Friday, September 09, 2005

Me too Tagged :-)

Hmmmm....Vijay and Preethi tagged me.
It seemed damn easy from outside, but was tough really.

7 things u plan to do b4 u die
1. Roam around the world
2. Fall in Love with just ONE girl .... and ...MARRY her as well (vaayipae illa)
3. Look well built atleast like Saif or atmost like Arnold (ithellam nadakira kaariyama)
4. Take my parents to some foreign country.
5. Write a short story or novel and get it published.
6. Work hard and increase the strength of our charity organization SMILE(which is run by many of our noble friends) to 1000 and bring more SMILEs.
7. Be with my friends at a great farm house in my old age.

7 things u can do!!
1. Stay aWake and fall asleep anywhere, anytime as and when i wish.
2. Keep talking as long as anyone can hear(bear) me.
3. Read as many books and learn as much as i can.
4. Can make anyone feel that he has known me for long in just 10 minutes.
5. Whistle any song i like to perfection
6. Look at any cute gal without shyness (sight adkiradhunu solluda naayae).
7. Listen to music for any length of time.

7 things you can't do!!!
1. Keep my mouth shut for a day (tried it once and everyone asked "Enna jurama...udambu sari illaya")
2. Pretend to know something that i dont (my friends says thats y i will never become a manager)
3. Watch any stupid movie in any language for more than 30 minutes
4. Take bath in hot water except Diwali.
5. Go and start conversation with an unknown gal as "How about having dinner together" (Mission impossible)
6. Not say expletives to any batsman or bowler when india plays cricket
7. Forget all the crushes(especially the girl in th standard) i had in my school days and i have right now.

7 things that attract you to the opposite sex!!
1. Super Cute Attagaasamana SMILE
2. Big expressive Eyes
3. Hair
4. Sense of humour
5. Simple girl next door look
6. a nice sense of dressing
7. a cute dimple

7 things you say most
1. Shiiiiittttttttt
2. Ada paavigala
3. oh F**k
4. Goiyaala
5. Cool beans
6. O***

Seven celebrity crushes!!!
1 to 7. Would and Should be my dear Life Partner


Slice Of Life said...

ellam sari
last line namba mudiyaliye

vee-jay said...

ha ha!! So u have been tagged too?? This tag stuff is really spreading vv fast :-)

DaldaDappa and Proud said...

cool... things u plan to do b4 u die seem to be very noble... hahaha.. and the Saif/Arny thing is just funny... I'm a self proclaimed talk-a-holic as well..:D

vJ said...


we have 4 things matching in 7 things you say most. ;)


Harish said...

Namba mudiyalayaa???
Enna Kodumai idu Saravanan (Prabhu Dialogue in Chandramukhi)
Oru manusan thanakku vara Life partner a kaadhalikka kodaatha???

Harish said...

yeah..enna pandradhu.
Paasakaara makkal...Avanga paasathukku katupattu thaan naadakka vendi irukku

Nobel...yep...why try something extra ordinary yaar

Same pinch :-)

latha said...

all the points were good...
but why did u choose 7 points???
i have hope that our SMILE wll reach 1000 in few years!!!