Sunday, July 23, 2006

Cant say a word

"I want you to get the photos of the new Mayor by tomorrow." said the chief. It was Friday night and there were very few workaholics in the office.

He nodded and walked outside the hall. He saw her on the far side of the office and wondered what she was typing so furiously. Curious, he tiptoed near her and looked at her. She appeared beautiful in the business suit and the dim lights of the office seem to accentuate them. What the hell, she appeared cute to him every day in every dress.

"Not going home?" She asked and broke his glance.
He: "Just got to work on an article the chief asked to finish. You?"
She: "Have to go. Kind of bored"
He (hesitant): " the way..Are you busy tomorrow?"
She (surprised): "Are you going out anywhere?"
He: "Well...just wanted to ask."
There is a moment’s silence which both don’t break. He takes off his spectacles as she looks outside the office at the skyscrapers. In his heart of hearts he wishes that she could identify him without them, but alas that doesn’t seem possible and he himself doesn’t want to happen.
He: "Ok. Time to leave. See you later. Good Night Lois."
She: "Good Night Clark."

He walked outside the building and cursed himself again. What was the point in being a Superman when you cant even tell what you feel like to the girl you love?

P.S: Superman or Sappaman. The situation and the outcome are not much different :-)


Marutham said...

Hello Harish,
Nalla observe panirukeenga :)But Naan ena theriyuma nenakraen ....Sollalaam dhaney ! ;) if he discloses his identity, there won't be any thrill in the story! And the kind of boys 'who really feel shy talking to girls and tell what they feel' will MISS the company of the RED CARPET star in their club!! They would feel they are the only losers! Now that even SUPER MAN has difficulty in telling what he really wants to tell, they won't feel ODD about themselves :). Thats the whole IDEA behind having Geeks as Superman and Spider man. But personally i like these kind of people :)
And not to forget,
Thanku for ur lovely comments. :)

Sat said...

padam paathutiya

Ramya said...

"superman or sappaman":good one.

Ms.Congeniality said...

hee hee hee!!Indha maadhiri vishayathula superman aa irundhu mattum no use..

prithz said...

Haha!!! Kadaisi punch line la kalakitinga... lol...

Has to be me said...

Ayooo dont even remind me of that horrible movie. Last week I took my son & his friend (both are 3 yrs old) for this movie & are crazy abt superman/spiderman etc. But damn the movie cos I myself found it vboring & to top it up it wasnt a kiddies movie at all....too much of violence also. also the kids were waiting for hte "real" superman in the superman outfit...but he came much later only & hence both the kids went to sleep! So to me it was indeed a "sappa" movie!

Usha said...

my comment disappeared :( anyways, superman kadhai ezhudhardhuka blog poteenga, mariyadhaya 2 days-kulla oru baygonspray bayapadukiradhu-nu oru kadhai ezhudunga..

Ekta said...

that reminds me..gotta still see the movie!

Krithika said...

coool post..well imagined! :)

Shuba said...

all super mans become sappa man infront of their lady love!!!

Shuba said...

all super mans become sappa man infront of their lady love!!!

chaitü said...

is it a scene from that movie??

Marutham said...

Hm....:) Nambal oorla Blogspot bann panitamngo konjam naal. Adhaan BLOGSPOT pakkam vara mudila. Results vandhaachu!! :) Have uploaded few more songs of mine. For the first time- tune pottu naney padirukken ;) AM back!! Hope they dont BAN again!! :)
PS: U have been blog rolled!

Karthik B.S. said...

aha.. correcta sonninga!

Harish said...

What you said is very true. It is in this elite company that all we boys survice :-)

One step better. In IMAX. The movie is just more into characters and not action and no wonder my friends hated it.

Harish said...

@Ramya and @Ms.Congeniality
Adu unmai thaan.

Yeah. I love that. The last line has always go to be the deadliest.

Harish said...

@has to be me
Thats the tough part in this movie. Its not the action that everyone expected.

Check this
And tell me if you liked it.
This should match with the title you gave.

Harish said...

Are you sure?

Thanks yaar

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Harish said...

The specatcle removing scene was in the movie and the emotions are the same. Helped me for a short story with a SuperHero :-)

Check pannita pochchu..And thanks :-)

Personal experience than :-)

raz said...

appadiya? ennaku appadi theriyala..

Anonymous said...

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