Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Thavamaai Thavamirundu....

Karuppu color saari. Summa nachchnu irukku. Avan avala paarthaan. Avalum avana paartha aana paakatha maadhiri irundutaa. Vazhakkam pola avan ava azhaga paathu engine vandi maadhiri perisaa perumuchchu vittan. Idae bus standla kadanta sila maasama rendu perum paatukiraanga, ore company la work pandraanga, ore bus la yum poraanga aana oru Hi ill Hello kooda sonnadu kidaayadhu.

Eppadi paechu kudukalaanu avan marubadiyum thalaya soriya aarambichchan. Ovvoru dadavayum avan ada try panumbothum avanukulla irukira bayam avana gaali panidum. "Ennatha thaan ponunga T-Shirt Jeans potaalum, Pudavai katuna thaan pa oru ponnu sema azhaga iruka" nu avan thanakku thaane jollikittan. Cycle la pogara 10th standard paiyan, Onsite la irukiravanoda sandai poda vegama Pulsar la pogara S/W engg., Chumma poi mail check panna Elantra la pora manager,Pallavan bus ottara Thaatha,vegama vyaabaram paaka pora Ambani lerundu padila thongara bemaani varaikkum ellarum avalae sight adikiraanga. Pugaichchal !!!!!

Bike la pinnadi ukaandirukira Maami lerundu bus la tamil language oda kaetta vaarthai ki ilakanam vagukira muniyamma kooda avala look vidarada gavanichchan. Avan galija edho yosikardhukku munnadi thaan avanukku adu strike aachchu. Avanga paathadu avaloda anda attagaasamaana Pudavai apparam jolikira Thanga necklace. Ida paatittu pona ella pombalainga veetulayum purushan kaaranukku Deepavali confirmed nu avan ninaichukittan. Adukulla Bus vandadinaala ellarum bus la eritaanga.

Enna aachariyam!!Kudukura deivam kuraya pichikittu kodutudu. Ore seat thaan gaaliya irundudu. Ava ukkanda aaparam avan ava pakatula ukkandaan.Chivalry kaaturaaraam!!!

"83 peru" Edho citizen ajith Attipatti sonna maadhiri avan sonnan

"Ennanga?" Ava

"Naan sonnaen 83 peru" Avan

"Neenga enna solreenga nu puriyala Mister.."

"En peru Satish. Satish Kumar" Manasula periya James Bond peran nu avanukku ninaippu.

"En peru Anjali. Neenga eda pathi pesareenga?" Ida sonna udanae A R Rahman avan pakkatula Key board vechchu Anjali Anjali paata paadi mudichitaaru.

"Inikki Bus stand la ungala 83 peru ungala sight adichaanga"

"Ada neenga ennikittu irundeengala" Ava sillaraya sedaravitta..sorry sirichcha

" la naan ungala paakumbodhu onnu rendu miss panni irukalaam"

Avanukku mattum power irundirunda ava siricha anda siripukku Americavayae vaangi kudutirupaan. Enna Bush maama kochukivaaru.

"Neenga enda project?"

Ippadiyaaga avargalin azhagaana vaazhkai kadhai aarambam aanadu........

P.S : Mudal paathi reala inikki naan bus stand la paarthadu..Second half? adu nadandu irundirunda naan yen inda blog ezhidikiti irukkaen??

Wednesday, November 23, 2005


We all love our country and i truly believe that we all are proud about it as well. But there are moments when we feel shameful to be part of this whole lot crowd. We all must have read and heard a lot about this whole commotion raised about this KHUSBOO issue and her views. Come on guys, this is a free country and anyone is free enough to voice her/his opinions unless and until it hurts some individual.

We Indians gave KAMASUTRA to this world. We are the second most populous country on earth. And still talking SEX is taboo in our country. You, I and the ones standing outside her house with the broomsticks are products of harmony of a man and women and i believe that we didn’t fall from trees. Khuswanth Singh is correct. We Indians are the biggest Hypocrites in the whole universe..possibly solar system. The most painful thing is the mileage given by the press to this whole issue and making a mount out of molehill. I presume that most of you reading this article have friends in your opposite sex and have a nice relationship with them as well.

Today’s youth I believe, know the boundaries in relationships and barring a few odd people everyone is conscious of their limits. Had a male told the same about pre-marital sex he would have been termed as bold, visionary and ahead of his times. And when the same is uttered by a woman, all hell breaks loose and there is a cloud of doubt on her character. Why double standards? Are people stupid enough to realize that this whole issue has been blown out of proportions by opportunists to make their presence felt in the society? Ultimately pre-marital sex is every person's individual interest and opinion, but what’s wrong in saying that it can be practiced safely.

Sadly and truly, Freedom of Expression exists only in the Airtel ads in our country :-(

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Fat boy slim....

"Motu","Haathi","Takkali","Gunda","Yaanai"....these are some of the few words that i was addressed with when i studied in school. First i used to think that there was something wrong with my approach towards food, but later i realized that it was in my genes as all we cousins were blessed with some extra few kilos and harry potteresque spectacles (Thaatha enna sottu vechutu ponnaru nu kaetta ida thaan sollanum).

All throughout my school life i wanted to be slim, athletic and have a Arnold (Not russel arnold!!!)type figure. Infact it also presented me with an inferiority complex about my physique and hence i never got well along with girls (ippa mattum enna vaazhudu!!!). Infact i weighed so much in my 9th standard that even my seniors used to fear me just for my size. Perhaps after GODZILLA, i realized that SIZE DOES MATTER :-)

I managed to reduce my weight in my college days as i was away from home and also i hated my college food and ended being starved for most of the time. Whenever i used to go home i ended up eating like a native of Somalia. But still i managed to pull my weight down by my personal standards. Half of my relatives hardly recogonized me as they had never seen this downgraded version of mine in their span. Just when i thought that i had almost become a normal person....boom....i join the IT industry...i hardly do any physical activity..and i my weight has shot up.

The best excercise someone recommended i received for weight reduction was "Turn ur head left, then turn it right, now repeat the excercise for about 10 times and make sure you do the same when someone offers you yummy food."

Any suggestions???

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Rain Rain go away....

"It’s raining men...hallelujah..." Geri Halliwell was crooning loudly on the CD player. Chandru, aged 8 was dancing to her tunes and was watching the rain from his balcony.

Watching the rain was a joy and even more joyous was getting wet. Of course the trouble of catching cold was always there...but then who cares. The whole area around him seemed to have turned into an island and there was water everywhere. It seemed to him like the scene of the movie WATER WORLD where there was no sight of land anywhere. He had a small fishing net and he was fishing standing on the wall just a few meters away from his house. Life is full of fun...or so Chandru thought.

Suddenly there was commotion all over. His mom came and asked him to pack his clothes. He wanted a reason and no one gave him one. After a few minutes a few policemen came in boats and asked them to get into the boat. His parents and his neighbors alighted into the boat with some sobs and it seemed as if he was the only one who was happy at the sight of rain. He wondered why elders despised rain so much when they got to be thankful for it.

Then he remembered that he had left his favorite cycle in his house and asked his mom if they could return back. His mom already angry and furious slapped him hard and Chandru was left crying alone. Out of rage he jumped out of the boat and tried to swim. But the tide was high and he found himself drowning...drowning...drowning.....

"Chandru...Chandru..wake up. I should not have allowed you to watch that stupid flood on TV. Wake up. You are getting late to your school".

Chandru, woke up to face a new rainless day to his school in a 'desert'ed Rajasthan city.

P.S : Happened to see a boy fishing standing on a wall near my company.

Thursday, November 03, 2005


"Oh My god!" he yelled.

It was unfortunate and he knew that he should not have done that.
There was blood smeared in his palm and it was disgusting to see it.
He did not do it intentionally,but was forced to do so as he had been irritated.
He saw around and went quitely to wash his hands.

Still his conscience was not ready to accept that he had killed a mosquito.