Friday, March 24, 2006

Teminator 2 - Judgement Day

It was the happiest day in Manu Sharma's life.

He was in a car with his uncle. Manu could still not believe that he had escaped a certain punishment. As if judging his pulse, his uncle spoke out "Your dad has rich contacts Manu."
Manu "Yeah, i know. But how did he do it?"
Uncle "20 lakhs for the investigating police officer and his team, a promotion to the judge and a few scares to the witnesses and boom...justice is all yours."
Manu(giggles) "How does the old man think he will make me pay me for it?"
Uncle "Elections are round the corner and he will get a ticket for you. As long as we have muscle power and our caste votes, even the Pope can't defeat us in our constituency."

Makes gets down in a posh hotel. The story that he tells his uncle is to "catch a few friends". But the reality was something else. He had been starved...of sex. He was longing to find something hot. Just then a gal dreesed in a short shirt and a waist low pant entered the hotel. It seemed to Manu as if lady luck was today on his side.

An hour later they were naked in bed. Manu just got out of the bed when she asked "Whats it honey?"
Manu "Serching for condoms"
Girl "Oh cmon. You seem starved and now you care for protection? How long it has been since you have had a women?"
To Manu it seemed like a challenge to his manhood and he changed his mind. They made wild love and it was like the world was spinning. The girl made sounds which brought out the animal in Manu and he was enjoying himself.
He had not looked into her purse. Inside was a 3 X 3 photograph with headlines "Model Jessica rescues HIV affected sex workers from slum" In the extreme right corner stood Shika who was just 15 years old ...a HIV victim.
Exactly 8 years ago on this day Jessica had saved her and her friends from the clutches of sex brokers. Fate it seems is not without a sense of irony.

She smiled and it was a smile of satisfaction. She had given her verdict and it was one which no judge, police or court could change and interfere.

P.S: I hope the bastards who did these and walked scotfree may die a more painful death than the one given above. AMEN!


Bindu said...

Amen!! Truth will certainly be more stranger than fiction.

வேதா said...

sooper:)oru novel padicha madiri irukku?

neighbour said...

what is this Harish..

avanuku yellam sugam koduthu vyathi varak koodaathu...

nandoo said...

twist koduthutiyee ..hahaaa

ithoda ...innum better judgement venumnaa... ellarum poyi
PAY or DIE apdinu oru padam irukku athaa paarungo :)

ambi said...

Gr8 judgement. until he dies, no body shud invent medicine for HIV, ofcourse..

sounds like a crime novel..

செல்வேந்திரன் said...

Good thinking !! keep it up !!

Praveen said...


unknown said...

ennachchu harish terminatornnu laam title pottu kalakaringa

Jay said...

Good one da. The better way to bring justice is the Sidney Shilden bloodline way.

Usha said...

how good it would be if this were true...but light-a Khajini vadai thookudhu? ;)

Aravind said...

enna harish what is this ?? ennamo po.
go meet prakash raj da .. probably u end up writing script for his movies ..

vJ said...

Thats it!! Good one. And good support.


Vani Viswanathan said...

good one! way to go!

Harish said...

Yup...Truth has to be stranger and weird than fiction

Hayya! Oralavukku terittaen nu ninaikkiraen.

Un alavukku dangerous a namalaala yosikka mudiyaadhu da saami

Harish said...

Makka...innum anda padatta marakaliyaada nee?

Aaah...inda maadhiri aalukellam appadi thaan dandanai kidaikanum

Nandri nanba. Nakkal pandriya paaratariya nae puriyalae :-)

Harish said...

Welcome Boss. Unga style la enna dandanai taruveenga?

Geethopadesam la vara maadhiri nama ellarukkum oru Terminator tevai. Pora pokka paatha oru Terminator pathaadu pola..

Blood line romba naal munnadi padichadu...enna varum adula?

Harish said...

Gajini vaadaya? Pazhi vaangaradhu pazhaya formula. Adu mahabharadatullayae aarambichiduttu

Kadasila inda velai bore adichcha adu thaan seyyanum :-)

Harish said...

Ivanga ellarukkum namalaala satattula dandanai vaanga mudiyala ngaradu vekka pada vendiya vishayam. hmmm...enna panna....ippadi kadhai ezhudi manasa aarudal padutta vendiyadhu thaan

Thanks a lot Vani!