Friday, March 10, 2006

The Letter

Sailesh was watching the sunset from his room. It was a beautiful sight and he wished he could be on the shores of Kanyakumari holding Kavitha's hands and watching it set behind the tides of the ocean.

He became restless and so decided to explore his shelf. There was a photo of his family which was taken an year before. How young and smart he had been, he wondered. There was a short story book of R.K. Narayanan he had won some years before. And then, a letter fell down. He picked it up and started to read it

Dear Sailesh

How are you? Hope that you are enjoying your new place. How is your work?

I attended the interview of the company you had recommended. I cleared the first round and there is just one round of interview which i have to clear and i hope to do it easily. Our friends Kichcha, Balu and Jilpa are all fine and everyone is missing you very badly. Kavitha is also missing you very badly. Hope that you must have called her and made her feel better. Tell your parents soon about your affair before Kavi's parents start searching a groom for her.

Uncle told that you will be coming here this weekend. In case i get the job, we will go for a grand treat.


Near the letter he found Ravi's and Kavi's photos. He wished that he had not drunk that much on his treat and ended up killing Ravi and Kavi in the car accident....and ended up in Jail.

P.S: When was the last time you had written a letter to someone?


srini said...

Enna SelvaRaghavan , Bala Rangukku tragedyaa screen play vaikeera..
Good one!!

srini said...

Enna SelvaRaghavan , Bala Rangeukku tragedyaa screen play vaikeera..
Good one!!

neighbour said...

dai.. mavanae annaiku centopth roadulaya saathirukaanum thapichutaaa....

idhuvaraikum naan blog/semester/malaigai kadai list idhau thavira oru lettrum eluthunathu illai..

tragedyla muducitayae paaa....

Bindu said...

Harish!! enna aachu!! work torture porrukka mudiyaama inga vandha!! inga idhukku mela azha vekkereenga :((

Having said this, the end is really unexpected and you fully qualify for directing MEGA SERIALS!!

Appuram, I used to write snail mails to mom when I was in college!!..

Ippo!! hmm aaan colleaguekku POST IT notes adikkirrom.. adhu idhula serthukalaama?

Harish said...

hee hee..chumma..oru last line tragedy ezhudi romba naal aachu illa

Ada paavi..uyira kaapathina deivam da nee
paravaala...blogla yaavudu letter ezhudarayae..

Harish said...

Mega serial kku ore qualification thaan...narrayya kanner vidavekkanum...namakkum adukkum dooram
Snal mail...naan kooda ammavukku apa appa letter ezhudinaen...POST IT notes...i guss not

Latha said...

I have read the same kind of story some where...I wrote snail mails to my friends when i was in our college(IRTT)...But now....only e-mails :-((

nandoo said...

Naaliku en kooda bikela varuvela... irudii iru... appo paarthukren :D

What about my tag for you??
Yenda figure tag panna mattum thaan eluthiviyaa??

Naan tag panni oruthar kooda eluthala.. ET TU BRUTE?

mystery said...

haha..nice one...dai pavum da nandoo...poi avanoda tag a complete pannu..romba feel panra

Harish said...

Donno which story u r referrin to
sarvam ippa email mayam aachu

ezhudiaachu pa...mannichuru

enna panna kavi
kazhudaikki vaaka pattachchu
paper thinnu thaane aaganum :-)

Sugee said...

Good storyline!!!

raz said...

rrrr! bad