Sunday, April 13, 2008

The missing piece

He: "You are really dumb."

She: "It took you one year odd to discover this truth?"

He: "Haa haa...very funny. I am referring to your idea for the weekend."

She: "Whats wrong with this? Isn’t this fun?"

He: "You call this fun? I guess this problem is hereditary."

She: "What do you mean?"

He: Your dad told me that he liked Vaanathai pola.

She: What’s wrong with that?

He: Oh c’mon. You believe that such people exist on earth who carry yellow colored bags with 10 bananas filled in them, wearing overgrown shirts, sporting scale sized moustache, crying at the drop of a hat and with la-la-la background thrown up at every possible emotional instance.

She: Ok Mr. Steven Spielberg's aunt's cousin. Just bcoz you have been born and bred on Hollywood movies doesn’t mean that the rest of the fraternity watches aliens, Armageddon and save-the-world shit.

He: Agreed. But c’mon...not vaanathai pola please.

She: Remember that you liked Yaaradi Nee Mohini?

He: Hey...atleast there was Nayanthara on screen to distract me.

She: Oho. That’s why you fought and bought over those 200 Rs ticket to go and droll over Ms. Mallu?

He: (trying to shift gears) ok leave that. Why do we need to do this on a weekend?

She: What’s wrong with this?

He: WHATS WRONG WITH THIS? Tell me what is RIGHT with this.

She: It’s a 1000 piece puzzle. It would be fun solving it.

He: Fun? A 1000 piece puzzle?

She: Yeah. Its food for brain. Its timepass. Its team work. What else you want?

He: We could have gone for bowling. Why this stupid puzzle?

She: B’coz of you.

He: Me

She: Yep. You suck at bowling.

He: Excuse me. I am good at bowling.

She: The last time we played, I beat you by 100 points.

He: So what? Admitted you are little better than me.

She: Point is I scored 120 and you scored 20.

He: Hey, everybody has a bad day. We could have gone to Spencers or Citi Center or Beach.

She: Ok. You hate when someone stares at me at Spencer or Citi Center.

He: Blame me for that?

She: And you are one uncontrollable kid at beach.

He: Why is that?

She: Bcoz when you see the waves, you run and dive into the water and become wet like pigs.

He: I always like beach water.

She: I hope you were not expecting Pamela Anderson to come running in her bathing suit in super slow motion to come and save you.

He: No need. I have you.

She: I don’t know to swim.

He: But you can shout.

She: Ei…..Ok. Enough banter. Help me find this piece here. If we find this we are almost done.

He: Do you observe a similarity?

She: What? We are missing a piece of nose of a pig in a jungle.

He: Exactly (looks long at her pointed nose).

She: You you you…. dumbo. (She throws some pieces at him).

He: Hey hey...peace peace.

She: Neither you help and now you make fun of me as well.

He: You are stupid. You will solve this stupid puzzle and yell "yay"

She: So what?

He: I solved a huge puzzle of my life and I didnt even make a sound about it?

She: What are you talking about?

He: Yep.

She: How big was it?

He: (crawls slowly towards her) It is 5 feet 8 inches tall, weights 58 kilos, its lovely and beautiful and is the candy of my eye.

She: (whispers) Why suddenly so romantic?

He: Bcoz..(goes near her ears and whispers) You are not giving me the remote and I think I need to see India bat now.

They laugh and pay tug-of-war with the remote.

P.S.: Dedicated to Heidi who would be soon be having the bliss of playing tug-of-war with her hubby.


priya said...


Had so much fun laughing and only u can write it here.

Dreamzz said...

Wow! as usual really nice story line!

Priya Iyer said...

:) nice one! congrats to your friend, Heidi.

Priya Iyer said...

Does this mean you are back for good?

Vidya said...

I enjoyed this post! I cannot wait for Heidi to come here to the USA!


prithz said...

Hehehe! A very neat & realistic touch. Perfect for a wedding dedication :) The 1000 piece puzzle is such a romantic idea. From whom did u steal the idea? :P

Whats with guys and fathers-in-law? Grow up man :P

>>He: But you can shout.<< - Am sure you would have heard me LOL for this :P Btw, where is all this sarcasm being picked up from? ;)

P.S.: Congratulations to Heidi!!!!

Muthukumaran said...

I found the link to ur blogs from Sam Anderson's community forum. I loved ur post. Ur writing is hilarious and makin my daily dose of humour. Thanks for tat. Keep writing.

Anu said...

yet again truly harish!

i have no clue how u come up with these dialogues!! its almost as if u have "been there done that"

Teclado e Mouse said...

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Ramya Ramani said...

Good One!You are good at such romantic stories harish!

Ramya Ramani said...

BTW can i blogroll u?

Manoj said...

It's great. Makes me wanna marry!

Dimplicious said...

Well this post is good enof bt then nt as gud enof as ur previous dialogue-oriented posts..the vanathai pola,the nose and the puzzle thingy were really funny n cute..i miss ur usual wittiness in the post though!!!

Ganesh Ranganathan said...

very romantic... :)

tulipspeaks said...

tht was a fun read! :)


Aravind said...

pinra da. dedication nu sollita so me not asking anything else ..

vEENs said...

ohh wow!!!!!!

this was so cool... and i thought.. u were the He :)

seems that u r not!

ad this s so romantic too!

Harish said...

Thanks a ton yaar. :-)

Glad you liked it buddy :-)

@Priya Iyer
Well....blame my work life if I seem out of touch :P

Lucky U :-).
Unlucky Chennaites :(

Harish said...

Do I really have to say it? Inspiration comes from anywhere and everywhere yaar.
"Btw, where is all this sarcasm being picked up from? "
Thats a trade secret :P

wow...that quite made my day

"its almost as if u have "been there done that" never know :-)

Thanks buddy. I am glad you reminded me to enable the comment moderation once again :-(

Harish said...

I try my best. Hope you find me better with other type stories as well.
No need to ask permission and all yaar :-)

Wow...thats one amazing effect.

Oops....ok. Lets hope you find my next one good enough :-)

Back after a long time eh?

Harish said...

Thanks yaar :-)

Nanba...adellam freeya vittudanum :P

"i thought.. u were the He :)
seems that u r not!"
Its me. Its not :P

vEENs said...


it is me. it is not!

--> i understand it is not yu :P

now plss dnt giv my brain cells more work :P

Gargling Garbage said...

Witty witty retorts..! :D ...

Lozed a lot, specially - la la la background and Mr Steven Spielberg's aunt's cousin! ;) ...

Rach said...


this is a really cute one... liked it a lot :)

Priya Murthi said...

hi Harish... Ramya reffered me to your blog.... wow worth reading... had a good laugh... "HE-SHE" is a amazing couple... great work... keep going...