Tuesday, August 30, 2005

What is Opposite Sex?

Definition : Opposite Sex
The sex which does exactly opposite to what the other person wants to do!!!!

Stupid na? Well..can u answer this query of mine? Who on earth suggested this absurd quotient of 33% reservation for Women?

Now u must be wondering why this guy is hell bent on a topic which the Lallus and Mulayams of our country are keen to quash to death. Well, today morning i saw something that i had only read before in magazines and papers. A WOMEN BUS DRIVER. I had seen female conductor in Bangalore before, but a women Driver was something i saw for the first time before my very own eyes. This triggered the queston of the 33% reservation in my mind.

First i dont understand the logic of asking for 33% reservation. Why not 50?(Adu sari 33 kae anga vazhia kaanum...50 kku engada pora nu neenga kaekiradhu enakku puriyudhu).Lets admit it that women are no longer the weaker sex. They are now as much independent as men and they have made their presence felt in every walk of life. Be it board exam results (when was the last time we had a male topper??), any profession, Charity work, sports, cinema..anything...everything.

Why do women ask for a meagre share of 33% when they can successfully run a house, a government (namma Amma thaan) or a nation? The fact that an idiot(naanethaan) is trying to emphasise it is in itself a shame. Look at the other side. There is a young girl who is raped by her father in law and the muslim body asks her to marry her father in law for that crime.
Where is this counrty heading to? Is justice dead?
Women liberation ngaradu summa pearukku thaana???

Someone please answer this.....

Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Innaiki kaalaila oru kuzhandai schoolku porada paarthaen. Adoda anda urchaagam,excitement, energy ellam paakirappo poraamaiya irundudu. Engarnduthaan kuzhandaigaukku antha energy varumo??

Intha blog padikiravanga, apparam ezhudaravangalla 80% peru kaalaila ezhundirachcha udanae "iio..innaikki college poganumae...office poganumae.." nnu salichukira goshtigal thaan(except those who have some love interest!!). Aduttha dadavai oru Software Company bus ungala cross panumbodhu paarunga. Adulla ukaandirura paadhi perukku mela thoongikittu irupaanga, illana edhayo pari koduththa maadhiri feel panikittu iruppanga.

Yaaravudhu Anniyan (ada che...Vikram ilaa pa) ivangala paarthaana yosippan.."Goyyala...thoongumunji pasanga...ivangalaukellam oru maakan sambalam koduthukittu irukkanae..avana sollanum".Neethu night 12.30 kku(actually adhu inaikki kaalailae 00.30) veetukku pogumbodhu doorathula yaarayo paathaen. Ennada ...ivara engayo paatha maadhiri irukkae nu paatha.....MAAN (yup..Sal'man' sutta adae maadhiri maan thaan).

Velacheryla maatum thaan idu maadhiri comedy ellam nadakkumnu ninaikiraen. Antha Maan intha man a paathu oru looku vittudu. Adoda look convey paninatha paartha edho "Inna man..munna pinna oru azhagaana maana paathadillaya. Somaari" ngara rangekku irundadu. Vara vara teru naayi kooda enna madikka maatengudhu.Munnadi yaavudhu ennai paatha oru mariyaadhai kkaga kulaikum. Ippa ellam gap la oru look vittu "Idellam oru pozhappu...haiyyo haiyyo...Kelambu kelambu..Kaathu varattum" nu sollra maadhiri irukku.

Sila samayam yosikka thonum..Kuzhandaya irundirukalamo?Endha oru pirachaniyum illaama jaaliya..innocenta..chammata...vaalutanam panikittu irundirikalaam. Hmmm...ippa pulambi enna panna. Inda damage ellam meerium en nagaichuvai unarvu ennai vittu pogala. Illana yen Bayla ippadi oru poster otti iruppaena which reads "LIFE IS FULL OF FUN".
Ellam oru nambikkai thaan.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Weird News...this week

Hi Friends

One of my hobbies is to collect ODD news from wherever i get them. Here are a few samples of odd news i got this week. Just tell me your comments about them.

Bored student proposes mid-exam

A law student was so bored with his final year paper that he stood up in the middle of the exam and asked his girlfriend to marry him.Student Edin Smailovic, 29, requested permission to address the rest of the students during an economic law exam at Bijelo Polje University in Montenegro.Examiners gave their permission believing he had a query regarding the paper that was also of importance to the rest of the group.

But after approaching the front of the room he got down on one knee and asked his 26-year-old girlfriend, Edita Bikic, who was also sitting the exam, to marry him.
"I had planned to take Edita on holiday to Egypt after our exams were over and propose there, but I was so bored with the paper and so excited about the prospect of getting married that I decided I had to ask her there and then," said Smailovic.

DJ's wife sold his Lotus for 50p

A controversial radio DJ's wife sold his £25,000 sports car on eBay for just 50p after he flirted with Jodie Marsh on air.Kerrang 105.2's Tim Shaw told the model he was prepared to leave his wife and their two children for her, reports Metro.
Wife Hayley was listening and immediately posted an advert for the Lotus Esprit Turbo with a 'Buy It Now' option of 50p.
The item description read: "I need to get rid of this car in the next two to three hours before my husband gets home to find it gone and all his belongings in the street."
The car sold within five minutes.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Change...RGV Style..

How long has it been since we had a song less film in Tamil? The last I remember was Kurudipunal. Indian cinema is still one full of songs and dance and it is as inevitable as Lallo to indian politics (read it as necessary evil). Yesterday me and my friends saw "My wife's Murder". The plan was to go to Madagascar, but unfortunately there were no tickets (Do so many people watch animation movies in chennai?)
It was a simple story of Ravi patwardhan (Anil Kapoor) who is married unhappily to a nagging Suchitra Krishnamurthy. She keeps suspecting that he is having an affair with his assistant Reena(Nandana Sen). She tortures and nags him so much that as an audience u yourself could have ended up murdering her.
In one fit of rage Ravi slaps her and it turns out to be a real killer blow (Literally).Fear as they say is a very dangerous ally and Ravi ends up dumping her somewhere. Now how he covers it up and what happens next forms the rest of the story.
Its been ages since i saw an Anil kapoor movie, let alone in theatre. He fits the bill perfectly as the common man on run. Nandana Sen looks good and doesn’t overdo her role. Boman Irani as the cop investigating the murder is a refreshing change from the over the top cops in the rest of the movies. He keeps eating in the movie and I wonder that that must have formed most of the production cost.
An RGV (ram Gopal Varma) product is always technically slick and this one is no different. The sound effects are good and the girl on our back seat kept screaming for the slightest THUD. The absence of heroism punch dialogues, songs and item numbers, overacting villains, crude comedy may make an average film goer feel uncomfortable.
If u r an audience who wants to just watch an unusual movie without masala, this could be your ticket. Overall...a laudable ok effort.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Sing in the rain.....

Wow...rain in Chennai..something to cheer at last,
We got wet..we got drenched..and still we had a blast,
When the whole country was celebrating the shower of the rain,
Chennai was the only city which seemed to be in vain.

But today the rain god seemed to be in a great mood,
After being under the hot sun, this was really cool Dude,
I still remember my childhood days when in the rain i used to play,
Even after hours of raining and catching cold i used to stay.

Still remember the early days when it rained and school was on leave,
It was fun to be at home and nothing on the mind to grieve,
Like a child i was standing and collecting the rain drops,
The guy next to me wondered if i was insane and i said "No probs".

Today we dont even have time to think about natural beauty,
We call it schedule..estimation..Calls and blame it on Duty,
I feel like getting away from all this madness and take a dive,
"Whats the point of living if u cant feel alive........"

(Forgive me if this poem seems stupid...This something i m trying after a looooooong time)

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Unity in diversity?

Aug 15. The only thing that we remember related to this day is...a days holiday..school parade....mittai...oru flag shirt la kuttikiradu...PM's speech from red fort...some stupid movie on tube...some actress or actor who might not even have paid their IT will talk about desabakhti and Naatupatru...

Thats the only way i remember this day being celebrated right from my school days till now. To be frank we indians really lack a strong sense of patriotism. Most of us are blinded by regionalism and casteism. The sense that one is a tamizhan or bihari or bengali or kashmiri or gujrati reigns more than the act that we are all INDIANS.

Fortunately since i was a southie brought up in north i had a chance to analyze all kinda people in close quarters. When one guy in my college was supporting the fact that the northies are a selfish bunch of people, i reciprocated that not all of em here are saints as well. One can never brand a breed from one instance.

The fact is that we need to imbibe children with patriot values right from childhood. What this nation needs for growth is INDIANS and not regional people.

I am still surprised how united we are still as a country after all these shortcomings. The best cause when we all unite as a nation is when calamity strikes. A Tsunami, Kargil, Flood, Earthquake and Cricket (nejama illaya sollunga) and these are times when we unite as INDIANS.

Any ideas to increase patriotism among this gen X?

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Mad about Cricket....

The guy next to me asked "Whats the score?"
I looked at him and wanted to yell "Go to hell"...but curbed my instincts. There was no point in showing my anger against the Sauravs, Kaifs, Kumbles and Zaheers on this poor guy. I just said "Donno Dude..but seems they are losing"
"Those f*****g B******s...cant they play like Aussies?"

Cricket. As long as I remember I have been watching this game and following it with passion. Even exam times never dented my enthusiasm for it and I ran for the scores rather than sticking to the clark tables.

Ever wondered why this game is so popular in our country?
Simple. Ours is a country which is starved of heroes (to be correct every jawan standing at the border is a hero). We have lost hope in everything..be it our political system..be it our politicians whom we voted for and who has his wife as CM (u-know-who)...be it our municipality who lays roads once in 5 years and they crack down in an year...everywhere we have lost hope. Perhaps we see a glimmer of hope only in our Cricket superstars. Alas...it blows out in a whisper.

Winning is a habit….and so is losing. When one loses chronically he loses his desire of winning and is no more ashamed of losing. Perhaps we are the ones affected by it. Admittedly Jayawardane USED to be a good batsman…I don’t think he even got past double figures let alone a fifty for the past few months (or is it years!!!). I thought that Russel Arnold was dead and they cremated him until I saw him on tv..and he gets a fifty.

We seem to be the best team to try the opponent’s debutants and they make merry. Most of the batsmen’s best scores are recorded versus India and most bowlers bowl their dream spells against us. If a guy is going through a lean patch and we tour there he finds his feet against us.

I have a few plans which if implemented may make these guys win. Here they go
1. Hence forth we will play only with UAE, Bangladesh (they also won against Aussies..so beware), WestIndies or Zimbabwe. These countries will be asked to bid for our tour and the highest bidder will win our visit. This way these people can be helped to rediscover some form and we can also earn loads of money.
2. Every player who benefits after our visit (like Jayawardane, Russel Arnold in this case) should contribute their series earnings to the Indian government as we have helped them consolidate their positions in the team for at least a few matches.
3. After our players come home losing a series (which they are doing now regularly) they should be made to pay all their advertisement earnings in that period to the Indian government or else they should pose for Nirodh or Family planning ads.
4. The discards from other countries can be given citizenship and imported. Like Bevan (can someone explain y he is not in the team), Klusener, Imran Nazir, Steve Waugh (old is gold!!), Stuart Mcgill can be given a chance to play for India.
5. After every loss the 11 players can be made to do squats with hands holding their ears (thoppukaranam thaan pa) and it should be telecasted live after the match. The bowlers should be made to do it the number of runs they conceded and batsmen with the number of runs they made minus 100. The wicketkeeper can be punished under the law of averages method.

Cant we play the way Aussies play ruthlessly or is it that we lack killer instinct? Why is India the only team which snatches defeat from the jaws of victory?

Hmmmm…btw…Whom do we play against next????

Monday, August 01, 2005

Why Men Never Grow Up? – 2 (concluded)

8.30 PM. Mahabalipuram Beach. A gang of young techies dancing to some vibrant English or Tamil song. Everyone is having a glass of beer and is literally in full spirits (courtesy the Client).
There was a young man...far away from the madding crowd...standing on the shores of the beach...looking at the ceaseless sea and their waves...and searching for something. Its ME.

Me. The very embodiment of exuberance, the synonym of energy, the equivalent of extrovert and gregariousness in my college days. And now....Me...calm..quiet...moody...and alone.

Those who know me personally and reading this would never ever believe that this is Me. Seriousness was the last thing that you could relate to my personality. Everywhere i went i made friends and people loved me for that.

Now...i fear meeting people....


Being a normal mortal has its effects. U react to the species around you and their actions and your senses sometimes behave senseless. Just try watching a hapless single looking at a pair of lovers and you will realize what i am talking about. The pain, the craving (no i m not talking about the physical one),the exaggeration are evident and it just haunts you if you are a loner.

In my case it is not the inability to find someone.....but the inability to have someone i like. Confused? Let me solve it out. Every time I saw some pair roaming around i always dreamt as "Mera number bhi aayega". Every weekend i roamed around with the thought that somewhere walking around would be my Ms.Right and that would be the end of the search.

But life is not like the candy floss movies that we see and dream from. A girl turns back when SRK says "Palat Palat" but she would not even give u a look even u were to shout it on a loudspeaker and yell around. Reality Bites.

There are instances when we feel that someone we are in touch with is the Ms./Mr. Right and we feel for them. Their joy and sorrow becomes ours and anytime u r lonely the first thing that creeps in your mind is...What is he/she doing? Thinking about me?

The greatest fear that every love story faces is...the fear of rejection. What if she says NO? Half of the love stories in the world are the ones which start in the eyes, travel in the heart but never make it to the lips. Just 3 little words...8 letters...but they weigh like several tonnes of weight hanging around the body, soul and mind and make any sane person go mad with rage.

Alas...Love has become a time pass for many..and so it comes cheap in the market of hearts. People LOVE for few months..maybe days..go to Park, beach, cinema and few places..enjoy each others company and BOOM...its Bye Bye. Sincere love is something that is rare and infact ridiculed if ur friends are to come about its very existence in your heart.

The logic that defies my understanding is that girls agree instantly to marry good guys once their parents find a match for them. But if the same guy were to propose to her and tell her that he wants to be with her for the rest of their life...they reject it flatly. Why the double standards for love and marriage?

I know the question in ur mind. Is this guy in love?

Keep guessing.......