Sunday, April 29, 2007

Simply Complex

P.S: Just tried to match a few quotes with some pics I took. :-)
P.S1: Who said that Sports cant be artistic. Just check the Video :D


Aditi said...

nice shots and quotes

padmasri.sudarsanam said...

hey naan 2nd :D..
atleast enakku oru ice cream avadu venum :D..
good quotes.. especially the last one:)

Heidi Kris said...

the roller coaster quote is awesome! btw ena idu? adikadi photo potu post nerapara? kadai ezhudhu man..

Nithya said...

Title Oxymoron eh ? :P
Awesome quotes....Did u click these pics ?? The light thingy was awesome

ambi said...

nice quotes harish. esp abt the hope. :)

also read your tamizh post. really a good one. :)

N!kh!l said...

I dont have much to say either about the post or about the video but i was pretty impressed by

P.S1: Who said that Sports cant be artistic. Just check the Video :D

Hell's Angel said...

wow wow..tht was beautifully taken... especially the 1st one. its awesome!!!
u should see some of the pics i took here..esp the sketch..;-)

prithz said...

Heyyyy!! Awesomeeee pics! I love these candle n filament pics taken in a dark background! Its filled with hope! N that paapa, chanceh illa!!! Perfectly caught! Love it!

The oxymoron perfectly completes the post! :)

Dreamzz said...

padangalum arumai, varigalum arumai! esp liked the last 2 - roller coaster and child ones.

mystery said...

nice pics and amazing quotes...good work...i like the last one the kid n his dad...very cute..

Marutham said...

Awesome snaps... :)
Nenega eduthadha..Innum amazing Big bro! :D
I was expecting to see another snap here- lonely in a bench - waiting for some one :P

I loved the third pic alot!!
Kutty sooper..& the quotes too..
Now a days so very true! :) Where they go & also what for..:)

Nivi said...

wow pics that u took!!! hmm so are we gonna see a photo blog next!!!

i loved the last snap .. the kid adn the quote!!! really cute :-)

Padmapriya said...

Last snap is too good and the quotes too :)

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

Last photo eethunu enaku theriyumey! Enaku theriyumey! :P

Vg said...

ly First Picture simply superb.. :)

Arunkumar said...

Nice quotes harish.
video aapicela paaka mudiyaadhu. so veetukku poi paathukuren...

G3 said...

Cute pics.. :-))

Loved the roller coaster quote :-))

Harish said...

Thanks yaar

Ice cream daane...india vandu vaangi kodututta pochchu :D

Ungala maadiri rasigargalukku...adutta post ready :D

Harish said...

Hard to believe...but yes. I shot them with my Canon S2IS. I try my best with my dear camera :D

I loved all of em :D

I loved that video pal. Made cricket look so cool and beautiful.

Harish said...

Ah...I was trying something artistic there :D

That paapa's pic is my personal favourite as well :D

Nandri nanba...the quotes was just to match it for fun :D

Harish said...

Actually I was trying to capture some dolphins in a dolphin show. This kid was staring at me (donno y). Click !

Anda lonely pic a nama deal la vittudulaam :D
I find that quote cute and funny..

Photo Blog ellam kashtam yaar. I need lot of exposure (pun intended) for that.

Harish said...

A smiling kid is any photographer's dream :D

Wonder how you remember so well...

Feels good that you like it :-)

Harish said...

Hope u enjoy next video.

It was simple and so meaningful...

Padma said...

neenga eppo vandu eppo vanig kuduthu:(.. ennamo ponga.. anwyay india atlest varum podu nyabagam vedhindu erunda sari:D.. ambi anna madhiri alwa kodukama:D

Anu said...

hey good post!

each one of these pics expressed a different aspect of life!

i'm literally a fan of all your blogs :-)

Harish said...

India varumbodu solren. Adukku mela vaangaradu unga saamartiyam :-p

Hee hee....thanks yaar.
Keep them coming.