Thursday, August 18, 2005

Sing in the rain.....

Wow...rain in Chennai..something to cheer at last,
We got wet..we got drenched..and still we had a blast,
When the whole country was celebrating the shower of the rain,
Chennai was the only city which seemed to be in vain.

But today the rain god seemed to be in a great mood,
After being under the hot sun, this was really cool Dude,
I still remember my childhood days when in the rain i used to play,
Even after hours of raining and catching cold i used to stay.

Still remember the early days when it rained and school was on leave,
It was fun to be at home and nothing on the mind to grieve,
Like a child i was standing and collecting the rain drops,
The guy next to me wondered if i was insane and i said "No probs".

Today we dont even have time to think about natural beauty,
We call it schedule..estimation..Calls and blame it on Duty,
I feel like getting away from all this madness and take a dive,
"Whats the point of living if u cant feel alive........"

(Forgive me if this poem seems stupid...This something i m trying after a looooooong time)


Madhu said...

Well, it isn't stupid... but it's kinda amusing... :)

Harish said...

Welcome to my world :-)
Mazhaila nanayara kuzhandai maadhiri thaan inda poem (??) um
Chumma paathu rasikalaam....
Pizhai nu paartha naraiya irukkum...

Vani Viswanathan said...

chennai-yil mazhai??? grrrreat!!!!!!
sorry, nee solli thaan adhu poem-nu therinjudhu...why don't u try breaking the lines more? that ways they'll be shorter and so u got chances to know that it's a poem? :P coz that's what i do if at all i try to write a poem! :)

Harish said...

Next time i write one(i dont think i m gonna do that) i will have this in my mind.
Thanks a ton for the suggestion