Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Runaway Marraige

Scene 1: (Color) Outside Central jail
Ravi walks out from the jail. He watches the outside world with a bewildered look and anxiety. 10 years is a long period and he knows that the world around him might have left him back in the crutches of reality and has progressed by leaps and bounds.

Ravi was anxious to meet his mother and sister after long time. His father died soon after he went to jail out of shock. But the first person he wanted to meet were Kamal and Devi. It all happened 10 years before.....

Scene 2
: (Black and White) Outside registrar office
Kamal : Can we do this Ravi?
Ravi : Dont worry kamal. Come what may we are there to rake care of whatever comes across.
Kamal : Will Devi arrive on time?Or will she change her mind in the last minute?
Ravi : Dont worry. Out friends are waiting outside the Mandap and will escort her safely.
Kamal : I am worried like hell. If her father and brother know about this we are all doomed.
Ravi : Come on man. U and Devi have been in love for the past 2 years and everyone in the college knows that. Still her father decided to get her married against her wishes. Legally u can get married in any court of law.
Kamal : Still this could be a trouble. How glad that i have such nice friends as u all.
Ravi : Oh come on Kamal.Lets get this done and everything will happen fair and fine.

Devi and friends arrive in a car outside the office. Just as the wedding and formalities complete Devi's brother storms in a car with his goons. There is a long fight between them and Ravi and friends.
After a long fight in one heat of moment, Ravi grabs a big Arivaal and attacks Devi's brother. He falls in a pool of blood. It looks as if time had stopped for a moment and everything had come to standstill. Ravi was arrested by the police on charge of murder. While he walked to jail everyone around him cried, but Ravi smiled as he knew that there was a purpose in his actions.

Scene 3: (Color) Kamal's house
Ravi : Kamal?
Kamal : Oh my god. Ravi? U could have called me once. What a big surprise.
Ravi : The first people i wanted to meet were you and Devi. Thats y i bumped in.
Kamal : Sit down. I will bring u some coffee.
Ravi : No thats fine. Where is Devi?
Kamal : (hesitant) We will talk about it.
Ravi : No. I want to meet her. Where is she?
Kamal : (sadly) We got divorced.
Ravi : What?Why?
Kamal : There were differences of opinion between us and we couldnt solve it. So one kid remains with her and another with me.
Ravi : (mumbles)This is not fair.
Kamal : I know that how shocking it could be for u. Ravi wait....

Ravi walks outside the house. Had he himself proposed Devi a day before Kamal he could have been with her and could have lived happily with her. Now he had lost her, his valuable 10 years and also his family's love. For the first time, tears rolled down his cheeks. (fades to black and white)

P.S : I happened to see a runaway wedding in a registrar office recently.


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Harish said...

Most of the love stories are sad Neha...
Mine too :-((

Aravind said...

hey harish enna man velai kammiya.eh.

Harish said...

Freeya vidu...Software life la idellam sadaaranam appa

Dimplicious said...

Vijay nadicha Shahjahan padam...endukkae end uh???hmmm...kalukunga...I've no idea when tat movie got released...so probably either u or d director was inspired...or both...