Sunday, July 09, 2006

Vegas - Show me the Money

There is only person who is most revered in Las Vegas.... Benjamin Franklin...the guy smiling on the 100$ note. The bottom line is that if you have lots of money with Benjamin on it and have 3 days to spoil yourself (I think 3 days should be enough)..Vegas is all yours. When I told my Manager that I was going to Vegas he winked and said "Enjoy".

The great weekend started right in the Los Angeles airport when I landed there almost 2 Hours late of my scheduled time. The greetings of "Eppadi irukeenga" "Baagu unnara" "Kem cho" "Kya haal hai yaar" were predominant than "Howdy" in the airport. Some Americans looked confused and wondered if it was LAX or the Dum Dum or Anna International. India Shining :-).By 11 PM Jithu, Nattu and Saini arrived and we were escorted straight to Vegas by Shaggy. Vroooommmmmmmmm.

After one tin of Soda (meaning Pepsi) and some air conditioner the condition did "deteriorate". We got near a Freeway and thought of freeing ourselves but as luck would have it, the door to the rest room read "Employees Only". Jithu and me went close enough to signing a contract :-) At 4.30 AM we arrived at the great Gambling city of Vegas. Perhaps Gandhi's visionary freedom for women exists here, as they seemed carelessly wandering around at that hour.

After catching some 5 hours of sleep, we were back to business. It was freaking hot in Vegas at about 118F. As David Letterman said "It was so hot that Angelina Jolie decided to adopt an Eskimo". Thanks to Jithu's expert advice I was carrying a Jerkin. Besides the clown in the Great circus I was the only idiot in the whole Vegas with a jerkin. After eating something (I didn’t know anything about it except that it was something veggie) we went around, but it was so hot that we decided that the room was a much better place.

The city contained some replicas of famous monuments around the world as the Empire State building, Eiffel Tower, Status of Liberty. Since this city is all about lust, Taj mahal was missing. Vegas looks best at night and that’s when the life begins here. Wanna know more? Stay tuned.


nandoo said...

hmmmmmm... america vaada.. veeesa arambichiduchu... :D
freewayaam.. sodaavaam... nadakattum nadakattum... thriumbi inge thaana vanthaaganum... appo vechikren.. unnaku sangu :P

photos innum fulla paakalada... hope u hada great time..

Ms.Congeniality said...

//Besides the clown in the Great circus I was the only idiot in the whole Vegas with a jerkin//

hee hee hee!! Happens :-)

Has to be me said...

Hmmm envy ya fr the good time!
LOL@ ur new contract. so finally how did u manage?! ;)
LOL also @ ur jerkin.

bindhu said...

Good Pics :) Post More..

Iniyaazh said...

"Since this city is all about lust, Taj mahal was missing."

I have also wondered y there was no replica of Taj Mahal in vegas. but I never thought of it this way.. mabbe wat u have said is the truth.

Vidya said...

Vegas is just about the only place where I get all sun tanned even without stepping out in the sun !! It is that hot out here !


Syam said...

LOL...jerkin in LV...happend 2 me too...nice wtiteup :-)

Syam said...

//Since this city is all about lust, Taj mahal was missing//

Taj Mahal is there in the east coast Las Vegas (Atlantic City, New Jersey)

Shuba said...

hey seems u r enjoying so when r u releasing part 2

Jithu said...

Why have you missed the part where an American asked you to dance like MJ? Also how could you possibly forget the divine line "Instant O**gasam Baby"?

Usha said...

seri eval thotheenga?? ;)

Harish said...

Naan enga aama oda nalla paiyan...Inda velayaatukku ellam enga aama poga koodadu nu sollitaanga :-)