Saturday, August 12, 2006

Kabhi Kabhi

Sagar was bored. Neither Mukesh's Kabie kabhie playing on his ipod neither the John Grisham on his lap managed to keep him occupied.

"Flight No 1721 from Chennai to Kolkatta has few technical problems and we expect an hour’s delay in the schedule. We apologize for the inconvenience caused to you" beamed the Rasagulla in the stewardess dress. Somewhere far he could see a woman crying on the shoulders of a man with lot of luggage. Must be newly married and traveling he thought.

This reminded him of Sowmya. Sowmya. Technically speaking she was an archived record in his memory database. It popped up at times and reminded him if some of his pleasant youthful days. Sowmya and Sagar had been in the same colony for almost 20 years and had been family friends. Sagar had a soft corner for her and was waiting for an opportunity. After his graduation Sagar got an offer for an interview and he was at the airport with Sowmya. Gathering all his courage he told her.

She smiled. Sagar was never so happier in his life. His happiness doubled when he got the job and he knew that everything was well set. But then that would be a perfect love story, isnt it? The demons of caste, religion, status and ego made sure that their love was buried deep in the cemetery of life. They parted as friends with each deciding to themselves that they would never see the other for the rest of their life.

10 Years had rolled by. Sagar heard from someone long before that Sowmya was married to some guy and had a kid. He had seen their marriage photo in his friends’ house and he had to say that her hubby was smarter than him. He did feel jealous. Sagar too got married to Asha and they had a daughter. Asha passed away in labour and Sagar felt as if he was carrying some curse where everyone close to him perished. Despite his parents constant nagging to remarry he had resisted it and managed to raise his daughter with their help.

"Excuse me." Someone broke his thoughts as he realized that his bag was in the middle of the pavement. He got up and removed the bag and apologized.

He was shocked to see Sowmya with her husband and kid.

Ok. I know the ending. Lets see how you people can take the story ahead.
Start the music :-)


Sat said...

Aarambichitiya...payyan love pannan...sera mudila...ponna paathan...idhe velaya pochu unakku...2nd part-la oru twist-a podu

prithz said...

Ahhhhhhhhh!!!! Harish.. Eppi pa eppdi???? part plz.... cant wait to read the next one...

Krithika said...

Sagar's ego and dignity (cos Sowmya's already married) massacres his emotions towards her.They both bid good bye hopin tht they wud never run into each other ever again!
-idhu epdi irukku?
Nice post!very well illustrated.:)i wonder how u come up with such innovative,at the same time fragile emotional stories(?):P

Ramya said...

enga pudikkira indha maadhiri kadhaya?oru kadhaasiriyara vara vendiya nee an USla irukka?:-)

priya said...

Your occupation is something to note!!!
Kinkos la erunda C&P dhan.

Karthik B.S. said...

Oh, story rombave nalla irukku! Aana within a few paragraphs-liye oru periya kadhaya adichita madhiri feeling. Konjam elaborate-a explain pannirkalam!

Waiting for part-II :)

Ms.Congeniality said...

enna nalam visaarichitu, both would have gone their way..

Has to be me said...

U know what? I started typing my version of the story & seemed rather long & so decided to put it as my next post!! Check out my blog for my version! :)

s0ulasylum said...

hey cmon now! u write out what u had in mind and we can read how everyone else deviated from it with their own versions! :)

bindhu said...

aaah aaah.. arambichiteengala? indha love pannuradhu... appuram very oruthara marriage pannikiradhhu.. adhula oruthara saagadichitu thirumbiyum meet pannuradhu..

idhu ellaaam overaaa illa?

Karthik B.S. said...

Next part of the story plz! :)

smiley said...

came from has to be me, first time to ur site :)

Hi Sagar, Kumar walked upto him and shook his hands. Sowmya told me about your love for each other before our marriage.I am very fortunate for marrying her. You people carry on with old times while i get some ice cream for the kids.
Sowmya walked in with a smile and then she said she felt sorry about Asha and their life. She then said Kumar will give his life for her and standup against anyone for her. They were living happily.
sagar realised he had made a mistake in his life for not fighting the demons of caste, religion, status and ego... when they were in love and letting her down. he wished them all the best and took a resolve that atleast he won't let his daughter down in life :)

Krithika said...

So i'm the only fool who has taken the story fwd?

Harish said...

Enna panna?War story ezhudina enda soagmaana story ezhudara nu kaekareenga??Appa enna thaan pandradu?

adutta part padichchu solunga

Harish said...

Chinna vayasula hindi la yaaro oru kadhai sonnanga
Ek tha Raja Ek thi rani
Dono mar gaye khatam kahaani

Naane sogama mudikara case..neenga enakku akka va irupeenga pola :-)

Harish said...

Ellamae namala sutti nadakiradu thaan. Ippadi ellam etti vidaade yaar...apram konjam nanjam velai la irukira interest um poidum :-)

I guess thats what is next to be

Harish said...

Innum elaboratea?Thalaiva...idukku melai ezhudina adu short story a illama novel aadium

Adu sari. Ippadium mudikala illa??

Harish said...

@has to be me
Pattaya kelapiteenga ponga

There u go...i m a bit lazy :-)

Idellam nadakkamaya irukku?Nadakkirdha thanae ezhudaren :-)

Harish said...

Ur last line was excellent. I loved it

Nope yaar..

Krithika said...

Hehh! :) aama but naan ungala madiri diff ah yosikala