Saturday, July 12, 2008

Jaane Tu...Ya Jaane Na

By the time the end credits rolled on screen, Jai had walked out of the theatre leaving Aditi behind. She scampered her way amidst the teenybopper Friday Evening crowd and punched as hard as she could on his arm (with fake anger). Of course, that was a reward for deserting her when he should have played the Knight-in-the-armor part who would rescue her out of theater.

As Jai and Aditi hopped on to his Red Wagon-R, he switched on the A/C as the car rolled out of the Fame Adlabs theatre in Mumbai.

Aditi: Jai. What is it? You didn't like the movie?
Jai: It was ok yaar. It is not some earth shattering stuff like Rang De Basanti or Taare Zameen Par.
A: See. Those are also Aamir Khan movies. Bolo Aamir Khan ki Jay. (giggles)
J: Oh cmon Adi. It was just some mushy romance and time pass movie.
A: What were you expecting? Bullet-time animation? Slow motion, world saving super heroes and blowing cars? Half or quarter clad Mallika or Rakhi?
J: Its not like that Aditi. Agreed we boys do like to watch such over-the-top, sleazy, cheap and stupid movies at times....but not again...they are just AT TIMES.
A: So your taste is good at movies?
J: Of course. Remember Pans Labyrinth? How was that?
A: Uweek. Gross looking creatures with Eyes, ears and what-not misplaced.
J: Oh c'mon. It is pure cinema. Part fantasy, part fiction, part drama. Its so amazing.
A: Yea...but what about the ending? What is it with you guys and sad ending movies? Why can’t we live happily ever after?
J: Because we it is not the same way in life Adi.
A: Why not? J: I don’t know. But it is not that way. They show an ordinary guy become successful and rich overnight. How many people you know have gone through that Adi? They show an angry hero crusading against the villain and say "Satyameva Jayate" at the end. Where does it happen?
A: Cinema is an illusion Jai. It is always nice to look at something which "could" happen rather than wondering "what" the hell happened.
J: What about this movie?
A: What about it? It was good time-pass chakas stuff.
J: No. I mean the theme. Do you accept it? Friends turning into lovers?
A: Why not? Isn't it always nice to like someone whom you know instead of forcing things around?
J: This has been beaten to death theme. I myself have seen so many of them.
A. You mean couples or films?
J: How do you twist things you devil (sneers). Its films Adi. I have seen so many of them.
A: See. You have seen so many and you turn to see one again. (huskily)That's the magic of love. J: Very funny. As if you care.
A: What I care? What do you mean?
J: You mean to say you would choose a known likeable friend instead of some IIT or IIM graduated million-dollar-baby your mom would recommend to marry?
A: Hmmm...let me think.
J: See. This (points finger at her) is practicality.
A: Stupid. I meant to say, let me think what excuse I can put to my mom to say that I don't like the million dollar baby.
J: You are saying this because you know it won't happen.
A: And why not?
J: Because you won't fall in love with anyone.
A: Well...that's all you know about me after these 5 years.
J: Come on Adi. You are way playful to be in serious love.
A: So what? Just because you are serious in everything does it mean that you are serious about love and loving someone?
J: Maybe it is.
A: Then tell it you dumbo.
J: Tell what?
A: Forget it.

Both remain silent for some time. Jai turns the radio on.

"And now we will listen to the hit rocking number from the movie Jaane Tu....Ya Jaane Na. Keep listening."

The song Jaane Tu Meri kya hai plays hauntingly as Jai and Aditi remain silent. They listen to every word of it amidst the busily constantly honking Mumbai traffic. It seemed as if someone had written it keeping them in their mind.

Instead of steering into the read leading to Andheri West, Jai steers the car to the Chowpatty beach with Aditi not complaining as if it didn't bother her. After parking the car, Jai walks out and sits on the bonnet of the car. Aditi walks out calmly and sits next to him.

Jai: Do you realize that our college folks will make pair us and drive us nuts after they see the movie?
Aditi: How about making it true?

They hug each other and don't speak a word for quite sometime. The radio DJ starts playing Tum Bin Bataaye as if he is playing cupid for them.

P.S: Am yet to see the this movie :-)


Priya Iyer said...

:) cute!

golmaalgopal said...

Hey bro...howz u?? Cool story u've churned usual... :)

nivi30 said...

Cute one. I think I would have liked it more if it had been built up a little, they way they fell in love.

Nevertheless its one of your cute chocolaty love stories and I aint complaining :)

Ramya Ramani said...

Ah Nice story again :)

Venky said...

hey i expected u to blast out the movie. Hmmm well thats the victim's view ;)

Suchitra said...

'This is a beaten to death theme'

And it takes Harish to dig out a beaten to death theme and beat some life into it huh? ;)

Cliched theme as you say, but good timepass! (And I don't mean just the movie! ;))

Aravind said...

padam paakamayeva ... nee nadathu raasa...

samatha said...

its obvious that you din't see the movie you have reversed the characters :p... nevertheless nice story

Veens said...

WOW! shoo very cute and well this one is realistic :)

very sweet indeed :)

Veens said...

hey hw did yu do that w/o seeing the movie? read the reviews huh?

gils said... man...ithu ennamo kathai alla nijam mahtiri theriyuthay :D i can actually visualise it happening with u in it :D :D

Harish said...

Thanks :-)

Edo unga punniyathula nalla irukken. Howz U? Howz life?

I will try to compensate for this some other time :-)

I tried my best :-)

Harish said...

Some other day...some other time :-)

hee hee....enna panna. have to churn something or other :-)

Apdi ellam solla pudaadu :-)

Good that someone pointed out this mistake. Maybe I should have seen the movie :(

Harish said...

I just read the outline and twisted in a lil way. Whatever that works :-)

Hmm...ipadi usupettiyae ranagala paduteetaanga pa :(

viswajith.k.n said...

gud time pass