Saturday, April 07, 2007

Not Out....

I have been slow, sad, boring, happy, touching, creative, it and seems these almost 2 years....and churned 100 posts :-).

I thank EVERYONE of you who have been reading this blog for so long....and inspiring me week after week.


Vidya said...

Dang this is the best "anniversary" post ever !
Congratulations !

Hell's Angel said...

100th post.. cool!! two years and 100 posts pretty bad figure.. u need to improve on tht.. but still ur posts have been entertaining and never boring and the recent one quite thought provoking.. do continue ur work and try to get out of ur laziness..

Janani said...

Hey 100 posts in 2 years!!! Cool.. You match up to my pace.. he..he.. But all yous posts were thoughful and great

Kudos!!!!! And keeep rocking

Lavs said...

Congratulations!Though slow, your pace is quite steady and your posts are both inspiring and interesting.

golmaalgopal said...

congrats.... :)) chance'ae illa thala...semma range..

golmaalgopal said...

keep rocking... :)

Aparna said...

Congrats! Hope you don't take another 2 years to write another 100 posts :)

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

Wow..Congratulations! :)

Intha photo ellamey unmaye pesuthey epdi? :P Heheheh

Nivi said...

haha .. ur 100th post was sure funny!!! kudos... hope u have many such anniversaries:-)
hmmm who wa it that said its not how much u churn out but how well u churn them out?? oh ,wait a minute , that was me !!! hehe

loved and devoured each and every one of your posts!!!

Heidi Kris said...

Congrats!!!!!! >:D<

Wish you all the very best for future posts :-)

and do the that i always used to tell you, will join a partnership soon ;)

Heidi Kris said...

and a very nice video for the anniversary. :-) cadberry my all time fav ad :-)

zanychild said...

hey great anniversary post indeed

Deepa said...

Good job! But dont hate yourself for that.:-)

Ganesh Ranganathan said...

Happy Birthday to your blog... :-)

Gayathri said...

Super! I am in the same pace as you. Good job! :-)

Bhargavi sekhar said...

Wowie!! Superb century! continue the same form in the coming years too..:)

Contented said...

Congratulations! Keep going...:)

How you doing??

Nithya said...

100 posts..Cool..Congratulations :)
Your posts are real cool..Nobody can find any fault with ur style of writing/themes/anything else, not even Mr King Kong/Gap10 :P

Celebration time now..Copy and paste the link given below, for a small gift from ur blogger frnd on the event of having successfully entertained ppl with 100 posts :)

G3 said...

Super cute post :-))

Congrats on your 100th post :D

Innum pala nalla kadhaigal pottu pala centurygal adikka vaazhthukkal :-))

Marutham said...


Such a lovely - cute- funny- adorable post!!
100 marked very well..
btw, last pic'la celebrating spelling??

Write more & entertain us.. :)


Nithya said...

There you go :) Hope it works atleast this time !!

priya said...

Congrats!!!! Keep going and all the cartoons were hilarious:)

brute said...

congrats bro! keep going!... mera 130 not out! :P

kuttichuvaru said...

vaazhthukkal nanbaa!!

Sat said...

kalakura...innum andha college slide effect pogala pola :P
congrats and keep rocking... :)

Dushti said...

Congratulations on the century :-)

Dreamzz said...

makka! 100 postsa! juper! en valthukkal

antha padangal ellam matchinga a hilarious! but not true! i enjoy ur posts! keep doing the good work pa!

KK said...

Wow!!! Claps* claps* claps*
Keep rocking dude!!!
Make that 100 into 1000's soon :)

prithz said...

Range post! Congrats on the 100! That indeed is a wonderful landmark n couldn't have been done better!!! Kudos! Hope to read more from u! :)

Padma said...

gangaroo lations:)

Priya said...

100 postsa??? oru naal vandhu unga 100 postayum padikkaren. Ippa, congrats!

Kavitha said...

wow. 100 not out.. Good..

Keep going!

Congratulations !

ambi said...

wow! excellant. 100th postaa? superr.
esp the pics you selected were awsome. once again all pics tells a story. :)

Padmapriya said...

Hey Congrats!!!
all the photos in this are too good

Raghs said...

hai mask,

first time entry!! site looks good and theme as well..

snaps are nice.. liked the 1st one very much.. as others said, its very slow in downloading the rest...

was it ur 100th post? Congrats for the same... Keep going...

Anupama Viswanathan said...

Congratulations and best wishes for the journey to continue! :)..btw, entertaining pics!!

Rose said...

Congrats!!!! Im new to your space.. Wud take a peek beyond the mask soon..



Anand said...

Great posts. Last one was the best. Liked many posts of your post.Happy Anniversary dude

Iniyaazh said...

wow... 100 posts and each one uncomparably entertaining, creative and interesting! Great job. Wish you good luck in reaching the 200 posts mark quickly :-)

பொற்கொடி said...

அட 100 அடிச்சுட்டீங்களா?? வாழ்த்துக்கள்! மேலும் மேலும் கதை எழுதி எங்களை அறுக்குமாறு சீ விளக்குமாறு அடச்சீ மகிழ்விக்குமாறு கேட்டுக் கொள்கிறேன்! நன்றி, வணக்கம். :-)

SKM said...

Cool!Indha madhiri Anniversary celebrations paarthadhae illa. Super!!CONGRATULATIONS!Harish.

unga post "boring" aa?No way!ungalai pola yen thinking cap work sairadhillayae yevalo ninachuppen theriyuma. Unga kadhaigal very interesting and your blog yethinai thadavai padichallum bore adikkadhu.Keep it up.

SKM said...

Wish you a very Happy Tamil new year,Harish.

Sindhu said...

Congrats! Wishing you many more knock outs! ;)

Revathi said...

hey!!CONGRATULATIONS on ur anniversary..may u celebrate many many more anniversaries and may we get to read more great posts from you!!:):)

s0ul said...

duuuuude, way to go yo! ;)

s0ul said...

me hearts ur blog, me's a fan ;)

Hell's Angel said...

whoa..46 comments...way 2 many fans..... hope ull remember me..

Harish said...

Thanks a ton yaar

I will try..apdinu solllaanu paatha..i posted my next one after a week :D

Same pinch....and thanks yaar :D

Harish said...

The pace is due to work and laziness :D

nandri maamu :D

Seems it could be worse :-(

Some ppl speak the truth :D

Harish said...

If not such encouraging words....there would be no Mask :-)

Thanks a ton yaar :D. At last someone loved the ad :D

Thanks yaar :-)

I hate being such a lazy idiot...but then...kya karen :D

Harish said...

Happy Bday for blog is in July :-)

Hops to do the same...every time..

Thanks yaar....thanks to blog..I m good :-)

Thanks yaar. That was such a heartfelt and yummy gift. Couldnt have asked for more....

Harish said...

Pala centruy ellam kashtam yaar. Edo..vaarathukku onnu podradukke naaku talradu....eppadi daan nee daily think panriyo po...

Thanks yaar....that was a shoddy mistake...namakku enikumae englipis tagaraaru daan :D

Hee hee...i loved them too....

Harish said...

Us speed is too good man...envy u for that

Nandri nanba...un speed um ennai maadiriyae aaidutu...sagavaasa dosham :-)

Sila perai tirutta mudiyaadu...enna panna :-)

Harish said...

Thanks yaar

Edo ennala mudinjadu nanba....trying :D

maamu...lollu daane...100 kkae rendu varusham kitta aachu...1000 kellam top compartment la sarakku irukkuma nu teriyala :d

Harish said...

Hopefuly....will write and torture more :D

padicha udane sandoshatula kudichen :D

hee hee...take ur time mega serial kozhandai :D

Harish said...

Thanks a ton yaar...

Nandri thalaivaa....ippadi kadhai solli daane pozhappu odradu :D

hee hee....loved when i made em :D

Welcome Sir. Do u read em and lemme know :D

Harish said...

hee nice to hear from u :D

Welcome here....and lemme know ur priceless feedback :D

Hi Sir. Its so nice to know that u loved them. That is what keeps me going

Harish said...

Quickly ellam kashtam :D

aduttadu padichutu sollungo :D

"ungalai pola yen thinking cap work sairadhillayae yevalo ninachuppen theriyuma"
U underestimate urself. I borrow from everywhere and everyone...just that..i try to make it presentable :D

Harish said...

Puttandu nalvaazhtukkal :D

Thanks yaar

Thanks yaar. I will try my best :D

@Soul good to hear it :D

"hope ull remember me.."
Idukku asingama thitti irukalaam :-(

N!kh!l said...

Hi Harish,

I got so hooked on to your blog that I read all your posts without any break a couple of weeks back. You rock man.

Congrats once again. As many people commented do not take so long to score a double century.

Arunkumar said...


Congrats for your 100th post :)
Keep going and growing !!!

(ippidi ethi vittu ethi vitte...)

Karthik B.S. said...

congrats on ur 100th post!

Harish said...

Wow Sir. I feel so happy that you enjoyed reading my posts. I will try my best Sir :-)

Nandri nanba....naan ninaichen...nee solitaa...

Nandri Nanba....eppadi kira?