Friday, October 26, 2007

Gods must be crazy

Disclaimer: Try to read it just like any work of fiction without any assumption.

They were seated in the shape of a triangle surrounding the carom board. The game was intense with each man trying to outwit the other and garner points. But then they had been bosom pals for long and victory or defeat was not doing to crack their friendship.

God1: Gotta admit buddy. Your back shot is awesome. You never miss.

God2: You should play with my mom. She never misses any strike.

God3: Wish I had someone like that who could have trained me.

God1: Dont worry chum. Life is all but a learning process.

God2: Well said dude. Wonder why many don't realize it.

God3: Hey switch the TV on. Did you see the report on the sting operation on TV yesterday night?

God1: (after some silence) Yeah I did. One sick report. The details are damn gruesome.

God2: I was numbed by the reactions of the concerned parties.

God3: I have got used to them. "Opposition's efforts to sabotage our reputation." "This is done to dent our votes". Is democracy just about votes? What happened to "By the People, of the people and For the people"?

God1: That's just for the books. You will see them asking for votes shamelessly waving to the people as if they have just won some Olympic medal.

God2: And I can’t believe we created these morons in first place.

God3: Hey I have a doubt. Your folks are fighting over some bridge you built. What happened to it?

God1: Dont even talk about it.

God2: Why?

God1: Even my wife for whom I built the bridge is so angry with it. She can’t believe that they are making an issue out of this.

God2: They ask for votes with these issues?

God3: Mob is just like a domino effect. You push one in the stack and then see the rest fall.

God1: Some times I wonder if there is any difference between humans and sheep.

God2: Gosh. These images on TV are so sick.

God3: Why do your people behave so savagely? One guy claims to have killed a pregnant lady. Are your guys so sick?

God1: Hey. Dont you remember what your guys did? Didn’t they keep bombs everywhere?

God2: Hey. Why are you too shouting at each other?

God3: As if you are the holy one. Your guys give money to people to transform. Your guys do everything in the name of saving the country.

God1: You forgot oil buddy.

God2: Hey. You talk as if there is no problem there. In my place they fight in the name of color. How sick you think it makes me?

God3: Why did your guys break our temple?

God1: They even chanted my name before killing your folks. How do you think it appeals to me?

God2: Yeah. In no almanac or Holy Scriptures we have asked them to fight for us. They why do they do this?

God3: Simple. Votes? Oil? Money? Positions? Fame?

God1: Inspite of the fact that all 3 of us have preached common things.

God2: Like?

God3: 1. Nobody is immortal. Everybody’s final destination is a six feet resting space.

2. Love thy fellow human being.

3. Distribute your wealth.

4. Live in harmony.

God1: Everybody knows this.

God2: Then why do they kill one another? Why do they act as if they are blood thirsty?

God3: Wish they knew that the men in who's name they fight below, are playing carom together and are bosom friends.

God1: What do we do the people who instigate all this and spoil our name as well?

God2: Dont worry. That is not our headache.

God3: Why is that?

God1: Simple. Either way they go to hell.

God2: We better ask our folks over there to keep the oil extra hot.

God3: As if that is going to cleanse their dirty souls.

God1: Oh damn! Its 9 PM. I better go or wife will be angry.

God2: Oops! Time to report to mom.

God3: At least there is one thing we are same as humans.

God1 and God2: What?

God3: We are all afraid of the women in our lives.


surya said...

hi man just blog roll me 2...i have done the same

priyaiyer said...

:) loved it! too good! and how true it is...

Padma said...

u r afraid of women :P.. i never know,

Nivi said...

:) I am glad i am reading one of those posts where you talk about things that deeply affect you. Its been a while since i read something like this from you :) Man proposes and God disposes. Or shld it be the other way??????
Good job Harish :)

Dreamzz said...

அட்ரா அட்ரா! நம்ம கட்சி மேட்டர் மாத்ரி இருக்கு!


Anu said...

loved it! loved it! and loved it!!! How do you come up with soemthing so simple and yet with a world of meaning in it is something i can never understand...

but hats off to you for having breezed through such an important and yet managed to instill the fact that at the end of the day every religion preaches the same things...

kudos dude!

Anu said...

btw loved the title too...

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

That was damn good! :) But its nt how u usually write and its nt the subject u usually take up as well! :) Nice one though!

Karthik B.S. said...

yebbbbaaaa eppadi ungalala mattum ippadi ellam? Seriously!

Karthik B.S. said...

//God3: We are all afraid of the women in our lives.

I second it, third it, fourth it! :D

prithz said...

At last some truth out of the devil's mouth :P

Karthik B.S. said...

@ Prithz

//At last some truth out of the devil's mouth :P //

Thala, ungala Prithz pei nu thiteetanga!

Harish said...

Thanks man :-)

Hee hee...unfortunately its true :-(

trust me....all men are :P

Enna panna? I watch news channels and my blood boils with rage. The best I can do is to post something and bring it down :-(

Harish said...

Ade daan nanba :-)

Its such a simple thing to read and understand. Its just a bloody hard act to follow. :-(

Hee hee. ettana naal daan mokkai love storyum twistum ezhudaradu. I have to let off some steam rite :P

Ada ada. Paasakaara paya.
Vitta thalai kaaga thee kulippa pola :P

Harish said...

En pesa maata. Kashtapattu ezhudina iduvum solluva innamum solluva :-(


Awesome! Very creative!

Dimplicious said...

Thot...there comes a great post..n lo look at d ending...oh so typical of u men!!!he he