Saturday, March 18, 2006

Terminator 1

"In view of all the witnesses and evidences produced in the court, it is clear that Mr.Manu sharma is found NOT GUILTY in the murder of Ms.Jessica Lal." The rest of the words of the judge were lost in the jubiliation of Manu, his father and his lawyers. Manu's father congratulated the lawyer and Manu's friends cheered and hugged him.

7 years before
It was 2 AM in the morning. Most of the roads in Delhi were deserted and life had come to a standstill to prepare itself for the next days busy morning. The only place that was just crowded and getting emptied was a famous Bar in Delhi. It was a place where the who's-who of the delhi assembled to drink and party. Top models served as Waitress in the hotel and the bills were something affordable by the filthy rich.

Manu and his friends walked in at 2 AM and he demanded a drink. Jessica, an upcoming model who served as his waitress refused..she was not to know the price for denial was...her life. Out of rage Manu shot her in front of a shocked public and ran away in his car.

In reality our public suffers from short term memory loss. We remember a scandal or a controversy till another surfaces up. Jessica's murder case was in limelite for some time till another murder and another scandal overthrew it. Now a trigger happy Manu sharma walked past the media and public smiling like a champion winning the gold medal in Olympics.

He walked past Jessica's father..smiled and said "Catch me if you can".
This was the happiest day in Manu sharma's life.

To be continued

P.S: To those who havent heard about this case, check this


neighbour said...

Even the president in US have bowed before the law but in india if you have money law will bend b4 you..

idhu thaan ulagathalaiyae periya democracynu sollara indiavooda thalaiyeluthu polaaa...

Sugee said...

Really Sad man!
If u r rich u can do any bullshit and get away with it scotch free...
They should be shot dead

Bindu said...

Shame on us!!!
Can't we do anything about this??

Usha said...

If we were to do anything about this, we should be doing a lot of things that our ages wont add up to :( and we do claim that we are proud to be Indians!

ambi said...

ohh! this is jessica's caseaa?
yeeh, these kind of fundas' are more freq nowadays.

dono how these pple will get punishment.
may be as per Garuda puranam..?
Hi ambi, first time here...

Harish said...

Romba correct. No politician here seems to have been convicted. Damn !

Shot dad? Read part 2.

Harish said...

Unfortunately, We cant do anything about this. Some miracle has to happen.

I second you.

Welcome Boss.
Perhaps we do need an Anniyan :-)