Monday, July 25, 2005

Why Men never grow up? - Part 1

There was this book i saw in Landmark. "Why Men lie and Women cry". The title claimed it to be a best seller and going by the title of the book i can say that any normal man or woman would be curious enough to give it a dekko. A glance through it and i found that it said about want men find attractive in woman (yeah it got some anatomy photos) and the vice versa. They had interesting topics as why men never make any commitment and why women nag (though they never admit to!!!) and why men always fall in love.

The last one made me think real hard. Wasn’t it true? Men always fall in love easily. Very easily. I have seen many of my friends go through their so called LOVE and as a guy i have been through it myself. The trouble is (now what i am going to say is something guys won’t agree and women would accept instantly) that men are too naive to understand what love is. Any girl that looks cute is a 25% target for love, and if she smiles at you the probability becomes 50%. If you happen to talk to her and she responds well in return it becomes 75% and if this continues for more than 2 days, it is 100% love. BOOM. easy it is.

The basic question that arises is...why should one fall in love? A few answers that i could arrive at after a lot of research (??) are
1. Look, the economy needs to grow and for that people need to spend. Why the hell on earth would a boy buy some expensive bloody gift to a boy or taking him out to movie, restaurant, beach etc? Of course not. That’s y he ends up falling in love with a girl and burns his pocket for her sake(don’t ask me what he gets in return...u r not that stupid is my guess).
2. Men love bragging and showing off. What better to show off then a hot chick and i bet that the most lovable thing they would brag about is how a girl talked to him, how he flattered her, how she responded to his signals(idenna transmitteraa??) and how she fell for him(although its always the other way round).
3. One of the most cursed inventions of late is the mobile phone. And added to it is the SMS. I have seen many jodis run their love in the unlimited SMS that the operators lure them with (one of the Kaadhal tholvi guy says that SMS beep sound in love language is nothing but Sangu Maganae Sangu).Infact I happened to meet guys who literally would have taken kaavadi for Hutch for introducing the 10 paisa service from 9 PM to 9 AM. Whoever brought that plan must have been certainly a great sufferer paying huge bills (courtesy his GF) and so is repaying his service to the society.
4. Men need someone to talk to them for long hours without getting technical. Perhaps thats why men love ladies who ask them less questions (which is of course as rare as Salman wearing a shirt)
5. And yes…. the final one is the catch. Its the thrill of being in love. Admittedly this is something that frankly makes it all worth the effort and money spent.

I know what u are thinking...Is this guy in love?

Wait for Part 2 of this story.....


vJ said...

Good one Harish.

I think all are true .. ;-p he he he

Jay said...

Nenja nakkita

reborn said...

haha :)) true ....
But I dont think you are in love ..;)

sush said...

all hail the blog post of truth!
but hey v dont nag!!lol

Dimplicious said...

Well it myt sound so odd to u to see someone commentin in almost all ur posts all of a I jus cant resist yaar...he he.../(which is of course as rare as Salman wearing a shirt)/...damn funny../Infact I happened to meet guys who literally would have taken kaavadi for Hutch for introducing the 10 paisa service from 9 PM to 9 AM./...tis one too...ha nw i badly wanna read tis book wich inspired u to write such a gr8 post...

Anonymous said...

I think it is because on nearly every Indian movie regardless of language; there is always that "I love you" line. (we have been conditioned)
There is no distinction between love and lust. (for most people)

To tell you the truth, " I don't know if there is such a thing called love" Freud would say that there is nothing in men more than lust, selfishness, greed and anger.
Think about it! It's all true!!

Anonymous said...

you have no idea about men..I am a woman and have more male friends that woman and to be honest you have no idea about guys.

1. Men dont fall in love easily ...maybe the one guy you know is a hopeless romantic!!! They take longer than woman

2. Men dont talk for hours...are you male friends gay??? Men just want to hang and talk shit occasionally!!