Saturday, June 03, 2006

MI3: Cruise Controlled

Tom Cruise and his famous signature MI theme are back in MI3. The movie is running to "packed houses" here (there were 13 people including the operator) and my morale on watching this very sight at beginning got dwindled.

But then guys..its not necessary that a crowded movie be great and vice versa (example Vijay’s movies in Tamil). Coming back to the was sheer popcorn stuff. Story? Well..this time the mission is personal for Cruise and his team. Super Spy Ethan Hunt (Cruise) is now out from force and wants to marry his lady love Julia (a Katie Holmes-look-alike-Michelle Monaghan). He is persuaded on one last mission where he is confronted by Damien (Philip Hoffman) and what happens next is the rest of MI3.

The movie begins in a novel like fashion with the prologue and then proceeding from the beginning. Hoffman stars as the bad guy and poor chap..he doesn’t even have the footage that Vadivelu enjoys in our Tamil movies. Better luck next time buddy!! The heroine has nothing to do but to wear nice lipstick and kiss Cruise hungrily and scream in the climax. The rest of the cast fades including Laurence Fishburne before one man...CRUISE.

Admit it guys. This guy Cruise is a Superstar and he is there from frame one to the end credits. He lights up the screen with his magnetic presence and charming smile. That too being also the producer of movie he has done his EXTRA bit. (Watch out for the scene where he is on a 100 meter dash in the climax..paavam..padam nalla odunum garadukaaga avarum odi irukkaru). This is the Director (JJ Abrams) first movie and he doesn’t show any nervousness in any way. Obviously you shouldn’t get one after having created two super hit shows on telly (Alias and Lost).

Plot holes? Well..being a super spy movie this one has no one-liners(Unforgivable). Also I miss the poetical John Woo type super slow motion and dove flying shots. The Hero’s team kidnaps Hoffman from Vatican as if the place was Erumaipatti and not Vatican. They said the film flopped here due to Cruise’s personal image getting a beating after he jumped on Couch declaring love for Katie Holmes. Everywhere people are the same. Aren’t they?

The final verdict? Simple. If you want 2 hours of entertainment without asking questions, just grab your popcorn and barge in to the theatre near you playing MI3.


chaitanya said...

have no clue about these MI series, for that matter any such english movies!
i guess you have no choice there.

nandoo said...

chk out my blog!!!!

vJ said...

US vanthuttae pola irukkae.. he he he.. i am also here. Atlanta.


Syam said...

enna solla vareengo harishu namma gaptan padam mariye inglees la paarkanumna itha paarka solreengo rite ah :-)

prithz said...

Great review...un fortunately, i am not ignorant of most english movies and actors.. so couldnt follow much... but u have got me interested... :)

Usha said...

MI3 avalo nalla illa, verum captain type movie-nu kelvi patten? Parkable-a?

Sat said...

Cruise is hollywood's resident weirdo! The man's now uglier than ever and he has never managed to pull off a decent performance save in Interview with the Vampire(it caught me by surprise)!
It's a shame Hoffman had to star in this godforsaken movie after Capote. They'd better stop the MI series right here look to the blog; from when. liked your previous one better...but still; nice change!

Shuba said...

hahhaa...namma oor magazine la vara comment maadiriye irukku!

Prasanna said...

nice review.The movie's still to be released in Chennai and i m eagerly waiting for it.MI1 was unbelievable, though its sequel was'nt to the calibre of its original. Such movies' shldnt be seen with a logic in mind. and going into cinama halls with such a perspective, i m sure we ll enjoy it. Lets see hw i like MI3

Harish said...

oh oh...tell me what movies do you watch

Almost chocked to death when i read the whole stuff....i was close to tears

Padu paavi...durama irukiyae pa

Harish said...

Gabtun alavukku padatula comedy illa thalai...idu sema serious

try this one..atleast you can drool watching Cruise :-) (Serious a edutukaadeenga)

Gabtun movies are beyond comparison...inda padam captain padam munnadi jujupi :-)

Harish said...

Come on yaar..hollywood thrives only on sequels..whera are the originals??

Review ezhudaradhu nama ooru kaaran thaanae :-)

Do tell me how you like it after it gets released

Jay said...

indha padatha poi Gabtun padathoda compare panranga. Gabtun levelku padam eduka yaaralayum mudiyadhu. Lawrence Fishbourne and Hoffman evlo nalla actors, indha padathula pottu waste pannitanga. And indha padathula Hoffman Kaaka Kaaka villan typela "Thookuranda un pondatiya Thookuranu" Sonnadhu enakku romba pudichudu.

chaitanya said...

>> @Chaitu
oh oh...tell me what movies do you watch

i watch telugu movies and hindi sometimes... any kind, but not action.
preferably serious movies with sensible story.

Harish said...

My friend mentioned he saw Fanaa..the reviews are...MIXED
Donno if you have seen that..
Why did you stop blogging???

chaitanya said...

hmm... i rarely watch hindi movies... and very rarely new ones :)
FANAA - haven't seen this yet. Got feedback as it is somewhat boring. Not sure.

Blogging... hmm... have no answer to give you :) If i feel like blogging again... definitely i will.
Btw... i am still there in telugu blogging world :)

Harish said...

Hey Chaitu
I too heard the same about Fanaa..
Why only telugu blogs?? Got bored about english blogs??

chaitanya said...

no no... not that its boring...
hmm... don't know... felt like quiting :) we'll see...