Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Mad about Cricket....

The guy next to me asked "Whats the score?"
I looked at him and wanted to yell "Go to hell"...but curbed my instincts. There was no point in showing my anger against the Sauravs, Kaifs, Kumbles and Zaheers on this poor guy. I just said "Donno Dude..but seems they are losing"
"Those f*****g B******s...cant they play like Aussies?"

Cricket. As long as I remember I have been watching this game and following it with passion. Even exam times never dented my enthusiasm for it and I ran for the scores rather than sticking to the clark tables.

Ever wondered why this game is so popular in our country?
Simple. Ours is a country which is starved of heroes (to be correct every jawan standing at the border is a hero). We have lost hope in it our political it our politicians whom we voted for and who has his wife as CM (u-know-who) it our municipality who lays roads once in 5 years and they crack down in an year...everywhere we have lost hope. Perhaps we see a glimmer of hope only in our Cricket superstars. blows out in a whisper.

Winning is a habit….and so is losing. When one loses chronically he loses his desire of winning and is no more ashamed of losing. Perhaps we are the ones affected by it. Admittedly Jayawardane USED to be a good batsman…I don’t think he even got past double figures let alone a fifty for the past few months (or is it years!!!). I thought that Russel Arnold was dead and they cremated him until I saw him on tv..and he gets a fifty.

We seem to be the best team to try the opponent’s debutants and they make merry. Most of the batsmen’s best scores are recorded versus India and most bowlers bowl their dream spells against us. If a guy is going through a lean patch and we tour there he finds his feet against us.

I have a few plans which if implemented may make these guys win. Here they go
1. Hence forth we will play only with UAE, Bangladesh (they also won against beware), WestIndies or Zimbabwe. These countries will be asked to bid for our tour and the highest bidder will win our visit. This way these people can be helped to rediscover some form and we can also earn loads of money.
2. Every player who benefits after our visit (like Jayawardane, Russel Arnold in this case) should contribute their series earnings to the Indian government as we have helped them consolidate their positions in the team for at least a few matches.
3. After our players come home losing a series (which they are doing now regularly) they should be made to pay all their advertisement earnings in that period to the Indian government or else they should pose for Nirodh or Family planning ads.
4. The discards from other countries can be given citizenship and imported. Like Bevan (can someone explain y he is not in the team), Klusener, Imran Nazir, Steve Waugh (old is gold!!), Stuart Mcgill can be given a chance to play for India.
5. After every loss the 11 players can be made to do squats with hands holding their ears (thoppukaranam thaan pa) and it should be telecasted live after the match. The bowlers should be made to do it the number of runs they conceded and batsmen with the number of runs they made minus 100. The wicketkeeper can be punished under the law of averages method.

Cant we play the way Aussies play ruthlessly or is it that we lack killer instinct? Why is India the only team which snatches defeat from the jaws of victory?

Hmmmm…btw…Whom do we play against next????


vee-jay said...

i don't follow cricket, so no comments.. (i can hear people say "Ada che, idhukku than indha buildupa??")

vJ said...


i have left watching cricket some 500 times now and started watching again some 1000 times. Because of all these, i am frustrated and get tensed when i watch India losing. After 7 hrs of watching, i am demoraled by the way they play.

But cricketers are all part of this huge system India. As far as the system is like this, we cannot expect anything better. Everybody is either part of it or not a part of it. For example, Australia dropped steve waugh when he dint perform. They dint worry about his past performance or what he did for the australian cricket. They just carried on the way of winning by dropping those who are not performing and doing no good to the future team.

But India is not like that. Be it is ganguly/sachin/laxman, we will keep on giving them chances and we will be sentimentally attached to them. We are sensitive nation. As you said we lack heroes. We are so attached that, we forget to see those players as humans. We either keep them on our head or on our feet. But both ways we are in extreme.


Harish said...

When one of my friend said that Saurav should not be dropped as he had helped india win in the past..another friend of mine said "Cricket field is not a place to show ur gratitude"
Perfect rite??Axe whoever does not place. Human tendency is that it performs well under threat or wilts.
Both should be fine for us :-)

vJ said...

Yep that is the trend shud be. But my guess is that, it will take a long time as our culture influences all these.


Anonymous said...

Nice Article!

But I do not think India is going to learn! The middle order seeming to be a muddle order, there is no point in going to tours & playing. Let them strengthen themselves (mentally I mean) & then set out.


Vani Viswanathan said...

oh god!
what's happening in the indian cricket scene? someone please gimme updates...i feel lost! who did we play against??!!

Harish said...

We played in a tri series featuring SriLanka and WestIndies..
As usual we entered the final after a lot of drama..
As usual we lost the final after being in a position to win
As usual people are baying for the players blood...

vee-jay said...

eppo next post??

Harish said...

Rasigargal vendugolluku inanga (dei idellam overda) en adutta blog post pannitaen...
Padichuttu karuthu sollunga

Anoop Sundaram said...

I think any other nation cries over losing in their favorite sport..... in our nation it happens to be cricket and when we lose in that we go over the top..... so quoting "Ours is a country which is starved of heroes" may not be the real reason!
We, in our nation have this habit of complaining when we are not doing good and hailing them high when doing good has been our faults i would say...
ur post expressed your views and its been the views of the masses too.. but i kinda have a different view and think that India is doing a lot better than before and have a hope that they would do definitely great in the future! oops you can call me over optimistic :-) but thts way i like to be.....

Harish said...

That is the trouble
Either we put them in Himalayas or throw them to Koovam
We should stop both btw

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