Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Johnny Gaddaar?

She kissed me as she left the bed. I am sure that at this moment I would be the most cursed soul of the entire male fraternity in this area.

Most of the men around would give their arms, legs and everything for her one touch. And here she was..laying on the bed...waiting for my kiss. I kissed her gently and she smiled. She got up from the twin bed and marched with her usual elegance to the bath room. She was dressed in her night gown and yet she looked beautiful enough to cause a Tsunami (I am bored of quoting traffic jam :P).

I looked at her framed picture beside the bed and wondered what was the almighty thinking before making her. He must have been in some supreme form and mood to have carved her. Her oval face, slender cheek bones, the perfectly chiseled nose, naturally rosy lips and a chic athletic figure could even tempt the most austere monks to give up their celibacy. No wonder I fell head over heels in love with her.

She came out in her bath robes and smiled at me. No words exchanged. She went to the nearest dressing table and combed her hair. I was feeling too lazy to get up from the bed...but still I preferred being in her company. We ate our breakfast on the dining table watching Good Morning India which was laden with news of bomb blasts, political back stabbing, over paid stars and as-usual-failed cricketers. She kept changing channels till she landed on "Aao Naa" from Kyon ho Gaya Na.

She smiled at me instantly as she knew it was my favorite song. We then decided to go to the park near our apartment. Being a Saturday, the park was filled with under-aged run-away lovers, college students and bored & fat middle aged men. Almost the whole park seemed to be looking at her. I felt like the Onida Devil mouthing "Neighbor's envy owner's pride".

We sat at one end of the park and wondered what to do next. We kissed much to the dismay of the fat middle aged gentlemen who looked as if he could turn to ashes. She got up and threw the tennis ball far across the park. I ran as fast as I could and came back victoriously.

"Smart boy my Johnny Darling". She said and rubbed my fast wagging tail. I was waiting for my incentive and expectedly she handed me another sweet kiss.

Throw as far as you can darling…Johnny hai naa…..

P.S.: Inspired from a Jeffery Archer short story.


Sat said...

woohoo...cool one man!
funny :D
i didn't see this one coming!!!

sangs said...


Aditi said...

well written and quite unexpected

G3 said...

LOL :)) Chancae illadha twist.. asathiteenga :)

Aparna said...

LOL! I was breaking my head thinking what the twist is going to be but idha expect pannave illa :)

priya iyer said...

LOL! khoda pahad aur nikla chooha... i mean kutta! :))

ramya said...

Never rub a dog's tail ! :P
What a twist !

prithz said...

Lol Lol :P

Thotho ku vandha vaazhvu? Too much! :D

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

Hahaha....Diffrnt style frm the usual ones of urs! :)

priya iyer said...

sir, if you remember, i hd tagged u long, long back. sir, when are you goin to do it, sir? :)

Dreamzz said...

ROFL! sema ending!

rsubras said...

ipadi peru vachirukkalam Gaddar - Ek prem katha nu :p

annae kaalai kaatungannae

Bhargavi said...

:D Good one there!

Karthik B.S. said...

"Just Good Friends" by Jeffrey Archer... amazing short story by the genius la? He completely takes us by surprise in the end.

Karthik B.S. said...

yeah... your version is up to the task too. :)

rsubras said...

hey machi.. ithu bongu...i am commenting in ur blogs..but u are not coming there...

blog updated..... :D

Gayathri said...

Idhellam ungalukke romba over-a theriyala? Maybe I shouldn't be reading the same books as you. I almost always know how it is going to end.

Padma said...

oh my god u r chanceless.. I'm wondering how u could give wierd angle to stories..have u gone back to US r what?

Nivi said...

i know this one. its called best friend or something :)
kewl :)

Anu said...

Whoa!! you are the king of unexpected twists!!

that too all in 1 page.... hats off dude!!

Harish said...

Thanks yaar :-)


I tried my best

Edo engalaala mudinjadu :-)

hee hee....paravaala...nalla velai kodukaren :-P

Harish said...

hee hee hee

ellam kadhai la sagajam pa

Hope to remember it in post after next :-)

hee hee hee

idellam kandukakoodadu

surya said...

cool one dude....just blog roll me 2
i have already done urs


Harish said...

Thanks yaar

I read this story in my 12th std. All I remembered was how stupid I felt after reading the last line after almost 8 long pages. 

Hee hee….you know it boss. I am one big lazy fool. :P

Blame it on the Librarian :P

Wonder how u ppl remember the names of stories u read 

Harish said...

Hee hee…thanks yaar

Thanks man. Keep visiting :)


WOW! Really cool story- short with an awesome twist! First time here- and I'm impressed!

Heidi Kris said...

Rofl :-)

Dimplicious said...

Ha ha...I luv tis style of writin..tis line was too cute../Throw as far as you can darling…Johnny hai naa…../he he..n man!!wat a doggy!!!