Tuesday, December 11, 2007

You, Me Aur Hum

He: Do you know where my socks are?
She: Must be inside your shoes. Now don’t ask me where your shoes are.
He: Got your sarcasm. Thanks for it. I am asking about my new pair of socks.
She: Why can’t you wear your old ones?
He: In this stinking weather? You want me to get kicked out of a job because of this? Imagine how weird it would be if my termination letter would read "Sacked due to smelly feet".
She: (giggling) Ok Ok Mr. Lifebuoy. You can find it in the top drawer of the cupboard.
He: Why do you always keep it there?
She: Obviously for you to find out.
He: Then why do you think I am looking for it.
She: Hmmm...lemme guess. Because you have a bad memory. Or maybe because you are a moron (smiles).
He: Yeah. At last you figured it out. Ever realized that that was the reason why I agreed to marry you?
She: Oh...is it so? And who was the one who was running behind with flowers and asking "Will you please say yes to your dad"?
He: Hmm....you see...they correctly said.
She: Said what?
He: Love is blind.
She: Smart of you to realize it so soon.
He: And what does the blind man get in return for his love? Sarcasm?
She: I thought you were oblivious to it.
He: I am what?
She: O-B-L-I-V-I-O-U-S
He: What does it mean?
She: It means you are unaware of it.
He: Why do you need to use such a heavy word? What do you think I am? Some Thesaurus included word processor? You could have said unaware?
She: Not my fault that your English knowledge is limited.
He: Ok Ms. I-am-Shakespeares-neice. Maybe you should have had a dictation test before approving me.
She: Wow!!! You are good at retaliation.
He: How do you think I cope up with you?
She: I thought you just loved me for the food I prepare.
He: That has become obvious by my paunch.
She: I am glad you acknowledge me of some sunshine in your life.
He: But thanks to your super sweet cooking I have to buy dresses every 6 months.
She: I never asked you to eat above the limit.
He: Blame yourself for making the tasty food.
She: Well...then so be it. Do you want me to cook good or not?
He: (goes near her) You are a culprit.
She: Why is that?
He: You know the secret and the quote.
She: Ahan. And what is it?
He: The royal way to a man's heart is through his stomach.
She: Is it really you or just that the chicken chops I made yesterday have sprung to life inside your stomach?
He: Hmmm....maybe both. What is it that you mix in your food that has made me your deewaana?
She: Pick your guess.
He: MDH Masala?
She: Uhummm
He: 777?
She: uhumm
He: I give up. You tell.
She: Budhdhu. Its love.
He: I knew it.
She: Then why didn’t you tell?
He: Wanted to hear it from the devil's mouth.
She: Seems you need some favour from me and that is why you are melting into an ice-cream.
He: You guessed it.
She: What is it?
He: (goes close to her ear and whispers) Do you remember where I kept my car keys?

They laugh and hug each other lovingly.

P.S: Dedicated to my darling pals Nithya and Sathya (whom you better know as Nandoo and Sat respectively) as they unite to become HUM on Dec 13. Here is wishing them all the happiness and love in the world :-)


G3 said...

Vara vara indha blog pakkam vandha over romancea irukkae :))

Wishes to Sat and Nandoo :))

//Here is wishing them all the happiness and love in the world :-)//

Repeatey :))

Priya Iyer said...

:) cute one! best wishes to your pals!

prithz said...

Best wishes to the couple! They make such a wonderful pair and you've brought them out perfectly in ur post. Very cute dedication.

Dreamzz said...

Wow! beautifull story!
Congrats to the to be married couple!

Aditya said...

Why is that every man and woman comes across a point in life that they search for someone to love? Is there something that makes it so wonderful? Even as I ask this I cannot help but smile, as I already know the answer.
All I am alluding to is "Well written, well drawn out."

Padma said...

G3 is correct :).. ore Hum Tum series Matter enna Harish :).. engalukku good news soll aporel.. Atleast aapovavadu treat kedaikumanu parkaren :D..
u could have been a great script writer :)..

Anonymous said...

Should say-Pretty romantic.

Vidya said...

Isn't it wonderful to find that person who complements one?

Congrats to Nandoo and Sat again


Sudhakar said...

//The royal way to a man's heart is through his stomach//
-Nice way to enter into heart.
Nice post.Wishes to your friends.

Incognito said...

That was a really good one.

Harish said...

hee hee...adellam kandukapudaadu :P

Thanks yaar :-)

I have tried my best :-)

Thanks nanba :-)

Harish said...

You said it Boss :-)

Nadakumbodu mike pottu solren :-)

I guess I tried my best :-)

Thats the hardest task on earth :-)

Harish said...

Thanka a ton buddy

Thanks yaar :-)

Anonymous said...

I must tell you, you've got a flair for writing. I happened to read your blogs for the past one hour continuously which i had never done in my life. one more thing i've never ever posted a comment as well before this. Great going Mr. Harish.

Sat said...

thanks man :)
and thanks all for your wishes....
harish...unakku oru mega treat waiting...for taunting nandoo on his paunch (cycle gapla ;) )
evalo moocha iluthu pidichalum ullaye pogathu ...lol!

BTW, loved the title 'and god smokes marlboro' (oru coen brothers effectu varuthu ba)....iru ella postayum padichittu comment panren...

1$ Saint said...

interesting read.......

nandoo said...

thanks ra mandooo...

gils said...

hahaha...chancela..ending toppu...enaku sat n nandu psiakra mathiri padamay odichi :D gumu story maams....ithey mathiri he she epect inoru sitla pathen...title effect angaiyum reflect aguthu pola ;) athukaga stylela kudava...konjam overa ila :D

CVR said...

sweeeet!! :-)

Dimplicious said...

Witty conversation!!!Hope u write more of dem!!!