Monday, September 12, 2005

Salaam Namaste

Bolywood factory has found a new market...NRI market.The formula seems simple. Throw a nice cool dude hero,a cute dudette heroine mixed with a foreign location, add a dash of Arshad Warsi, stir it with some nice hummable songs and garnish it with some emotions and smooches....and voila..u got a Hiphop Yuppie multiplex film and overseas hit.

Salaam Namaste is a feel-good and coming of the age bollywood movie. The surprise starts when the characters are introduced in colorful montages rather than yawny flashbacks. There is not much story to write about here. Just in short it is a story where Nick(Saif) meets Amber(Preity) and he asks her to move in with him. He promises that they would live under one roof and wont do ANYTHING.

Comeon guys grow up. Pakaatu roomla Paravai muniyamma irundaalae nama pasanga jollu viduvaanga...and he promises Preity as such...and she falls for it too.As usual the inevitable happens and then the trouble starts. She wants to have the child and he doesnt and so begins the problem. The rest is how they unite and it is all Subha mangalam.

Saif is a revelation. This guy has come a long way since DCH and now he is a star in his own right. He looks good, has a nice build and his comic timing is good. Preity looks cute, dresses between vulgarity and sexy and shreiks so hard that u could fix an appointment with ur family doc to get ur ears tested. Arshad Warsi is the friend in need tho u miss him in the same form as MunnaBhai.

The surprise package is the Multitalented yet under utilised Javed Jaffery. His Crocodile Dundysque comedy brings the house down and u yearn more for him to appear on screen.Vishal Shekars music is nice and hummable and "My dil goes hmmm" lingers to ur hearts. Since the film happens in Kangaroo land i neednt tell u that the locations were eye candy and u wish u were there.

But there are loop holes. We are never given a clear expl as y Saif has an affinity for kids and blood. Donno in which city Chef and RJ can manage such a nice looking beach facing house with a soooo wide TV. Also u have watched this situation before and still it has been packeged nicely.Watch out for the climax where u will be surprised by a grand entry by a star.

Overall...this is a perfect movie to go on with ur date. For those as much single as me...Friends hai na.


vee-jay said...

Hearing mixed opinions about this movie - pathuttu solraen :-)

Harish said...

Will be waiting for ur review comments

S m i t h a said...

nice review.
cant agree more abt Javed, had at fits!

Harish said...

Welcome Mathi
Yeah...he kept everyone in splits.
Everytime he appeared on screen teh crwod went beserk.

Peelamedu_bulls said...

Maamu. Nice review.
Preetie is luking very pretty...but heard theres a 'two flowers' scene. Ketkumbodhe poga varudhe..anyway...andha scene varumpodhu kannai moodikaren.

Harish said...

Two flowersa? maams...anga ada vida sema gilma ellam andandirukku.
naan kanna moodikittaen pa :-)