Tuesday, August 30, 2005

What is Opposite Sex?

Definition : Opposite Sex
The sex which does exactly opposite to what the other person wants to do!!!!

Stupid na? Well..can u answer this query of mine? Who on earth suggested this absurd quotient of 33% reservation for Women?

Now u must be wondering why this guy is hell bent on a topic which the Lallus and Mulayams of our country are keen to quash to death. Well, today morning i saw something that i had only read before in magazines and papers. A WOMEN BUS DRIVER. I had seen female conductor in Bangalore before, but a women Driver was something i saw for the first time before my very own eyes. This triggered the queston of the 33% reservation in my mind.

First i dont understand the logic of asking for 33% reservation. Why not 50?(Adu sari 33 kae anga vazhia kaanum...50 kku engada pora nu neenga kaekiradhu enakku puriyudhu).Lets admit it that women are no longer the weaker sex. They are now as much independent as men and they have made their presence felt in every walk of life. Be it board exam results (when was the last time we had a male topper??), any profession, Charity work, sports, cinema..anything...everything.

Why do women ask for a meagre share of 33% when they can successfully run a house, a government (namma Amma thaan) or a nation? The fact that an idiot(naanethaan) is trying to emphasise it is in itself a shame. Look at the other side. There is a young girl who is raped by her father in law and the muslim body asks her to marry her father in law for that crime.
Where is this counrty heading to? Is justice dead?
Women liberation ngaradu summa pearukku thaana???

Someone please answer this.....


vJ said...

My point is simple.

If we want to treat women as equal, then there should be no reservation at all. Reservation is what that ruins our country. We have enough of that damned word. We have separated humans into thousands of sects already. Now there is no damned need for this. This reservation ploy is only for VOTE. People shud understand that.

Harish said...

U r perfectly right.
ButI wish it was as simple as that.
The name of reservations has been deeply engraved in peoples hearts and it will be tough to remove em.

vJ said...


Its me vijay. Its not vaij who posted the comment b4. ;)

Confusion still prevails. I will also sign my name under.


Harish said...

Sorry dude :-(
It happens everywhere it seems :-)

Padma said...

just was vetti enough to browse ur archives.. and i feel even the 33% should be cancelled.. there should not be any reservation at all and that too after being a victim of reservation during engg entrancess.. i strongly feel reservation should be cancelled for the main purpose is never solved. enda madhiri aniyamam oru pakkam nadakka ennoru pakkam women's day kontadattam vera.. utter hyposrisy..

Swee said...

It's rather flattering to know that there are still people (read men) on earth who feel this way.
There was a time when I did have such a view of life ... u know, the sort of ideal world ... hmm... was rudely awakened by reality!
Hope I don't sound like some activist.
"Our society is male-chauvinistic. There's no point denying it. And no point thinking of it either. We just ought to learn to live with it."
On the one hand, there's this woman being dragged on road by a guy in full view of the world (not to mention the media: don't mistake me here- I don't mean to say that such things could be made in private but - oh well, I think u get my point)during some riot (ref: "the Hindu" photo archive) and on the other hand, there's the story of a lady coach persuading her student into you-know-what. Where's the world running to?

Swee said...

And did I mention?
This is Swee.