Friday, September 23, 2005

The PowerCut

Darkness. Mankinds greatest fear since evolution. Most people deepest fears evolve in darkess and hence mankind despises it to extremes.

Yesterday Velachery came to a standstill when it was made to suffer in darkness. The moon looked prettier than usual but unfortunaltely not many were ready to share my enthusiasm or poetic sense at that point of time. Literally i could feel the meaning of PowerCut as everyone seemed to be deprived of power and people behaved as if without electricity mankind never survived. The powercut brought me memories of my childhood and college days.

As a child i used to hug my mother out of the fear of darkness after i saw some stupid sitcom where a character got killed in a power cut sequence.I remember times when power cuts were as regular as Ganguly's batting failures in test matches. It happened every saturday and i remember how everyone would finish their samayal activities earlier on saturday.

The college days powercut are cute to remember. Immediately after power cut we used to play hide and seek. Nobody enevr knew what or who hit them and it was damn fun for everyone ...except the sufferer. We used to play Anthakshari where everyone singing talents(or the lack of it) came to lights (!!). We used to walk along the road in the moonlight talking about everything from Bush to babes. Most of us used to stare at the Ladies hostel and wonder what they must be thinking at this time:-)

I particularly loved power cuts during exam times. It was a good pretex to keep the book down and avoid studying although there were pazhams who studied under candle lights. Otherwise even if u dont want to study you had to force the ritual after watching the rest do it.

We seem to be pampered by technology. When i told my 8 year old niece about how i got lost in my childhood, she asked innocently "U did not have a cell phone to call?" She talks as if people lived in rock ages before cell phones came to existence. Powercuts are the rare times when people listen to radios and i could see it that every house in the locality had Suriyan or Mirchi shouting at the top of their voices. Also it was a relief away from the idiot box as we all friends chatted endlessly till everyone fell asleep tired of the days chores.

My roommate seemed so much pissed off that he decided to go to his company and sleep in the dormitory. Another friend of mine told how the dormitory in his company got filled after employess living nearby realized that power was not to come at the earliest.

Have we become slaves of technology? People did survive before us without these luxuries, then why do we behave as if we would be dead without them?

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Runaway Marraige

Scene 1: (Color) Outside Central jail
Ravi walks out from the jail. He watches the outside world with a bewildered look and anxiety. 10 years is a long period and he knows that the world around him might have left him back in the crutches of reality and has progressed by leaps and bounds.

Ravi was anxious to meet his mother and sister after long time. His father died soon after he went to jail out of shock. But the first person he wanted to meet were Kamal and Devi. It all happened 10 years before.....

Scene 2
: (Black and White) Outside registrar office
Kamal : Can we do this Ravi?
Ravi : Dont worry kamal. Come what may we are there to rake care of whatever comes across.
Kamal : Will Devi arrive on time?Or will she change her mind in the last minute?
Ravi : Dont worry. Out friends are waiting outside the Mandap and will escort her safely.
Kamal : I am worried like hell. If her father and brother know about this we are all doomed.
Ravi : Come on man. U and Devi have been in love for the past 2 years and everyone in the college knows that. Still her father decided to get her married against her wishes. Legally u can get married in any court of law.
Kamal : Still this could be a trouble. How glad that i have such nice friends as u all.
Ravi : Oh come on Kamal.Lets get this done and everything will happen fair and fine.

Devi and friends arrive in a car outside the office. Just as the wedding and formalities complete Devi's brother storms in a car with his goons. There is a long fight between them and Ravi and friends.
After a long fight in one heat of moment, Ravi grabs a big Arivaal and attacks Devi's brother. He falls in a pool of blood. It looks as if time had stopped for a moment and everything had come to standstill. Ravi was arrested by the police on charge of murder. While he walked to jail everyone around him cried, but Ravi smiled as he knew that there was a purpose in his actions.

Scene 3: (Color) Kamal's house
Ravi : Kamal?
Kamal : Oh my god. Ravi? U could have called me once. What a big surprise.
Ravi : The first people i wanted to meet were you and Devi. Thats y i bumped in.
Kamal : Sit down. I will bring u some coffee.
Ravi : No thats fine. Where is Devi?
Kamal : (hesitant) We will talk about it.
Ravi : No. I want to meet her. Where is she?
Kamal : (sadly) We got divorced.
Ravi : What?Why?
Kamal : There were differences of opinion between us and we couldnt solve it. So one kid remains with her and another with me.
Ravi : (mumbles)This is not fair.
Kamal : I know that how shocking it could be for u. Ravi wait....

Ravi walks outside the house. Had he himself proposed Devi a day before Kamal he could have been with her and could have lived happily with her. Now he had lost her, his valuable 10 years and also his family's love. For the first time, tears rolled down his cheeks. (fades to black and white)

P.S : I happened to see a runaway wedding in a registrar office recently.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Salaam Namaste

Bolywood factory has found a new market...NRI market.The formula seems simple. Throw a nice cool dude hero,a cute dudette heroine mixed with a foreign location, add a dash of Arshad Warsi, stir it with some nice hummable songs and garnish it with some emotions and smooches....and voila..u got a Hiphop Yuppie multiplex film and overseas hit.

Salaam Namaste is a feel-good and coming of the age bollywood movie. The surprise starts when the characters are introduced in colorful montages rather than yawny flashbacks. There is not much story to write about here. Just in short it is a story where Nick(Saif) meets Amber(Preity) and he asks her to move in with him. He promises that they would live under one roof and wont do ANYTHING.

Comeon guys grow up. Pakaatu roomla Paravai muniyamma irundaalae nama pasanga jollu viduvaanga...and he promises Preity as such...and she falls for it too.As usual the inevitable happens and then the trouble starts. She wants to have the child and he doesnt and so begins the problem. The rest is how they unite and it is all Subha mangalam.

Saif is a revelation. This guy has come a long way since DCH and now he is a star in his own right. He looks good, has a nice build and his comic timing is good. Preity looks cute, dresses between vulgarity and sexy and shreiks so hard that u could fix an appointment with ur family doc to get ur ears tested. Arshad Warsi is the friend in need tho u miss him in the same form as MunnaBhai.

The surprise package is the Multitalented yet under utilised Javed Jaffery. His Crocodile Dundysque comedy brings the house down and u yearn more for him to appear on screen.Vishal Shekars music is nice and hummable and "My dil goes hmmm" lingers to ur hearts. Since the film happens in Kangaroo land i neednt tell u that the locations were eye candy and u wish u were there.

But there are loop holes. We are never given a clear expl as y Saif has an affinity for kids and blood. Donno in which city Chef and RJ can manage such a nice looking beach facing house with a soooo wide TV. Also u have watched this situation before and still it has been packeged nicely.Watch out for the climax where u will be surprised by a grand entry by a star.

Overall...this is a perfect movie to go on with ur date. For those as much single as me...Friends hai na.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Me too Tagged :-)

Hmmmm....Vijay and Preethi tagged me.
It seemed damn easy from outside, but was tough really.

7 things u plan to do b4 u die
1. Roam around the world
2. Fall in Love with just ONE girl .... and ...MARRY her as well (vaayipae illa)
3. Look well built atleast like Saif or atmost like Arnold (ithellam nadakira kaariyama)
4. Take my parents to some foreign country.
5. Write a short story or novel and get it published.
6. Work hard and increase the strength of our charity organization SMILE(which is run by many of our noble friends) to 1000 and bring more SMILEs.
7. Be with my friends at a great farm house in my old age.

7 things u can do!!
1. Stay aWake and fall asleep anywhere, anytime as and when i wish.
2. Keep talking as long as anyone can hear(bear) me.
3. Read as many books and learn as much as i can.
4. Can make anyone feel that he has known me for long in just 10 minutes.
5. Whistle any song i like to perfection
6. Look at any cute gal without shyness (sight adkiradhunu solluda naayae).
7. Listen to music for any length of time.

7 things you can't do!!!
1. Keep my mouth shut for a day (tried it once and everyone asked "Enna jurama...udambu sari illaya")
2. Pretend to know something that i dont (my friends says thats y i will never become a manager)
3. Watch any stupid movie in any language for more than 30 minutes
4. Take bath in hot water except Diwali.
5. Go and start conversation with an unknown gal as "How about having dinner together" (Mission impossible)
6. Not say expletives to any batsman or bowler when india plays cricket
7. Forget all the crushes(especially the girl in th standard) i had in my school days and i have right now.

7 things that attract you to the opposite sex!!
1. Super Cute Attagaasamana SMILE
2. Big expressive Eyes
3. Hair
4. Sense of humour
5. Simple girl next door look
6. a nice sense of dressing
7. a cute dimple

7 things you say most
1. Shiiiiittttttttt
2. Ada paavigala
3. oh F**k
4. Goiyaala
5. Cool beans
6. O***

Seven celebrity crushes!!!
1 to 7. Would and Should be my dear Life Partner

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Paasakaara Pasanga 2

Thekkadi...appadi onnum super edam nu solla mudiyaadhu..

Saturday night Kiran la edaavudhu kudumba padam poduvaan nu nambi kaathirunda en nanban emmaandhu Kalanidhi maarana thitikittae thunginaan...
We got up early in the morning and went in our van to thekkadi.
Malai paadhaila sutti sutti vanda udanae ellarukkum sutti sutti mayakkam...most of us vomitted out of giddiness(ada illapa..vaandi kku vera enda kaaranamum illa)
Oru vazhiya Thekkadi vandu edho oru hotella veena pona dosia saapitu we went to Boat ride.

Engalukku adutta trip thaan ride nu sollitaanga...sarinnu kaathirundu pona...ooops...shock. engalukku munnadi pona batchla avalavu figure...ellam mallu kuttinga

Enga tripla???hee hee hee...vechchaanga bedhdha aapu

Edho Boys school teachers association lerundu kelambina maadhiri boat la earina ellaaaaarum aambilaynga.Perisu, sirisu, Karai veshti aasaami...ada paavigala..enda pakkam paathalum aan pillaigal thaan. Vidi sadi seydadu...Pasangalukku angayae mood out.Apparam enna pandradu..yarayavudu otta vendama..

Velila vedikka paathukittae oruttan sattama solluvaan "Dei maaps..anga paaru"..Boat la irunda paadhi gumbal anga paakum..anga paatha oru panni poi kittu irukkum..Innum konja neram boat la poirunda engalukku sangu oodi paadai katti irupaanga.Oru vazhiya thoongi thoongi boat ride mudichchu mazhaila oru hotella poi Lunch munch paninom. yenpa keralala ivalavu gundu gunda irukkira rice use pandringa?Some mallu please clarify.

Saayindaram Falls la poi jaaliya kulichchu fresh aanom. Naan kulichaduliyae sema super Kollimalai falls thaan. Thaani unga mela forcea vizhumbodhu edho nooru peru sendu saathara maadhi irukkum.
Apparam Theni la irukira friend veetukku ponom. Ivalavu pera paatha udanae avanga veetulayum sari teru layum edho jaadi kalavaratukku aalu vandutaangalo nu bayandutaanga.

Photo edutta aayusu korayumngaradu unmaina naan inda neram uyiroda irukavae koodathu. Digicam nu onnu irundirukalana maakal romba avasthai pattu irupaanga pola. Night Dindugulla oru hotela ransack panittu vandom. Kadasiya train erumbodu thaan romba feelingsa irundudu. Inimae ittana peru serundu oru tour eppa enga poradhu?

Whatever...Annan Bryan Adams sonna maadhiri "THOSE WERE THE BEST DAYS OF MY LIFE"....

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Paasakaara Pasanga 1

What is most desired after months of heavy work?

Quarter...Biriyani....Company of gals....or an outing with friends??

Yep...Outing with friends.

At last, we managed to gather all our friends for a mini tour to Munaar and Thekkadi. The very fact that there were 15 of us made the whole atmosphere charged up and it was total Blast. We boarded the train on Friday (26 Aug) at 7.30 PM. It was oturadu and kaala vaaruradu right from the word go.

We reached at Dindugal at 3.45 AM (somehow we woke up..there were a few gilma incidents which we witnessed on train...they will be revealed soon in this blog). From there we caught a van and reached Munnar at arnd 10.30 AM. Boy...enna azhagaana idam. Chennai la veyilla la sutti sutti Brian Lara range kku aana naanga ellarum inda cool climate a paathu asanduttom. Enga paathaalum mega mootamma, mappa, gummu nu irundudu.

Apparam after lunch we continued our journey and went Speed boating. Mazhaila Speed boating pora anda anubavam Matrix Maadhiri. i.e It cant be told, u have to experience it for urself. It was fun and weird to see people who command great respect for their technical expertise (enga goshti ila irunda makkal thaan) in their companies being turned to children on the sight of rain and cold climate. Echo point la poi oruttan inorutan aalodu pera solli katti galiju panitaanga. Gap la evano namitha trisha pera solli ellam kattaran. Thirundunga pa!!!

Nadula Hotel TV la Ashes paathom.Hmmm...ESPN STAR paathu evalavu naal aachchu.Ithana peru onna Hotel la saapita enna aagum?? Hotel gaali aagum. Paavam anda hotel kaaram. Naanga saapitu mudinja udanae antha Table Edho Tsunami vandu pona maadhiri irundudu.

Apparam Aduthaa naal Thekkadi ponom.
Anga enna paninom???
Naalaikki pakaalamaa??