Friday, March 02, 2007

Tag on Fire

Tagged by Gayatri. If I postpone this tag any further, the taggers association threatened to sue me for millions of dollars. it comes.

Favorite Color: Blue and Black

Favorite Food: Anything prepared by my mom. I don’t throw tantrums for food :-).

Favorite Month: May

Favorite Songs:

Hindi: Pal Pal Dil ke pass from Black Mail

Tamil: Too many to name. Hmmmm...currently En iniya pon nilaave and How to Name it.

English: Summer of 69

Favorite Movie: Too many. To name a few Life is Beautiful in tragedy, Shawshank Redemption for hope, Face/Off for action, Panchatantiram and Golmaal for comedy, Sleepless for suspense.

Favorite Sport: As most of my fellow indians. Cricket :-)

Favorite Season: Summer.

Favorite Day Of the week: Friday

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Strawberry

Favorite Time of Day: Anytime after 11 PM. I am a nocturnal animal :-)


Current Mood: Highly bored and supremely depressed :-(

Current Taste: Sour

Current Clothes: Jockey Baniyan and Athletic works shorts

Current Desktop: The charming Tamanna Bhatia. (sigh)

Current Toenail Color: ?

Current Time: 15.04 EST

Current Surroundings: A pillow, a comforter in a yucky bachelor room. I am tired of cleaning this mess up :-(

Current Thoughts: What should be the next story to follow this post?


First Best Friend: Neeraj Goel in First standard.

First Screen Name: hurry2harish. I still have it :-)

First Pet: Can I name my brother :-)

First Piercing: Ears. My parents dragged me to the Tirunelveli temple as an infant and pierced. Ketta "Vera yaarum unakku kaadu kootida koodadu nu daan naangale unakku kaadu kuttitom". Devuda :-)

First Album: My parents marraige album (freeya vidunga). After seeing my cousins pic whch slightly resembled me I asked my mom "How come I was at your wedding and I dont remember it?"

First Movie: My mom says it was a movie called "Thoongaade Thambi Thoongade". I cried for sometime and became silent for the song "Naanaga Naan illai Thaaye". :-)


Last Cigarette: First and last puff on Jan 1, 2005. Tried it just for fun :-)

Last Drink: Alcoholic: One sip of beer on the same day. Uweeekkkk. How do you ppl drink it? :-)
Non-alcoholic: A hot chocolate coffee.

Last Car Ride: Today.

Last Movie Seen: Charlie Chaplin's The Great Dictator. I loved the movie.

Last Phone Call: With my roommate. Six minutes ago.

Last Book Read: Don’t remember. Been long since I finished a book in one go.

Have You Ever Broken the Law: Tried to do one recently. But couldn’t do it out of guilt :-(

Have You Ever Been Arrested: Not yet.

Have You Ever Been on TV: Some thing better. I was in a short film we made for SMILE and it was played on an auditorium screen in front of some 400 people. was embarrassing to watch myself :-)

Have You Ever Lied: Nope. (And increased my count by one)

Have You Ever Kissed Someone You Didn't Know: Lemme think. Hmmmm....No. I always ask the name of the kids before kissing them :-)


Thing You're Wearing: How many time I have to answer this :-(

Thing You've Done Today: Got drenched in rain on the way to home.

Thing You Can Hear Right Now: Nenjam Ellam kaadal from Aayudaezhutu.

Thing You Can't Live Without: Friends, Movies, Books, Music.

Thing You Do When You're Bored: If my laptop is available, I open browser and check any news.

4 PLACES YOU'VE BEEN TODAY : DMV office, downtown, bus Stop, Dunkin Donuts.

3 PEOPLE YOU CAN TELL ANYTHING TO : Wont name them. Then it doesn’t remain a secret :-)


1. Black or White: Black

2. Hot or Cold: In India Cold. Here Hot.

I believe actions speak stronger than words. So...its something that I will do and then say. :-)

Since tags can be monotonous, to spice things up check this video from the movie Music and Lyrics. (Thanks Sat)

Tagged by KK. Enna maamu...sema easy aana tag a kodututa :-)

Here is what I am supposed to do...
1. Grab the closest book.
2. Open to page 123, go down to the fifth sentence.
3. Post the text of next 3 sentences on the blog. (enakkum onnum puriyala :-()
4. Put in also the name of the book and its author.
5. Tag three people

"I dont know" Jeremy confessed.
After a brief pause, Alvin said "Again, I dont know what to tell you".
"What do you think it means? why is someone sending me e-mails like this?"

Author: Nicholas Sparks
Book: At first Sight
As my usual rule...I don't tag anyone :-)


G3 said...

Attendence :-)

Posta padichittu vandhu karutha soldren :P

G3 said...

Padichitten :-)

Cool tag :D Depressed moodlayum porumaiya okkandhu ivlo periya tag-a panneengala?? Great :-)

//I was in a short film we made for SMILE //
Aaha.. Ippozhudhaiya kadhaasiriyar appavae actor-a kalakkunga :D

//(I didnt follow this, because it didnt make any sense when I start from here)//
//(I have typed 5 sentences, so that you can try the following at your office and have fun)//
Ennada indha dialogue engayo padicha maadiri irukkaenu yosicha.. KK blogla.. Copy paste error-o :P

Harish said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Harish said...

Naan oru somberi :-)
Ivalavu late aagiyum nee ivalavu teliva irukka. Enna Boost kudicitu vandiya? :-)

G3 said...

Hehe.. Ragasiyamellam velila soldradhilla :P

Weekend leave illadha naanae ivlo theliva irukken... 2 naal leave vechirukkara ungalukku enna depressed mood?? Nalla ensoi pannunga :D

Harish said...

Donno yaar. Ennamo teriyala...chumma depressinga irukku. No rhyme no reason :-(
Saturday kaarthaala fulla inimae thookama :-)

kuttichuvaru said...

very gud.... intha tag mudichittiyaa.... nxt naan kudukkaren.... yeah, u r tagged :-)

Aditi said...

phew that is a long tag.. interestingly done too

Sindhu said...

Hey...that was fun :)

And :)) :)) @ your first piercing answer :D

Ms.Congeniality said...

photo album matter seri joke..
chinna kozhandhainga idha ketaa para vaa illa, enna en relatives chinna vayasula evlo dharava kepaanga edho budhisaalithanamaa kekardha nenachitu "nee en onga appa amma kalyaanathuku varla" nu!!Toooooooo much!!

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

Hahaah..Y is tht every1 says BLUE AND BLACK! :( Thts mine 2..

And ithu enna homework maari iurku? :P

I have a tag as well.. :P Tag panna poren.. ;)

Heidi Kris said...

too monotonous i guess.. cheerup dude.. sogam vazhiyudhu post fulla..

Tohou Lidia said...

hahaha...what were you doing with a nicholas sparks book so close to you??? His writing is sooo corny and cheesy :P

I can't believe you know the first movie you saw :) Your mother has a great memory!

"Have You Ever Kissed Someone You Didn't Know: Lemme think. Hmmmm....No. I always ask the name of the kids before kissing them :-)"

Paedophile! :P Hehe...just kidding!!


Nithya said...

"Tried to do one recently. But couldn’t do it out of guilt :-("

What did u actually try to do ?? :D

"Have You Ever Been Arrested: Not yet."

Not yet implies you are planning on getting arrested in a few yrs to come ??? :O

"Nenjam Ellam kaadal from Aayudaezhutu."

Lovely Number..I love this song :)

And did u read "At First Sight" ? If yes, then How is the book ??

Sonata said...

too bad..tag post pani oora emathra..ozhunga regular post podu!! i had made few requests in previous posts.. pls try to do tht..

priya said...

A cool tag ther and looks like tag fever everywhere.

Interesting !!!

Dreamzz said...

2 tag oru postla ! juper!

Dreamzz said...

//Favorite Color: Blue and Black/
enakku oru sandhegam... neenga Men in Blue a? illa Men in Blacka?

Dreamzz said...

//Have You Ever Kissed Someone You Didn't Know: Lemme think. Hmmmm....No. I always ask the name of the kids before kissing them :-)
naangellam mutham koduthittu apparam peyar ketpeengalonu ninaichom! BTW, neenga 8 vayasu ponnuku mutham kodukaracha ungalukku vayasu 9 thaana?

Dreamzz said...

nice tags! and nicer since u dont tag anyone! namma policy! good!

KK said...

Yenna mamu semma sogams of India'va post potu irukka....
Seri inthe parents oda marriage album liyuma nammukku othumai... too much...I and my sister were seeing our parents wedding album, I argued with my sister that I was there during the marriage :) Inspite of she being elder to me :)

golmaalgopal said...

gud tag bro.. :))

//Golmaal for comedy//

awwwwvvvv danks hee hee... :))

//First Album: My parents marraige album //

//First Pet: Can I name my brother :-)//

//Have You Ever Lied: Nope. (And increased my count by one)//

ROTFL-o-ROTFL :)) semma responses...

prithz said...

Hehe! Neatly done :)

I like the kaadhu kuthing joke n the album one :)

Janani said...

Good.... I am happy someone is bugging you with them. Ensooooooooi

Gayathri said...

Hehe.. Seems like everyone wants to tag you. Wait, wait. Idhukaagavey I will take up another tag and tag you again. :D

Anyways, sila responses romba dull a irundhuchu.. Frank opinion. Sorry..

Padma said...

//Have You Ever Kissed Someone You Didn't Know: Lemme think. Hmmmm....No. I always ask the name of the kids before kissing them :-)//

Same pinch :D.. Good tag..
Bur very lengthy:(

Hell's Angel said...

knock knock!! when r u going to wake up 4m slumber???bounce back soon 2 blogging regularly!!

Harish said...

Maapu...vechutiye aapu :-)

@aditi many tags...and one lazy blogger :-)

hee hee...question is as such

@Ms C
Ada makka. Unga koodavum ide maadiri vilayaadinaangala....

Harish said...

aaha...adutta taga? Appdi podu :-)

Che..anda alavukku kodumaiya irukka :-(

Yeah...they keep reminding me my prankful childhood age memories. :-)
And yes...Nicholas Sparks is good...but I am lazy :-(

Harish said...

Adu konjam secret :D
Well..u never know what may happen in the future :)
Innum book mudikkala yaar. Still hanging on...

Tried something in next post. Padichutu sollu ;)

Correct. Idu never ending fever daan

Harish said...

Men in Black daan
"neenga 8 vayasu ponnuku mutham kodukaracha ungalukku vayasu 9 thaana?"
Maapilai...pozhapula manna alli pottiduva pola :-)

Ida daan maamu solluvaanga. Wise ppl think alike nu :-)

Edo namalaala mudinjadu :-)

Harish said...

Hee hee..enna konja naala aala kaanum :-)

Idula sandoshama...hmmmm

sorry yaar. I am very lazy with tags. paravaala...tag pannunga :-)

Harish said...

Verrryyy long
And seems to never end as well :-)

Yamma. U have woken the possibly laziest blogger around :-)
Do let me know ur views on next post :-))

priya said...

You got into this tag to huh...

Thaz a beautiful song of summer of 69.
Cute ones indeed.

Harish said...

Yeah yeah...tags everywhere :-)