistic abilities. She speaks to chinese, singaporeans and scottish with their respective accent...except...that they all are interlaced with huge exaggerated bouts of "oooooooo", "laaaaaaa", "nooooooo" and so on.

Laden with 'expert' make up that is usually reserved for the ghosts in Ramsey brothers film, you can pretty much imagine the amazing sight I have to subject myself to on every other working day. Believe me, when she talks (or should I say SHOUTS) over the phone, we have to close our ears with earphones, cotton or whatever we get in our hands. Trust me, if the Client were to have count and deduct the charges for the time she spends over company phone gossiping with her whacky group, she would be surely running on negative balance.

Now, how many of you share some similar experience as such at your work place or college?

They say that music is the best medicine. And nothing comes close to Ilayaraja's soothing BGM as in this video. Hope u love this as well :)


Karthik B.S. said...

I gotta be the first person to comment. :D

Karthik B.S. said...

Idhu eppadi keedhu? :P

Karthik B.S. said...

Yaaro ennoda blog'la That sounds like....irritated :P nu sonna madhiri irundhuchu.. appo idhu innavam! :P

And yeah, all they do is talk, talk ,talk, talk, talk, talk, talk.
And when they are not talking, I am betting they are thinking about talking.

Ivaala thiruthave mudiyaadhu.

Karthik B.S. said...

i believe that BGM was composed by ARR.

Priya said...

Just loved it how you came up with it..
advice ambujam - Who keeps nagging
aruvai arumugam - Name says it all
kaipulla - who makes vetti banda
kattadurai - frequently makes empty challenges
Snake Babu - double crosser
Revolver Reeta - who contantly morachifies
Minor Koonju - whats there to explain?
Gossip Geetha - Gossip monger

Dimplicious said...

"Been der felt that"

Hmmm...its worse if such a person turns out to be ur boss lyk in ma case!!!

Prabha said...

Welcome n Join the club... I have eggjactly same experience and have been surviving for the past 3 years!!! :D Office la ukkandu ethu kedachutho illayo... "Annoyance Edirpu Sakthi" neraya kedachuthu! Kind of Acquired Immunity against such annoying people!!!

sat said...

Whoo...there's nothing I love more than good ol office biatchin!
I had done this a couple of months (aeons?) back...But of late i am more like lying back and enjoying the fun....and do whatever I possibly could to humiliate those waiting and begging to be....
BTW, to the beloved species, might I add, Mokkachamy, who has to open his mouth, even if it's the operator on the conf call....and has to confirm how really dumb he/she is!

Did i say humiliate...why...because i met this lady in my office, first time i met her, and she was already calling me a 'friend' to her mom on the mobile. wow, i didnt realise. then her irritating questions, and more irritating assumptions (like i was going to have lunch with her)...the icing on the cake was when she asked me 'do you always wear saree to the office' of those days when i took one out to see the daylight. i decided to have fun . i looked for a long time at her, then said 'no'. but this one was persistent, rather shameless, 'are you married' 'oh, ppl wearing sarees should be?' 'not like that, but are you' 'yeah' 'you have kids?' 'i look like i have?' 'No' 'Good, that's what I think'
She has never peeped into my cubicle after that. but i miss her :P

Gargling Garbage said...

First, I gotta apologise! Coz the post was so hilarious that instead of sharing the pain, I ended up with an aching jaw!

Lol... Vambujams are always around! School, college, hostel, bus! Guess I've got used to them.

But know what bud, I'd hate an opinion poll on this in my work place! No clue - when where and how - but I could end up topping the list!!

rsubras said...

variety is the spice of life..and some time such kind of people make you better :)

SKM said...

How do you do? enjoyed your stories after a long break.Thanks.:D are In India,so idhellam romba sagajam. You need to develop "I don't care" attitude or else you will be attacked by hundreds of them. Iam just happy to be away from them, even if it is for a short break.

Suchitra said...

Reg. the post,
Common experience; these people who seem to be Creation's less-than-perfect rough drafts seem to be everywhere. But then, there's one perspective I like: what if we are equally annoying to them? I don't know about you, but people become much more bearable when I think that all of us are in the same rut and we are trying to do our best to get on as well as we can! :) Avangalum irundhuttu pogattume, the world is after all big enough!

Reg the video:
I really like this idea of yours, a fresh video with each post (I play the music and read the post) And awesome bgm...made me replay all the songs from this movie inside my head, one of my fav albums :) Thanks!

gils said...

titley oru dae carnegie epectla iruku :D ithula main character onnu vituteley..sound saroja :D once i was on call (wth a friend..pesing vetti kathai is needless to add..and opkorse..aapice fone) there was this..silent-yet-sound person who is like a million cubes away frm my desk, who btw i refer as GOD..i can ALWAYS hear i've never seen him. That my dismay..this person was also on call and that too in an angry mood. He was "mildly" admonishing someone over fone...ellam "semmozhi" sorkal. Right outta assembly n parliment... that conversation was so funny that..i kept the receiver down and we had a gud laaf..:D :D

G3 said...

Romba kashtapadareenga pola??? ;)

Anonymous said...

long time visitor of your blog. but endha post-ku comment paniye aaganum-nu, am commenting...

Edhu yelam yevalavo thevalam pa... en office-la oru chappa mookan erukan. 15 nimisham oruka kaanama poiduvan - yedhukaam - dhammu adikathan. rest of the time cube-la ukandu cough paninde erupan... cough-oda niruthina paravalaiye, desk-laiye cough pani, spit panuvan... andha satham ketala , yenaku kodala peratum... muna, pina, yethirka, pakathula ukaravan yelam kathave arambhichutan... boss veetulendu work panu ela smoke panaradhu vidu-num soli pathutaar... chappa mokkan aache, yerumai maatu mela mazhai pencha madiri erukan - evana vidava unga office lady bayangaram ?

Harish said...

Guess U have experienced nothing. U should be with this lady and U will realize. As for the BGM, us the proof :P

Hee hee...idellam india office la sagajam pa :P

Why blood? Oh...same blood :P

Naanum idu maadiri naraya paathu irukkaen. Aana ivanga....aayirathil orutar :P

Harish said...

One-liner vechchu nose cut panna unakku solliya taranum? Hmm...anda ponnu neram sari illa:P

Hee hee....I bet U cant top this lady in my post :P

Thalaivare...ida kooda eppadi positivea edutakareenga!!!! Ungalukku kovilae kattalam pola :)

Welcome back after a veryyyyy long time. I am singapore now. But..Indians are everywhere :P
And yeah...inda lady immunity power ellam thaandina oru thollai :P

Harish said...

That was the first thing that sprang to my mind as I started writing. Those in glass houses cant throw stones at rest.
But...some people are another way. They are a social menace.
Glad u like this song-post thing :)

LOL at Sound Saroja
Inda maadiri oru adaimozhi ungalaala daan mudiyum. I think I lfet Sornakka :P

Vanakkam G3. Kekavae kekaadeenga

Hello Sir/Madam. I think I should send this lady to ur work place. U will realize what everyone in my office has to put up with :P

Bedazzled said...

ha ha ha.. could relate to a lot of charecters .. revolver rita and kaipulla ..isnt that waht keeps office entertaining.. otherwise why would anyone want to come to work? :-)