Friday, March 24, 2006

Teminator 2 - Judgement Day

It was the happiest day in Manu Sharma's life.

He was in a car with his uncle. Manu could still not believe that he had escaped a certain punishment. As if judging his pulse, his uncle spoke out "Your dad has rich contacts Manu."
Manu "Yeah, i know. But how did he do it?"
Uncle "20 lakhs for the investigating police officer and his team, a promotion to the judge and a few scares to the witnesses and boom...justice is all yours."
Manu(giggles) "How does the old man think he will make me pay me for it?"
Uncle "Elections are round the corner and he will get a ticket for you. As long as we have muscle power and our caste votes, even the Pope can't defeat us in our constituency."

Makes gets down in a posh hotel. The story that he tells his uncle is to "catch a few friends". But the reality was something else. He had been starved...of sex. He was longing to find something hot. Just then a gal dreesed in a short shirt and a waist low pant entered the hotel. It seemed to Manu as if lady luck was today on his side.

An hour later they were naked in bed. Manu just got out of the bed when she asked "Whats it honey?"
Manu "Serching for condoms"
Girl "Oh cmon. You seem starved and now you care for protection? How long it has been since you have had a women?"
To Manu it seemed like a challenge to his manhood and he changed his mind. They made wild love and it was like the world was spinning. The girl made sounds which brought out the animal in Manu and he was enjoying himself.
He had not looked into her purse. Inside was a 3 X 3 photograph with headlines "Model Jessica rescues HIV affected sex workers from slum" In the extreme right corner stood Shika who was just 15 years old ...a HIV victim.
Exactly 8 years ago on this day Jessica had saved her and her friends from the clutches of sex brokers. Fate it seems is not without a sense of irony.

She smiled and it was a smile of satisfaction. She had given her verdict and it was one which no judge, police or court could change and interfere.

P.S: I hope the bastards who did these and walked scotfree may die a more painful death than the one given above. AMEN!

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Terminator 1

"In view of all the witnesses and evidences produced in the court, it is clear that Mr.Manu sharma is found NOT GUILTY in the murder of Ms.Jessica Lal." The rest of the words of the judge were lost in the jubiliation of Manu, his father and his lawyers. Manu's father congratulated the lawyer and Manu's friends cheered and hugged him.

7 years before
It was 2 AM in the morning. Most of the roads in Delhi were deserted and life had come to a standstill to prepare itself for the next days busy morning. The only place that was just crowded and getting emptied was a famous Bar in Delhi. It was a place where the who's-who of the delhi assembled to drink and party. Top models served as Waitress in the hotel and the bills were something affordable by the filthy rich.

Manu and his friends walked in at 2 AM and he demanded a drink. Jessica, an upcoming model who served as his waitress refused..she was not to know the price for denial was...her life. Out of rage Manu shot her in front of a shocked public and ran away in his car.

In reality our public suffers from short term memory loss. We remember a scandal or a controversy till another surfaces up. Jessica's murder case was in limelite for some time till another murder and another scandal overthrew it. Now a trigger happy Manu sharma walked past the media and public smiling like a champion winning the gold medal in Olympics.

He walked past Jessica's father..smiled and said "Catch me if you can".
This was the happiest day in Manu sharma's life.

To be continued

P.S: To those who havent heard about this case, check this

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Tagged by Nandoo

Enna pandradu? Nandoo odu anbu thollai thaanga mudiyala...adunaala this is my tag status

Ten Years ago...

10 years..appdina..1996..

 Was in Trichy
 Schooling...
 10th standards exams enakku...
 en ammavukku naan porupillama irundaenu inikki varaikkum en mela kovam...
ada pongappa...bloody exam...result..uvvaeeeek

5 years ago

 days
 erode..en nanbargal..en hostel days
 enda pudu padam vandaalum hostel la paathuduvom...nanbargaloda padam paathukittae comment adikara anda naatkal irukkae...ULTIMATE
 apparam Nandoo sonna anda OOty tour..where we formed our great gang...oh...too lovely days

Last year
 In chennai...actually not much difference between my college days and professional life
 i still live with my friends..the only difference is i m paid :-)
 Missed going with my dear nandoo by a whisker..was damn angry with my manager for screwing that chance up

 As in team..
 As usual left home early (at 11 pm)
 Talked to my mom over my mom

Five yummy things
 Anything that my mom makes is yummy in my dictionary
 Pav bhaji
 Chilli Parotta
 Thair saadam
 Veg puf

Places I escape
 Sathyam
 Beach
 Friends house

TV Shows
ada pongappa...inda orula CAS pottu aapu vechirukkan...
My fav was Star Movies, HBO, Star sports, ESPN, Cartoon Network..adellam eduvum inga varaadu
Kidaikiradula best
 POGO (Takeshi's Castle)

Five things I'd do if I have money
 Get a designer to design my Mom's dream house
 Go on a world tour...(wish with SOMEONE i love :-))
 Learn CGI and work somewhere for sometime and start a firm of my own with my creative friends
 Donate more and help more people

Things I cant live without
 My mouth (for eating and talking)
 Parents and my bro
 Friends
 Movies
 music
 Books

OK va...meendum sandippom...Tata

Friday, March 10, 2006

The Letter

Sailesh was watching the sunset from his room. It was a beautiful sight and he wished he could be on the shores of Kanyakumari holding Kavitha's hands and watching it set behind the tides of the ocean.

He became restless and so decided to explore his shelf. There was a photo of his family which was taken an year before. How young and smart he had been, he wondered. There was a short story book of R.K. Narayanan he had won some years before. And then, a letter fell down. He picked it up and started to read it

Dear Sailesh

How are you? Hope that you are enjoying your new place. How is your work?

I attended the interview of the company you had recommended. I cleared the first round and there is just one round of interview which i have to clear and i hope to do it easily. Our friends Kichcha, Balu and Jilpa are all fine and everyone is missing you very badly. Kavitha is also missing you very badly. Hope that you must have called her and made her feel better. Tell your parents soon about your affair before Kavi's parents start searching a groom for her.

Uncle told that you will be coming here this weekend. In case i get the job, we will go for a grand treat.


Near the letter he found Ravi's and Kavi's photos. He wished that he had not drunk that much on his treat and ended up killing Ravi and Kavi in the car accident....and ended up in Jail.

P.S: When was the last time you had written a letter to someone?