Wednesday, November 26, 2008

How to lose a girl in 10 ways? - Preview

Hi there. So I do seem to have your attention (assuming that you are reading), eh?

You took the bait didn't you? Ok Ok. Stop looking like a baby who has just urinated in his diapers.

I know what you are thinking. Usually when people read titles like "candle in the dark" or "How to screw politicians" and they are like "Oh man...not again". Seriously. After all the hard work we do, we want to be entertained. And it's not wrong because that's what everyone feels they are entitled to.

But for arguments sake, what would you think if I told you that I have this title just to retain your interest till this point? feel as if I am playing with our mind.

The point is that after months of status reports, MOMs, mails etc, I think I might have lost my flair for language. Worse case, if I do try to write, I might end up sounding like Bush. And seriously, no sane man wants to sound like him. So this post might be on the irregular side with an informal approach and face-to-face talk.

So why this topic? Look, first, it's interesting. Boys would be like "Show us tips to hook them mate. Either way we don't need your advice to screw it up." and girls would be like "Huh. Even god and our parents don't understand how we work. Who the hell is this guy to say he understands us?"

But still, you might stick just for the heck of it. Come on, if you had been disinterested you would have decided to shift your mouse to the right handed corner of screen and bring everything to rest in peace. Boys stick to know if what I say is in line with their screwed up affairs and girls want to know if these are the only available ways.

Now what is this about?

This is a very stupid collection of 10 steps which is the best effective way to end your courtship with possibly ANY girl on earth. Well, we know that there are thousands of them, but I am just giving you a hint of some from my perspective. Either way, you are reading and you can share your amazing experiences as well and enlighten your fellow human beings.

Now you wonder why the hell I am writing this? What is my expertise in this area? I remember an old quote which says "Learn from other people's mistakes, you don't have time to make all of them yourself".

In effect, this is a compilation of some errors I have seen others make and then wish they could go back in time. It's like the film critics, you know. All the film critics are so good at criticizing and shredding it to pieces and stuff, but ask them to direct one for the audience (remember Khalid Mehmood?) and they are much worse duds. Either way, I know you buggers are not going to believe me and think that this is something I have gone through. Suit yourself!!!!

This would be an irregular series and will be posted from time to time depending on my workload and mood (see, I can throw tantrums!). So I will start posting the first one before coming Sunday (30-11-08).

My fellow professionals will understand how dangerous it is to commit to a delivery date and live to see it done :).