Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Game Plan

"Why should we change the name of the game?" yelled the 8 year old.

"We should update it. Let's start with the name." said their 10 year old leader-of-the-pack.

"From now, we will call it Vakil-Police instead of Chor-police. The rules remain same. We run and fight."

All kids laughed.

"Run". The game had started.

P.S: Thanks to Nivi for the 55-Fiction idea. :)


Dimplicious said...

Striked a chord!!

Priya said...

U too.. Its good.

Thoorika said...

Nice one !!

Harish said...

Wow. Thanks yaar :)

Naane daan :P

Nandri hai :)

-Vinay- said...

haha ! Nice Joke but nama india nilama romba mosam a aiduchu :: aa oo na adii otha nuu erukanga ! epo than evanga thirunthaporangaloo

nivi said...

:) Awesome Harish!

Trust you to make fun of current affairs.

rampantheart said...

Nice one! Keep the great words flowing! :))

jussomebody said...

this is superr! :D sema idea!