Sunday, December 24, 2006

Silent Night...

"I now declare you man and wife". Mark paused the wedding video of John and Juliet that he had recorded about 2 years before. He was the best man in their marraige and was shooting the whole wedding just for a personal memorablia. But he didnt know that it would come to haunt back him after a long time.

They all worked together in a firm and were good friends. Infact Mark had feelings for Juliet, but an introvert that he was, he stayed silent. Naturally the more jovial John and Juliet fell in love and got married as well. Ironically Mark was the best man in their wedding and he didnt know if to laugh or cry at his fate. An year before their marraige fell apart and it was a shock for everyone in their fraternity.

Today, on the eve of Christmas morning, Juliet had come searching for some video in Mark's private library and stumbled upon this video. As she saw it she realized what Mark fell about her. The whole video had Juliet in close ups as she smiled, yawned, smirked, cried...every possible emotions of hers was covered. She left the room without saying a word and Mark didnt give any explanation for it.

At 7 PM in the evening, Juliet heard a knock outside her house and she found a letter. It read as such

"Dear Juliet

Somethings are very easy to be understood but very complicated to explain. What you saw at my house was something as such. It would have been left unsaid if you had not found it all for yourself.

Today is Christmas night and on Christmas, one should tell the truth. Words cannot measure the love that I have for you in my heart. To me you are perfect. And my wasted heart will love you...forever....and ever.


She smiled and kissed the letter sobbing. About 200 feet away Mark watched this and walked towards his house. All the words that he could say were "Enough...enough for a lifetime..."

P.S: From Love Actually
P.S1: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


ambi said...

As usual super story! kalakitta po!

//Somethings are very easy to be understood but very complicated to explain//
very true ejamaan!

*ahem*, harishu, ithanaal thaangal mudivaaga solla virumbuvathu enna? yaarukku..? eppo..? :p

raz said...

:) :) he he! en storya???

Heidi Kris said...

ditto of ambi!!

Revathi said...

i have seen that movie..great movie..all the love stories are woven together beautifully..but does john's and juliet's(i m not sure what their names were in the movie)wedding break??

Curious said...

"Enough for a lifetime"??? :O

Hee hee!

Harish said...

Anna...vittudunga na....edho naan baatukku kadhai adichchu pozhachukarenna....:-)

Love Actually padatulerundu suttadu

ettanai peruppa ippadi kelambi irukeenga...:)

Harish said...

Actually in the movie Juliet is still married to John. In one of the nest scenes in the movie, he confesses his love to her and walks away.
I just took some liberty with that :)

In the movie he says "enough for now.."
I wanted a more poetic line :)

Gayathri said...

When I started reading, I was like, "Hey!!! That's from Love Actually!!"
Wonderful movie.
Nice post with a twist. :-)

Nithya Shankar said...

Very very nice....I haven't actually watched this move "Love Actually"...Will make it a point to wach it..u r reeely good at writing these sorta short feel-good stories..:) Merry Xmas !

Ms.Congeniality said...

Beautiful story :-)
Wonderfully expressed feelings of Mark :-)

Sat said...

wow...tell me i'm a genius :D
I knew it from the first line idhu love actually maari man and bride thing...and voila...there it was!
Lovely movie and thanks for reminding tht one...very good one for a holiday season...
Have a great holiday and merry xmas and a happy new year

P.s: is tht thing salaam-e-ishq a take on love actually....gawd!

Krithika said...
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Krithika said...

superb post!..u hav retold the story well!
p.s yes nice movie..watched it yesterday

prithz said...

cute new year post! :D

Have a successful, healthy, joyous n memorable year ahead:)

Vidya said...

Hmmm.....why did that guy walk away ? He had the guts to tell her what he felt via a letter ? Why not tell it to her directly and see if he had a shot at making her happy again ?

I wonder why ?


Harish said...

I loved this part in the movie...just changed it a bit :-)

U shld see this movie.
Wow....thats very encouraging :-)

@Ms congeniality
I loved that part...

Harish said...

I guess its a indianizd version of Love Actually
btw...i thought u only watched gangstar movies :-)

I guess i tried my best :-)

Advance new year wishes

Harish said...

Some guys are just timid....
they can do anything but say it on face....
Mark was just one of the clan :-)

Hell's Angel said...

they say silence kills but this is different...

Kittu said...

//Somethings are very easy to be understood but very complicated to explain.//

correct aa solli irukeenga mask. besh besh nalla poshhtu

Sandai-Kozhi said...

yeppovum pola,nalla kadhai aLakireenga.Will watch that movie sometime.Read your previous post too.Wish you a very Happy New year Harish.May the new year brighten up your life with all the love,smiles and happiness.--SKM

brute said...

Happy New Year... :)

Shuba said...

At times silence is golden!this is one such silence is platinum!!!it happens in real life also at times!

one among u said...

oho...ippo purinjudhu..manduvum thangal n harishum neenga thanu..

kalasareenga ponga..tamila sila post, englishla classic postnu ore amarkalam panreenga ponga..

y two different blog URL...u can have both together na..

anyway thangalin blogkum ini regular attendance than...

Harish said...

@Hells Angel
Yeah yeah...sometimes silent is indeed good...

Vanakkam kittu
Hope to see more of you

Padam kandippa paarunga...
Romba nadringa..

Harish said...

Thanks yaar

So real subha...u r rite

Aama....Manduvum naane Harishum naane :-)
Thamizh la oru post potten....sila makkal puriyala nu sonnanga...
sarinu thaan taniya oru thamizku oru url...
Kandippa....unga varugai a aavala edirpaakaren :-)

Syam said...

Wish you a Great New Year!!!

Ganesh Ranganathan said...

wow...beautiful story...

Bhargavi sekhar said...

wow!gud one!!

Has to be me said...

happy 2007

one among u said...

hows life harish...romba njy pannunga indha new yeara..ini varum naatkal anaithum harishku vetriye...happy new year da..

KK said...

Makka Super story :)
I haven't seen the movie... But this thing so common... I have seen many guys going through this...
But I have the same question as that of Vidya's... Why did he walk off???
I wud have made him stand where ever he was and Julie should have seen him (just by chance) after reading the letter... There is nothing more to say as the letter says it all... Julie runs to Mark and hugs him... We'll cut the shot there... and then start a song in Maldives or some beach place... :D

Happy New year Bud!!! Have fun during ur New Year Eve!!! :D

Harish said...

Naataamai...puttandu vaazhtukkal

You should see the movie buddy...u will love it

Nice that you liked it :-)

Harish said...

Aaha...ennanga aachchu? Long time no see...
Happy new year

Life kku ennanga...bench la vettiya pogudu :-) I wish the same for you as well....May the new year be happy and prosperous to everyone in the world

Harish said...

In the movie actually Juliet will be married.
Actually this is the video link...
The part where he walks away was the one i loved and actually i changed this thing a bit to make it like feel good :-)
unconciosuly that part got included tho the case is diff.
Anyway still...happy new year dude...Lets rock in 2007 :-)

G3 said...

Just came in to wish you a happy prosperous and a successful new year..

SELECT happiness, prosperity FROM life WHERE year >= 2006 ;
UPDATE life SET failure_flag = "NO" , success_flag = "YES";
INSERT INTO life VALUES ("friends","dreams") ;
DELETE sorrows FROM life;
GRANT smile TO all ;
REVOKE enmity FROM all;


KK said...

Wishing you a very Happy and Prosperous New Year!!! :D

So what plans for New Year?? :)

Karthik B.S. said...

yeppa sooper postu! :)

Karthik B.S. said...

andha padatha naan paakala but irundhaalum, phir bhi, untenu, nalla irundhdhu! :)

@ K

//I wud have made him stand where ever he was and Julie should have seen him (just by chance) after reading the letter... There is nothing more to say as the letter says it all... Julie runs to Mark and hugs him... We'll cut the shot there... and then start a song in Maldives or some beach place... :D //

naanum adhayae solren!

Harish said...

Pattaya kelapareenga ponga...
puthhandu vaazhtukkal

Happy New year nanba
hmmm....I may go to New york for the New year. Nee enna panna pora?Sears tower kku escapea :-)

Harish said...

Anda padam weight maamu...
sema sokka irundudu
Nee anda scene paatah na unakke puriyum
Puttandu vaazhtukkal nanba :-)

Deepa said...

As SVeSekhar says why should all kadhal tholvi guys attend the wedding and say ketti melam at the girl's wedding? Dont they have any otehr role?;-)

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

Aaaaha...Nice story..Short and sweet :)

Happy new year!

celia said...

Happy New Year :)

Story paravaa illa. Nalla narration. Enakku plot avlo pidikala.

Player said...

Another Excellent Short story :)
It has become kinda puzzle for me now. Whenever I start reading your blog, I ask myself "which movie is it from ?"

KK said...

Harish, saw that video... so movie had something like what I said is it?
Naan oru pub poi nall kudimagana intha varushatha arambichen... nee?

Harish said...

I thought i ended this on a positive note :-)

Wish u the same :-)

Harish said...

The movie was much better.
I guess you would have loved the visuals though.

Harish said...

Wow. wonder that i watch many movies and most of my inspiration comes from them. I guess I am keeping you occupied :-)

Harish said...

Nanba...nee oru visual genius.
Enikki namma inda velaiya vidaromo anikki india poi director aagalaam. Enna solra?Naan script ezhudaren nee direction pannu.
well....naan vettitanama NY ponen. POi ooru suttitu nalla pullaya latchanama veetula vandu thoongitaen :-)