Thursday, May 15, 2008

Can we leave?

She: Darling. How is this color? (Shows a saree)

He: You like it?

She: You tell me if you like it first.

He: Yeah. Looks kind of good.

She: Ok. We will see another one.

He: What? You don’t like this?

She: You know something? You have got a horrible color sense.

He: Wow. That’s very comforting.

She: How can you like that color? Look at it. It’s orange with green border.

He: So what? It would go nice with your color.

She: You know why I asked you? Because always seem to like colors which I don’t go good with me.

He: Well. Even the army selection test for color blindness seems better now.

She: (after 20 minutes of saree checking) Honey. Are you bored?

he: Oh....actually no. I am enjoying this whole attention thing?

She: What attention thing?

He: Look around dear. I am the only male in this whole shop. So every other female is staring at me. What say?

She: (pointing to a guy at a corner) What about him?

He: Let me guess. Isn’t he paid to be here?

She: And him? (another guy at another corner)

He: He robs me. Because he is the friggin owner. He collects money from me and gets to be with all the hot chicks in the shop and the ones who come here to shop. What do you call that?

She: So you think that the chicks in this shop are hot?

He: (realizing that its gone other way) see....I was presenting you his perspective.

She: And that is?

He: Like...he finds these chicks hot. Obviously you know my taste in woman.

She: You like Tanushree Datta and Devayani.

He: I NEVER liked Devayani. I mean who in the world finds Devayani hot...except of course her husband?

She: Your friend said that you had a notebook with her photo in the front.

He: I also had a notebook with Ajit’s photo on it. What does that prove?

She: Hee hee...which means you think Tanushree is hot?

He: Tense Tense dear.

She: What tense?

He: Use past tense. It is THOUGHT and not THINK. That was when I was single.

She: Hmmm. So you like this color? (shows another saree)

He: (looking bored) Don’t bother. Either way you won’t like it.

She: You seem so fruity. Why is that?

He: We have been here for 2 hours? How many sarees have you selected? Let me about zero?

She: We women take time. Haven’t you gone out with your mom to buy saree?

He: That fate was reserved for my poor dad. He would practically look like a sheep walking to the slaughter house when accompanying her to the saree shop.

She: you feel the same way?

He: No No. I am talking about my dad. It’s ok. Do you realize that as of now we men are the weaker sex and not you?

She: Why is that?

He: See around. You will find so many shops that sell stuff for women. Saree shops, Cosmetic shops, beauty parlors, Chudidaar shops. Brands like L’oreal and Garnier which are like stuff that only Ambanis and Birlas can afford. In addition to that you can wear jeans and T-shirt also which seemed to the only thing that we men could tag along with.

She: So what is that my poor husband is trying to prove?

He: That you have so many choices and we have none. The only thing you have spared us are the useless and step-and-trip dhotis and devadas kurtas.

She: You forgot something. We have a version of Dhoti and we call it skirt and I think you must be living in mars because you forgot that we also wear Kurtis.

He: Hmmm…lucky you. So you like this?

She: Actually I like that one (points to another saree which a women nearby is examining)

He: Tell me something? Why do you women always seem to pick clothes that some other women seem to like?

She: That is totally false. Its’ not like that.

He: Ok. Let me refresh your memory cells. Remember what happened one month before? You almost grabbed the saree that the women next to us selected and went to counter. The women looked at you as if she was witnessing us landing from spaceship. Thank god that they had a spare saree of the same color and they gave one to her.

She: See. The matter was resolved.

He: Imagine if they had run out of stocks. Then we would have had a tug-of-war with that woman and her poor husband on one side of the saree and you and me on the other.

She: I know we would win. My husband is strongest.

He: You seem to like me now. Wait a this saree costly? That’s why you are hitting on me?

She: Nothing that you can’t afford (whispers price in his ears).

He: (looking bewildered) ok. It’s ok if it makes you happy. Can we go now to the counter?

She: You forgot something.

He: What now?

She: I have to collect another to go to my friend Shamili's Bday.

He almost faints as she walks to select another saree.


Vg said...

Fact indeed.. :))
Good write-up.. ;)

Ramya Ramani said...


Conversation was casual.I feel that nowadays women dont do shopping aramse :). Good Try!

aravind said...

dud jst an ordinary post considering ur previous standards !!! n also i think the black bckground looks better n attractive than this one !!



vEENs said...

heheheh! totally :))

i like the way he reasons... and asserts sme point and then says that it is not his view point :))

and i like yur new look :)) minus the font ;) i m not crazy abt Verdana u knw!!

but i absolutely like the header :))

good work :))

N!kh!l said...

It has been quite a while since i visited your place and now I am greeted with a splendid post.Women huh! I always fail to understand 'em.

BTW nice template that.

Priya Iyer said...

why are men so dead against shopping???

Gargling Garbage said...

Ha ha..!! Every guy's nightmare..!! Lolzed a lot at this one -

She: I know we would win. My husband is strongest.
He: You seem to like me now. Wait a this saree costly? That’s why you are hitting on me?

Such art I said...

One thing I have noticed is that, how much ever men complain about 'these women' and their fondness for everything pink and gossip and chocolates and shopping-till-their-husband's-purses-drop, at the end of the day, they actually seem to relish it. Don't get me wrong, I guess it works the other way round as well...women actually like the fascination of men with bikes and grease oil, so much so that an anomaly in this regard strikes a wrong note. It seems to me that there's pleasure in complaining about those very things we like the most in the people we like!!

prithz said...

Ippove ipdi sonthu pona epdi? :P This is only the beginning :D

nivi30 said...

hehe cute:)
i like he says she says things.. helps me picturize the scene

Harish said...

Thanks pa :-)

Hee hee...ask your friend's poor husbands :P

Sorry machchan. Irunda sarakkuku idu daan michcham. Will try better next time.

I tried more on background. My limited knowledge fails me :(

Back after long eh. No man ever understood women for that matter :P

Harish said...

Because we get to part with some hard earned cash :P

@Gargling garbage
hee hee. Glad you liked it.

As you said, it is this anamoly that makes life more spicy and wonderful. If both have similar tastes then life will end up the same way it started :(

Aaha....kelambittaya...kelambita. Ippove bayamurutta aarambichutiya???

Glad serves that purpose :P

Divya said...

Hilarious.....& a realistic conversation, njyd reading:))