Thursday, September 01, 2005

Paasakaara Pasanga 1

What is most desired after months of heavy work?

Quarter...Biriyani....Company of gals....or an outing with friends??

Yep...Outing with friends.

At last, we managed to gather all our friends for a mini tour to Munaar and Thekkadi. The very fact that there were 15 of us made the whole atmosphere charged up and it was total Blast. We boarded the train on Friday (26 Aug) at 7.30 PM. It was oturadu and kaala vaaruradu right from the word go.

We reached at Dindugal at 3.45 AM (somehow we woke up..there were a few gilma incidents which we witnessed on train...they will be revealed soon in this blog). From there we caught a van and reached Munnar at arnd 10.30 AM. Boy...enna azhagaana idam. Chennai la veyilla la sutti sutti Brian Lara range kku aana naanga ellarum inda cool climate a paathu asanduttom. Enga paathaalum mega mootamma, mappa, gummu nu irundudu.

Apparam after lunch we continued our journey and went Speed boating. Mazhaila Speed boating pora anda anubavam Matrix Maadhiri. i.e It cant be told, u have to experience it for urself. It was fun and weird to see people who command great respect for their technical expertise (enga goshti ila irunda makkal thaan) in their companies being turned to children on the sight of rain and cold climate. Echo point la poi oruttan inorutan aalodu pera solli katti galiju panitaanga. Gap la evano namitha trisha pera solli ellam kattaran. Thirundunga pa!!!

Nadula Hotel TV la Ashes paathom.Hmmm...ESPN STAR paathu evalavu naal aachchu.Ithana peru onna Hotel la saapita enna aagum?? Hotel gaali aagum. Paavam anda hotel kaaram. Naanga saapitu mudinja udanae antha Table Edho Tsunami vandu pona maadhiri irundudu.

Apparam Aduthaa naal Thekkadi ponom.
Anga enna paninom???
Naalaikki pakaalamaa??


vJ said...

Great Man. Moonar is an ultimate place and with friends it becomes even splendid. ;)


DaldaDappa and Proud said...

wow... sounds like it was fun... i guess anywhere with frnds is fun!

Harish said...

Yeah ViJay
It was superb fun
Had a great blast and i wannna go there again
But...with someone special :-)

Harish said...

Welcome Preethi :-)
Yeah...Something which will linger till we have another trip as such

Similar to the hindi song "Jahaan Char yaar mil jaaye wahaan raat ho gulzaar"

vJ said...

Harish You have been Tagged!


Sudha Narayanan said...

Munnar, thekkadi also hit by tsunami?? Sun News la innikku varuma?? ;)

Harish said...

Adellam illa pa

Welcome Sudha :-)
Naangale anga poittu vanduttom...
Engala vidava Tsunami anga Damage panna pogudhu

Neha said...

glad u had fun

DaldaDappa and Proud said...

You have been TAGGED!!!! again... man everyone seems to be taggin everyone... It's a small world afterall... ;)