Tuesday, July 05, 2005

A new journey...

Mugamudi...The Mask.

What is the first thing that comes to your mind on reading the words MASK?

Jim Carrey? Or the Dog (u need to contact Ms.Maneka Gandhi if u said yes)?
Or Cameron Diaz (all rite...i was thinking about her as well!)

Well...apart from Mr. Carrey's rubber faced antics and Ms. Diaz's excellent and dangerous curves, what fascinated me in this movie was a revelation that every human mind suppresses it deep desires inside. These desires need a vent and almost half of the people around the world roam around masking their real feelings.

Professionals mask their feelings of promotion and make a scene as if they would lay their lives for their company (i hear u telling me "U r nuts Dude"). Boys mask their romantic and carnal feelings for some gal they get on with. Many husbands mask their hatred for their wives and act as gud as God Ram (Sorry RSS). Politicians mask their desire for money and cabinet and give a sermon that would put St.Peter to shame.

In the movie MASK, the concept that the Mask serves as a outlet of one's deep desires (ex. Carrey's love or watsoever for Diaz) was what made me love it. This blog pretty much is the same as well. The ordeals that you would have to go through while reading this blog, would be to travel with me in the journey of life. Apart from that we will give our expert(!!!) exchange on films,music,cricket,football,tennis,religion,love,hatred,politics,corruption(agreed mate..its synonimous with the word before),kavithai,kalachaaram and possibly everything that exists on earth.

So...wat r u waiting for???

As Carrey says in Mask "SOMEBODY STOP ME".


Vani Viswanathan said...

i'm the first to comment in your blog!! three cheers!!!!!
ok, so u talk about tennis and music, you've got a great fan in me!!!

Harish said...

Thanks Vani..Could never have asked for more. Jus check this space and tell me ur feedback...

Bharathi said...

The way of exposing U by the Mask is really amazing!!!!!!!
Hats off to Ur Creativity******
(Unakku thalai vanangi thalai vanangi mudhugu valikuthu.....)

Latha said...

Hey harish,
today only saw some of ur previous blogs...this blog is good yaar...the real one...evrybody wll have mask...not expressing their real feeling...that is true!!!!
a good blog !!!!first blogeee kalakitta!!!!