Friday, May 12, 2006


Anand was gaping shamelessly. He could not take his eyes off her and he knew that it looked vulgar and childish.

Anand had heard his friends raving about her beauty, but he dismissed them as mere infatuation and first timer’s love. But today standing in front of her, he felt the same attraction that all his friends had felt for her. Her curves were picture perfect and he could do nothing but marvel at her beauty.

Standing before her he felt awkwardly small and hopeless. He entered inside her and gasped at his dream being fulfilled. The pleasure he experienced was delightful and he wondered how much lucky he was.

Irrespective of how many times he was going to do this, he would never forget his first time. He still couldn’t believe himself that he was on the British Airways flight to London.

P.S: I am leaving on my first official trip to US on Monday May 15.


Ramses-The Ego's Altered said...

Have a grt time. :)

Bindu said...

Enjoy Re!!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats dude!
Bon Voyage!
வரும்போது சாக்லேட் தவிர வேற என்ன வாங்கிட்டு வேற?


Jay said...

This is kinda too much of hype for your onsite trip. Olunga vandhu serra valiya paru. Naa sonna andha important "Item" eduthuka marandhu vidatha.

shree said...

ok, i thought u were referring to a modern marvel bath tub. :) enjoy maadi

nandoo said...

you know what.. BA is not a very good flight though....:(

you will know when u actually fly on it

prithz said...

Hey... i jus hopped into ur blog... Great one.. Have a wonderful trip!!! Bon Voyage...

Usha said...

ada paavingala, ippadiya analogy tharardhu?? Grrrr

Anyways, congrats!!! and welcome too

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Syam said...

Vantaaingada indha college degree kaarainga ingayum....

Welcome to SORU THANNI KIDAIKAATHA OORU....indha background color ah konjam maathungalen...kanne avinju poirum pola iruku....

Harish said...


Adutta post padeenga..

Chocolate tavira...vellakaari okva?

Harish said...

Ippadi usupeeti usuppetiyae rana galam aakitaanga pa

hai...aapadi kooda yosikkalama??

Dei..flight la ennada vittiyaasam irukka pogudu? mela poga poraan..parakka poraan..i also realized this later :-)

Harish said...

Welcome Prithz..

Ennanga...neenga london la irukeenga??? Makka..enda bloody blogger um inga illaya??

En appu pesa maateenga? Naalu varusham kuppai kottitu enna venumnaalum solluveenga pa

Ram said...

hmm, inspired from?

Ram said...

Gud build up man!!!

Harish said...

Hi ram

Thanks a lot :-)