Thursday, June 29, 2006

Nandoo - The Sweet Rascal

It happened on a July 03. The holy god decided that the life on earth had been very boring, quiet and dull. To add some spice to everybody's life - he created NANDOO. Nandoo- the Ultimate entertainer.

Nandoo - Good
For those who are not familiar with Nandoo, let me give you a sneak peek into his little life. He is a born entertainer. While the rest of us relied on the gift if our gab for every presentation, Nandoo had an extra weapon - his wild imagination. He could collect the right picture for any topic given and his presentations were always outstanding. Whether it is the award winning paper presentation or the presentation for the kids at the destitute home, each had the stamp of Nandoo's creativity.
Nandoo could think out of the box. During the college cultural when we decided that we would lip sync a scene from Alaipayuthae, he gave the corniest idea and the whole college loved it. He gave just what the people wanted.

Nandoo - Bad
Nandoo is a born prankster. I am surprised that he doesn’t sport horns on his head like the Onida kid. Once we had been to a college for some cultural and the following is the way he answered a quiz.
Q. Who is called China's sorrow?
A. You
Q. Who is the world's richest man according to Forbes?
A. Me
Q. Who was crowned Ms. Universe in 1994?
A. Your Aaya.
In better sense we left the name column blank and that’s why we are still alive blogging :-)
At the outset he is a jolly good fella, but something that many people don’t know is that Nandoo REALLY gets angry. I remember Maapu was once studying something (I guess it was DSP) at an unearthly hour (meaning before the semester exams :-)) and when I asked why he replied "Nandoo Thittuvaan".

Nandoo - Ugly
Nandoo is a spendthrift. Give him a million dollars and he will tell you a plan to finish it in a day. I guess the only people who enjoy his support in this regard are the Credit card people.
In his childhood Nandoo was taught the principle of Forgive and Forget. Since Nandoo was gaping shamelessly at the girl next door he only heard the word Forget and follows it faithfully to date. We would go out somewhere and he would ask me "Where is the bike key?” It’s just that his stars have been good that his pulsar is still on road with him.
Nandoo has lost 4 mobile phones till date. The first time we had argument for a day as which mobile phone to buy. He bought a Sony 210 model for about 10K and lost it in Bangalore. One thing I have noticed about people who lose their mobile is that once they lose one, the next model is most probably a Nokia 1100. I guess Nokia can advertise it as a Loser's Mobile (pun intended). When Nandoo lost his 4th mobile successfully (?) he called the Airtel guy.
Nandoo: Hi. I just lost my mobile phone. Can you please lock my number xxxxxxxxxx.
Airtel: Yes Sir. I will do it. And I am sorry to hear this.
Nandoo: It’s ok. It’s not first time I am doing this. By the way this is the 4th mobile I have lost.
I heard that the guy fainted and was out on a week's leave.

Please join me in wishing Nandoo a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Long live Nandoo and long live his pranks :-).


prithz said...

Interesting character :) HAppy b'day to Nandoo!!!

ambi said...

good one, esp mobile funda!
Happy b'day nandoo!

nandoo said...

poda.. mandu pu*********

intha varusam birthdayku.... oru ponnada. odi polamnu irukken.. nee

nee thirumbi varum pothu.. en kolanthaiku than appy birthday paduve ennaa. solre.. ;)

Has to be me said...

Thats a sweet way of greeting ur friend. And nice to hear his pranks!
Happy bday Nandoo.

bindhu said...

Ha ha!!! An interesting friend indeeed!!! Happy Bday Nandoo!!!

and nandoo!! indha ponnu.. neenga "forgive and forget" solli kodutha podhu paaatha ponnaaa?

chaitü said...

Happy Birthday Nandoo :-)

Sat said...

nalla vela gyabaga paduthina!

Shuba said...

Nandooooooooooo..........appy birthu day!ensoi!!!!

marakkama namma harishkku treat kuduthidunga...LOL enjoyed redaing the post!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!
BTW I was amazed thinking the fact that you still have the Thakshihamoorthy picture in your purse! (I gave this in 2000 - college 2nd year!) And I am eagerly waiting for your marriage! Who is that paavathma!


Ms.Congeniality said...

hee hee hee!!Nice way to wish ur friend happy b'day :-)

Chinnakutti said...

nandoo... இனிய பிறந்தநாள் வாழ்த்துக்கள்......

Sangeeta said...

Happy Birthday Nandoo...:)

Harish...this is fundoo!He he he...

Harish said...

Nandoo is indeed intersting. Check his blog to confirm the same.


Harish said...


Dei...enna solla vara? Unakku seekira kalyaanam nadakka pogudu nu solla varaya...illa naan narayya naal ingae irukka poren nu solla varaya?????

Edho...nalladhu nadanda sari :-)

Harish said...

@Has to be me
Thanks yaar.

Narayya ponnunga irukkanga anda listla. Neenga yaara kaekareenga??


Harish said...

Romba thanks nga. Enna treat tarano adula 25% comission ungalukku :-)

Appa unakku kalyaanam kidayaadha????

Harish said...

Thanks :-)

Welcome to this world. Nandri

Thanks a lot

Usha said...

oho ivardhan nallavaru vallavaru naalum therinjavara??

Janefield said...


Ramya said...

nalla character,indha maadhiri comical ppl kadaikaruthu kashthamnu nianikiren.

raz said...

nandoo birthday July 2nd illa :) ???

raz said...

but yeah! Nandoo is simply grt! rombaaaaa nallavana irukan! ;)