Wednesday, July 05, 2006

I believe I can fly

One of the nicest thing about life is that it throws us a pleasant surprise when we least expect it to happen. Just when my weekends were dull and boring, I chanced upon a great opportunity. Seems that the company folks decided that the people over here had worked (?) a lot and needed some break and so arranged for a trip to an amusement park called Six Flags in Massachusetts.

The cute gal on weather commission predicted some thunder showers and I thought that the weather gods may be up to something as insane as Arjun Singh, but thankfully it wasn’t to happen. The moment I saw those huuuuge rides I was back to my normal brat self. I skipped breakfast and lunch just to make sure that I don’t end up drawing any modern art paintings (meaning puke) on somebody’s dress. The rides were excellent and one of them had a drop from 225 feet to 70 feet. was fun.

The ultimate fun was reserved for the end of the day. It was partly Bungee jumping stuff and the moment I saw it I knew it was for me. For long I had wanted to do bungee jumping and this was an opportunity on a golden platter. When I let the rope go and swayed in the air for a free fall...the effect was mesmerizing and ecstatic. Just like the last scene in Gladiator where Maximus remembers his wife, kid and his country, I remembered my parents, brother, friends, Manager, 3rd std Maths teacher, 8th std English teacher, the first girl who said "You are cute"(Liar Liar) was fun.

I traveled in all the deadly rides and was every angle imaginable from 0 to 360 degrees. Like bugs in Microsoft applications, I was on every other deadly ride. One of my colleague got curious and asked me if I had a twin.

I promised him that I would enquire about the same with my father :-)

Coming Soon: Mask in Vegas, Universal and Disney land. :-) :-)


Has to be me said...

Wow! Thrilling man. I wud love to do all these & even surfing in the waters etc but just not brave enuff to actually do so (like i mentioned in my blog!). Did they give u a video of ur bungee jump? U shd try it in capetown as I think its the worlds highest. Bravoooooo! :)

srini said...

Nee enjoy pannu nanba :-)

Ms.Congeniality said...

"MASK" nu peru ku ethaa maadhiri thaan velayaadirkeenga :-p

Even I love to go on such rides :-)

prithz said...

Aha!!! Super excitement is it??? A wonderful break ;)

Amam, neenga bungee jumping pannum modu, amma, appa, brother, gf namagam varalam seri... indha math teacher, english teacher nyabagam lam konjam over ah :)

chaitü said...

you seem to be in one of your best times.

have fun

Syam said...

ensoy panreenga...have fun...looks like every one started marketing for the next post... :-)

Sat said...

you know they say when its the end ur whole life flashes in front of ur eyes....unmaya sollu u were scared to death during tht jump tht ur life flashed ...hahahaha!
but guts...i somehow cant do it...those bungee jumping gimmicks
what if some 'well wisher' of mine makes tht damn rope a lil bit longer????....aiyo

Usha said...

amma appa ok, adhu enna 8th grade teacher (unga munnal kadhai nyabagam varudhu ;)) and the girl who called you cute???

Janefield said...

Awesome! Sounds like you had a blast and thoroughly enjoyed reading your take on the whole experience!

Vidya said...

I am such a chicken when it comes to thriller rides. The Schlitterbahn is so wasted on me here !!

I am glad that you had fun !! Cheap thrills for me in reading the post !


Ekta said...

oh wow!!
I looveeee joy rides...have been to two theme parks in this in malaysia and other one in HK and gonna go to the one in HK again soon!

But bungee jumping is not for me..dead scared of heights!!!

Ramya said...

thrilling ridesku ungallukku gladiator effect!adhuvm school teacher nenappu vera!

bindhu said...

ha ha!! good fun you had man!! but I was never comfortable with all these rides :(

Shuba said...

Seems u really enjoyed!cooooool

Iniyaazh said...

Guess the bungee jump was from a very good height.. illaina eppadi ivvalavu pera nyavagam varum? You have left out only ur pre-KG teacher :)

Btw, Thanks for reading my blog.

nandoo said...

mand's... i can sense wht u are sayin...... :D am glad for you...

naaaan mattum appo kooda irunthen... kayiraaa,, cut panni iruppen :P tprrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Marutham said...

//Six Flags in Massachusetts.// :O COOL!! I have been there only through the Software games :P

It sure sounds FUN!! Hope u had a great time. I dont know why, the last time i ever stepped on a ride was during my class 6. For some strange reason after that, i never felt like going on a ride. May be at that age- i was too young to try the rides. And DAMN!! I want to go on some nice rides.... Lets see!! ;)

Harish said...

One friend of mine did take a video. Capetown? In SouthAfrica? Leme ask my Proj manager of we have some work there :-)

Yup dude...Seekiram inga kelambi vaa...

Harish said...

Wow..thats cool. But you should try this one

Enakum en 3rd std maths teacher kkum aagadu. And I had huge crush on my 8th std English teacher :-)

Harish said...

Yeah...Thats right.

Idu unintentional. Ambi blog naan adukku apparm thaan paarthaen

No way scared. I was too much excited. btw..I dont have many "wee-wishers" and so was aloof.

Harish said...

Aahaa...unga nyaabagasakthi kku oru alave illaya? Oralavukku correct thaan. Anda kadhai konjam sonda kadhai thaan.
Adudaan pottiirundene...Liar Liar :-(

@Chosen One

Harish said...

Second handed experinces eh?

Thats all right. I was sad that it was not very tall :-(

Konjam localize panni sonna thaane ungalukkum padikka swarasyama irukkum :-)

Harish said...

Truct should try one

Undoubtedly yes

Pre-Kg teacher sariyaa nyaabagam illa. I was still sleeping in the class at that time..which continued till my college days.

Harish said...

You are forgetting something. Nee anga irundirunda neeyum naanum serndu thaan ride poiruppom :-)

6th std la naan engeym pogala. So ippa vatiyum mudaluma vasul pandren. Try MGM for beginners. :-)