Saturday, December 09, 2006


"If a man opens a car door for his wife, its either a new car or a new wife."

What is it that fasinates us so much to something that is new to our life? The general pattern of behaviour of humans that responds to new things is almost the same. Try to remind yourself about the last the time you behaved when you bought something new for yourself.

We become very self conscious and cautious when we wear a new dress and take the best care as to not to spoil it. I remember my faculty explaining us NOT to wear anything new for any interview for the same reason. I remember how brat I was when the whole colony had to work together to send me off peacefully to my school in my LKG. But in UKG I was jumping with joy and couldnt wait to reach there. Reason? New School dress and shoes. I would polish my shoe daily and walk slow and steady than the beauty at the paegeant. It was over after 15 days. By the end of 5 months the shoe looked in the front to qualify as another ozone hole.

When I got my new IPOD, I was very very careful. I had a cover on it everytime. I used to lock it in a locker when going for lunch or meeting. The rest of the time it stuck to my ears as if i was some reincarnation of karna. Now? Although I listen to it regularly, it looks like Ipod was invented centuries ago and mine looks line one from the stone ages. I have also seen the effect of new things in relationships. One of my friend found someone "special" and that was the end of rest of us. We ceased to exist. I agree that it is something that varies on a case to case basis but arguably this is a general pattern.

I got my new laptop after months of self debate and research. Its a new HPDV6000t and I had been tracking it since the day I booked to the day it got delivered to my home. This time I did not have it wrapped in a cover after I used it and just kept it in one corner of a room. Come long can a person lie to himself :-)
Do you have had any such special memories about anything new?

Btw..I also started a new tamil blog. Just check it here.


Nithya Shankar said...

umm..yeah my blog page..used to pamper my page with loads of care..Now looks like a trash-can :|

BTW---> I'm Nithya,a regular reader of ur gr8888 posts..Ur command o'er the language is absolutely stunning..Keep up the gr8 job and keep the posts comin too :)

Heidi Kris said...

yep! my honda activa, my mobile, my laptop and my ipod :D I will try to write slowly and beautifully if i buy a new pen :D donno that habit has struck to me for long, I always ensure to write my exams with a new pen, to keep my handwriting appealing to the paper valuer :)

prithz said...

Nice post!

I beg to differ! Right from my ipod, scooty, watch and mobile, i still retain the care i gave it in the beginning.. its something that i hold close to my heart. i even forget the materialistic side that it adds to my life n look at it as a company! So, it deserves equal care :)

Krithika said...

sweet post!..btw,for me its the same..anything new is always new..and one very bad habit in me is that I'm toooo veryyy possessive :( dress,shoes,PENs!!WATCHES especially,so no chance og it gettin old :p

Sat said...

New or not...i have a wierd attachment to the things i own; in fact the older they are, the more sentimental i am abt them! Say there's this old cassette player at home which cant play anymore, ippa radio mattum thaan working...! i have still not thrown it away as it's almost become like another person in my life. in fact when i buy something new, the first thing i want to do is rip open the cover and get a feel of it...indha maasa kanakka cover pottu vachikira pazhakame illa!

P.S: Just noticed Prithz had commented somthiing similar to me...thank god i'm not the only one! :D

Revathi said...

absolutely true...infact i take great care of stuff like new cofee mugs, new toothbrishes,new pens(parker especially) etc..(i know..i m eccentric)and after a month or so i would either have broken the handle of the coffee mug or lost the toothbrush..dunno what it is with new things..

logic said...

How r u dude..long time in this man...good post..

KK said...

Hey Harish!
Very true man. I am just like you in this aspect too. :)
I take utmost care when I get something new. But after some time I take the least care. Its mostly for the electronic gadgets like digi cam, laptop etc and automobiles like my car, scooter etc :)

Sandai-Kozhi said...

mmm..The carpet in the house.
The most abused poor thing in my house.When it was so new,If my kids spill anything,I clean with everything to bring it back to its old form.But in a day I have to gothrough this process several times,got fed up and left it to its fate now.
I have great attachment towards the items I collect as a hobby.I just won't allow any body to touch it.Andha kobamo yennavo,I don't know,when we were shifting our house my husband lost especially my special items box pruposefully(In my point of view.:D)--SKM

SKM said...

your tamil blog is not allowing me to signin with my blogger account.Why?anyway I lkied your vetti post also,because Vidya Balan is my fav.

Syam said...

//Do you have had any such special memories about anything new//

yes yes I remember I opened the door for wife the day after wedding :-)

Bindu said...

Ha ha.. Naanum indha new ipod, new phone, new dress majala irundhirukan.

Aaana, adha vida, andha new itema maatikittu friends kitta adikira looti irukkae.. Adhu sollanum. Enakoru friend irundha. She had this passion on nail polishes. Enniku aachu oru naal pudhusaa edhunaa pottaa, anniku full time ava fingers bharatha natyam pannum.

Naanga, paathalum paakadha maadhiri irundhu superaaa veruputhevoom ;)

ya started a tamil blog? paakalaam.. pudhu blog enna seyya podhunnu. :D

SKM said...

//yes yes I remember I opened the door for wife the day after wedding :-) //
Naataamai!Chance a illa. Ungalukku inai yarum illanga.:D

Harish said...

wow...u made my day :-)
Will love to match ur expectations

kitta thaata ide kedi velai sanju thaan naan inda degree vanginada nyaabagam

as I said it varies on a case to case basis. PPl like you who take of things forever in my opinion are gems yaar

Harish said...

Nalla ponnuma nee. Wish I could be like that :-(

Copy and paste from Prithz. btw...avalavu nalla kuzhandaia nee :-)

appadina you and me belong to the same party :-)

Harish said...

Annatha...enna annatha kaana poitta. Romba naal aana udanae sari jootu viitutio nu ninaichaen. Was so nice seeing you back in business. Pattaya kelappu :-)

Makka...sila samayam unnai patti padikumbodu edho mirror paakara maadhri irukku. Man...i gotta meet u sometime :-)

Enna kodumai SKM idu? Anna oru setting um podaliyae. Just that mine is now beta Blogger. No probs. Put your comments over here. ENga potta enna...padikka poradu naan thane :-)

Harish said...

Kedi aalu thalai neenga. Ippo puriyudu...secret of success. Will remember it :-)

Rombala edir paakadeenga. naan oru somberi janmam. Irundaalum konjam personla stuff poda adu vasadi aana idam :-)