Thursday, March 16, 2006

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Enna pandradu? Nandoo odu anbu thollai thaanga mudiyala...adunaala this is my tag status

Ten Years ago...

10 years..appdina..1996..

 Was in Trichy
 Schooling...
 10th standards exams enakku...
 en ammavukku naan porupillama irundaenu inikki varaikkum en mela kovam...
ada pongappa...bloody exam...result..uvvaeeeek

5 years ago

 days
 erode..en nanbargal..en hostel days
 enda pudu padam vandaalum hostel la paathuduvom...nanbargaloda padam paathukittae comment adikara anda naatkal irukkae...ULTIMATE
 apparam Nandoo sonna anda OOty tour..where we formed our great gang...oh...too lovely days

Last year
 In chennai...actually not much difference between my college days and professional life
 i still live with my friends..the only difference is i m paid :-)
 Missed going with my dear nandoo by a whisker..was damn angry with my manager for screwing that chance up

 As in team..
 As usual left home early (at 11 pm)
 Talked to my mom over my mom

Five yummy things
 Anything that my mom makes is yummy in my dictionary
 Pav bhaji
 Chilli Parotta
 Thair saadam
 Veg puf

Places I escape
 Sathyam
 Beach
 Friends house

TV Shows
ada pongappa...inda orula CAS pottu aapu vechirukkan...
My fav was Star Movies, HBO, Star sports, ESPN, Cartoon Network..adellam eduvum inga varaadu
Kidaikiradula best
 POGO (Takeshi's Castle)

Five things I'd do if I have money
 Get a designer to design my Mom's dream house
 Go on a world tour...(wish with SOMEONE i love :-))
 Learn CGI and work somewhere for sometime and start a firm of my own with my creative friends
 Donate more and help more people

Things I cant live without
 My mouth (for eating and talking)
 Parents and my bro
 Friends
 Movies
 music
 Books

OK va...meendum sandippom...Tata


neighbour said...

"en ammavukku naan porupillama irundaenu inikki varaikkum en mela kovam..."

--ippoo romba porupoo neenga...

Anonymous said...

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Ramya said...

I miss cartoon network too !

Bindu said...

What is your mother's dream house?

Harish said...

ippdai maanatha vaangaatha pa

Happy to find someone in the same breed as mine. My friends think that i m too old to watch Cartoons..i dont

Anda plan ellam en Mummy ku thaan velichcham..en kadamai adukku finance pandradoda sari

nandoo said...

chilli parotta sapdaethenu unnaku ethana thadava solradhu... yummyaam yummy... karumam... nee thirunthave maata ...

athu ennada CGI padikanum...

வேதா said...

CAS vozhiga!
//Things I cant live without
 My mouth (for eating and talking)//
what are ur fav books,fiction or non fiction,tamil or english?

raz said...

cute one