Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Smoke is like

And when can be colorful as well.

Check my flickr account for more :)

P.S: Thanks to Prithz for the smokin idea and photoshopping it as well.
You deserve a great treat.

One amazingly soothing song.


gils said...

nerupillaamal pugai ethu? apdingarathuku answer panitel polarukay ;)

Karthik B.S. said...
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sat said...

Hey....what's with all this treating eh? :P

Dimplicious said...

Hmmm..gettin creative n experimentive day by day eh?Cool!!!

Song tho..ponga pa!!Alwaz put up gr8 songs overboard n wt only cn v comment on em??

prithz said...

I simply love your camera. Can i play around with it more often? :P

SKM said...

......nice one.creativity yar kaivannam? Prithiz's? congrats to both of you!;)

N!kh!l said...

hey harish..nice pics...Can I use the smoke pics as my desktop wallpapers? If yes, what do i have to do? I am really scared of the copyright symbol you see.

KK said...

yaarupa anga kadalai podurathu???ore pogaya iruke!

Annatha how do I go to your Flickr?

Harish said...

Ada raama

Edo nammala mudinjadu :)

Hee hee...kya karen..apna music taste hi kuch aisa hai :P

U r most welcome to madam. Treat it as urs:)

Harish said...

Idea and photoshop Prithz kai vannam.

The copyright is just so that no one should take it and say they shot it :P
Use it long as u dont brag u shot it :P

Romba naal kazhichchu vanduirukeenga. Link page layae irukku thalai.