Monday, December 22, 2008

Look, who’s talking?

Him - "Can you bring me some water please?" (Thinks "Damn. Why does this guy Dravid playing so slowly even in highlights?")

Her - "Yeah. Just a minute." (Thinks "Idiot! Can't even get up from his place and fetch water.")

Him (after 2 minutes) - "Hey. I asked for water 10 minutes before". (Ha! How lazy and unresponsive people are!)

Her - "It's been just 2 minutes. Done exaggerate." (Either way your TV time is screwed after 10 mins.)

Him - "Damn. This guy is so slow." (Oops. Another 10 mins and she will be glued to the saas-bahu-pati shit.)

Her - (As if he is like Roadrunner. Don't think he even played street cricket. All Indian men are the same. Score Ducks on field and turn expert commentators at home.)

Him - (What the heck! I will get water myself.) (Gets bottle from the fridge in the kitchen.)

Her - "I was going to bring water for you." (Good. Maybe I should regularly follow this strategy regularly.)

Him - "Yeah. I know." (My parents pierced my ears when I was 2 years old.) "I just did not want to disturb you." (How about some flattery eh?)

Her - "Hee hee. So sweet" (Dude! Mine too were pierced when I was 1. So just stop bluffing.).

Him - "You want remote so that you can watch Ms. Ekta Kapur's rona-dhona show?" (Either way this guy Dravid is a bore. Atleast I can get to watch some nice chicks in the serial.)

Her - "No its fine. You hardly get time to watch match. Enjoy it today." (Ha! I know what's on your mind. I can live with the re-telecast episode tomorrow.)

Him - "So nice of you. But it's seriously ok. You can go ahead." (Oh C'mon! Just say yes)

Her - "It's ok. You enjoy." ( are caught and bowled honey.)

Him - "Ok. Then I will switch over to the news." (Oops. Am I in the wrong house? Or am I with the wrong Woman?)

Her - "Whatever you like." (Oh God! How many times do men have to watch news in a day and give the same reaction when they play the same news?)

Him - "Oh Damn! Sensex down still? Stupid Americans." (Oops. What will happen to my shares?)

Her - (See what I am talking about? The sensex is down for so long and still he gives the same reaction every time he sees it. Men!!!!).

Him - "Ok. You can enjoy your serial." (Atleast this is better than self-blood-pressure-raising news.)

Her - (after watching for 5 mins) "Oh God! Savitri's sister ran away? What a disgrace." (Oh God! Why test Savitri behen so much?)

Him - (smiles) (See this? She feels for her as if Savitri was her own sister. Why do women get so much attached to their serial characters? Women!!!!)

Her - (Looks at their kid laying down eyes open in the mattress) "Why is JuJu not sleeping today?" (Oh God! Not the Doctor!!)

Him - "Really? It's close to 10. He must be asleep now." (Oops! Not the Doctor)

Theirs - "Ga Ga Ga" (Hey!!! Go back to your business people. What do you think I am? Some freak show?)

Her - "He seems to have lost some weight, Isn't it?" (Must feed him more Farex from tomorrow)

Him - "Yeah. We need to feed him more." ( I must stop eating his Farex when I feed him from tomorrow.)

Theirs – "Gi Gi Gi" (Wow. These people are really worried. Let me try it some other way). (Starts wailing).

Him - "What the hell happened? Why is he crying suddenly?" (Oh Damn! Was I so annoying as well in my childhood?)

Her - "I donno. Maybe he is hungry. I will bring some milk for him." (Oh God. Now what?)

Theirs - (As they leave, he stops wailing) (Wow. This works. Maybe I should try it often.)

Her - "Ju Ju Ju Ju Ju! Eat this Farex my baby" (Hope he falls asleep for some time.)

Him - (Ah...the sweet smell and taste of Farex. Seriously, why can't grown-ups eat farex?)

Theirs - (blinks) (Oh ho! Seems this one backfired!!!!!)


Priya Iyer said...

hee hee... nice one! :)

G3 said...

Neraya per pesaraangalae idhula.. yaara paakanum ;)

Dimplicious said...

He-She laerundhu ippo he-she-theirs nu ayiduchae!!!Hmmm nice nice...

And wat to say..loved ur post asusual!!Nice concept this tym!!Thought process la..Oru ten min la nadakara incident a ivlo superb a ungalala mattum thaan narrate panna mudiyum!!Awesum!!!

చైతన్య said...

that's a good one harish... very funny and real :)

Anonymous said...

!!!! apdiye puttu puttu vaikrathuna ithana :D :D by the bye..i too like farex :D pirika kuda venam apdiye sapduven :D


Aravind said...

ears pierced -- ROTFL transliteration

Neha said...

/*(Oh Damn! Was I so annoying as well in my childhood?)*/

ROTFL. Can SOOO relate to that feeling. Experience eh? :P

Karthik B.S. said...

Nice, nice, nice, nice, nice, nice, nice, nice, nice, nice, nice, nice, nice, nice, nice, nice. :)

Karthik B.S. said...

Dravid slow'va velayadna kooda parava illa.. vandha vegathulaye thirumba la poraha! :P

nivi said...

:) Really cute and I really love the way you brought out the whole, what do i think and what do i say?

Thoorika said...

he he!! so cute!

Krithika said...

hahaaa..unbelievable!but in a good way :)
All Indian men are the same. Score Ducks on field and turn expert commentators at home
wat do i say..bull's eye!;)

Vidya said...


Harish said...

Thanks yaar :)

Konja naal la terinjidum :P

Hee hee. I too loved this concept. :)

Thanks yaar :)

Harish said...

Appo unga vara pora ootukaara aama va ida padika sollanum :P

Edo namalaala aana damage maapu :)

Kandippa :P

Innum konja naal daaan pa.Appalika avaru veetula porumaya cricket vilayaadalaam :P

Harish said...

Well...the hidden idea is that we say something and think the other way around. Its sinister actually...but still..lets have some fun :)

Thanks yaar :)

Egjactly :)