Sunday, July 08, 2007

Why Himesh wears Underwear?

There is a quote that we realize the worth of the sunshade when we are under the hot sun. Similarly a movie buff realizes how much he misses a quality film when he happens to stumble across a worthless piece of junk movie. You see a useless Simbhu, Ajith or Vijay movie and you wish you can kill them with your bare knuckles. This summer has been worse movie period with Spidey-3, Pirates3, Shrek 3, Fantastic4 all turning out to be nothing but just studio churn outs to mint money. My money was better spent on a cheap but sensibly made Little Miss Sunshine or Pans Labyrinth.

I had the misfortune to see Himesh a.k.a bearded-capped Reshamiyya's acting debut (or sans it) Aap kaa Surroor. In a way I brought it on myself as I wanted to see why on earth this movie was a hit in our country. Well...gotta agree...there is no dearth of fools in this world. How on earth can people decide to make a movie that has not even a storyline which even I or my fellow bloggers have in our one page posts? For pete's sake grow up guys. If you are an average cinema goer you can figure out each and every next scene and dialog in this movie and it makes you wonder if this movie was really shot by mature grown ups or by High school kids.

Well since there was no story or whatsoever in the movie you can sigh in relief as I will spare you with those details. Some of the cliche in the movie are listed below
1. The manager offers blank cheque to our HR (as Himesh is called. Don't be surprised if some of our next movies may have Heroes addressed as admin, PM, QA, CEO and so on). He politely refuses. For christ's sake stop acting like a weirdo, cash it and enjoy your life man.
2. The hero tries to tell I LOVE YOU to the heroine and pop...the heroines father jumps out. The golden rule in Indian movies..Heroines dad arrive earlier...police arrives later :-)
3. The event Manager is interviewed and he talks freely in Hindi to the German press. I never knew Hindi was an accepted official language in Germany.
4. The heroine confesses her love for HR to her dad and her dad expectedly slaps her. Hey...even I knew this was coming...why on earth didnt she duck before?
5. Himesh is arrested and taken by police when our famous Indian Autos (??) pop out of nowhere, stop the police and help Himesh escape. Someone told the producers that the Germans are worlds top Auto makers and maybe they got the whole idea wrong about the real AUTO.
6. In one scene, HR brings the Heroine back home and tells her dad "Aapki izzat aapko lautaane aaya hoon" as if he was delivering some Dominoes Pizza or DHL Shipment courier.
7. The heroine is getting married to someone else in the climax and suddenly the Hero jumps out of nowhere. The heroines father kicks the wannabe bridegroom and as Hindi cinema custom hands the heroine in Hero's hand. I bet the Bridegroom would have been some US working s/w engg. :-(

Now coming to the acting..or the lack of it. Himesh bhai..hmmm...well...someone please tell this guy to first get the blockade out of his nose operated and then do anything else. He carries 3 types of expression throughout the movie - Sad, sadder and saddest. Oh hold a minute...I think I can summarize it in one word - WOODEN. The heroine Haniska Motwani is a former child star who acted in Koi Mil Gaya. She is just 15 years old...which means she must just have completed her 10th standard public exams. These directors must be imprisoned under the Child labor act for making such small kids act as mature adults. Mallikka Sherawath appears for 10 minutes for which she milked a cool 1 Crore bucks. Lucky gal!!!!!!

What I did love about the movie was its location - beautiful Germany. Also the songs were expectedly good enough even though they were marred by nasal Himesh Bhai. There was one inside joke in the movie which I really loved
HR - "Aisa hogaya to meri naak kat jaayegi" (If this happens my nose will be cut)
Sidekick - "Aisa nahi hone doonga. Agar aisa tu gaayega kaise?" (I wont let it happen. If this will you sing?)
Also I loved the scene where Himesh cracks the safe by its dial tune. That alone I think was one ingenious idea.

Now coming to the scoop. Himesh has told that he will reveal the secret of his cap in the sequel(???) of this movie. Well...when you just thought that he was going to spare you out...he is going to bounce back with sequel. An insider reveals that there are talks of a third part where he dons role of a superhero like Krriissh and the movie is Titled Aap Ki chaddii. The director Prasanth Chadda (thats the guys real name) said that in this movie it will be revealed why Himesh wears a VIP Underwear outside his pants (smart product placement).

I am not sure if they really make a bad movie intentionally or accidentally. Its better to watch a movie that has some logic and story even though it may have been shot cheaply in Delhi (Khosla ka Ghosla) or Chennai (Chennai 600028 or Mozhi) rather than having no story and still being shot all over the globe. badly I wish a Kamal or Amir Khan movie gets released once every month.
P.S: Thanks to Adithya for the suggestion of the tummy:-)


Sat said...

am i the first to see the exclusive premier of the chaddi movie? :D

Sat said...

//Hey...even I knew this was coming...why on earth didnt she duck before?//
good one :)
may be they wanted to have a scene like 'sarkar, maine aapka thappad khaya hai and later had second thoughts coz ramu night sue them for IPR violation (!!!)
//I bet the Bridegroom would have been some US working s/w engg. :-( //
hehe...romba feel pannita...nallavangalukku ippadi ellam nadakadhu
/"Aisa nahi hone doonga. Agar aisa tu gaayega kaise?" // least someone was taking his job seriously

I missed bollywood comedy of late...the last one i saw of this scale was banaras. boy, was it funny :D
i think i'll catch this item in a multiplex in b'lore and have a roaring time :D wicked! ;)
but seriously....good cinema has become a rarity...chennai 28, khosla, ek chalis ki last local keep coming and going
wish they made movies like that a lot more often and had a little more success
on the other hand....some guys like prabhu deva and vijay (mahesh babu too!) take a classic like donnie brasco / infernal affairs and make a mockery out of it
what the!!!
did i forget to mention ghajini? uggghhh!
if u cant come up with a good idea, at least dont marr someone else's!
and then we have the likes of sanjay gupta who shamlessly rips one tarantino/tony scott/korean flick after another...and can make shootout with vivek at his irritable best (this the same guy who acted in company...was he doped or something??!)
even on the international scene...not much mindless hollywood flick after another!
heard die hard 4 is good...finally a sequel this year which is okay if not too good...i wish they never made at world's end...they should have gone on a loong holiday and then may be made this movie..
sad :(
wish we had a better and fitting finale!

Nivi said...

hehe a i loved the title...
and i understand ... u survived a himesh's film.. i cant even go thru his music vidoes.. its like chinese torture..
Frustrated dont worry.. better movies are ahead.. buck up go watch shivaji again :) thalaivar to the rescue..

Priya Iyer said...

ROFL...thank god i have no plans to watch the movie and i haven't watched it yet! :-)

SUNSHINE... said...

This film is a whole bunch of blunder and the biggest blunder is HR(as he is called ) acting in this film. I could only sigh after watching and reading the reviews.

sangs said...

dasavathaaram come soon and give us some moksham ..

venkatramanan said...

Enjoyed your writing style (A general article after a long stretch of stories!!)
But I pity you on your movie experience - என்ன கொடுமை சார் இது!
BTW, I had my first பறந்த நாள் & I am in Garden City now!


Dreamzz said...

hehe! thank god, I dont understand hindi, and am spared such movies.. hehe not to say tamil has more thna its fair share of those!

Dreamzz said...

As long as there are ppl who pay money to see these movies, they arent gonna stop!

adithya said...

Aap ki chaddi.. the real underdog in underpant :).. loved that totally.. and i got to tell you the pic was just purrrfect.. with a pussy on his chest an a pink skin tight clothing... awesome.. maybe you should have givven him a little bit of a tummy too :).. anyways thanks for the review.. me not gonna watch it :P

Aditi said...

ahh why would u subject yourself to that insanity?

Nithya said...

me is plannin on watchin the movie :D long time since i watched a crappy movie :P Namlukku TR epdiyo apdi thaan ange HR ;)

Jai Mata Di :P :P :P :P

Sinu said...

nice post, nice criticism thank you.

prithz said...

Hehehe! Indha maadiri lam self torture thevaiyya vazhkaila? Innoru dharava Ratatouille poi parungo to compensate for this. :P

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

Harish, Pogachal :P
His acting his style paathu elarukum pogachal! Hm.. Enna talent enna voice.. Yabbaaaaaa! :))

Irundalum ivlo criticism is 2 much! :(

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

But what a coincidence i was trying 2 find some1 similar 2 him while i was talkign with one of my friend.. Aaana kedakala :P

Vidya said...

I think I missed Chaddi man! I have stopped watching Indian movies as they are just so predictable. Unless someone gives me a rave review of the movie, I am contented enough to realize that the storyline may not have changed much

Marutham said...

Hahaaa :D

Marutham said...

So you are back with ur TALENT exhibit :P Big B!!

Marutham said...

anaalum paavam illa avan..
already edhayo pari koduthavan maari pose- ANY TIME>ALL VIDEO!!
Neenga vera otreenga...
dnt u think :P hw wud start crying?? :P


Marutham said...

:P However,
ROTFL.... Good one! :)

Marutham said...

// "Why Himesh wears Underwear?"//

Padma said...

naan titlea parthu oru nimisham yosichen padikalama venamau:P...
anyway good one :).. neenga munu mani parthutu ellama adha pathi oru post vera pottu erukkle.. :D..
avalo vettiya?
ya me too wish kamal movie gets released everymonth :(.. adhvum sivaji madhiri oru vetti padam parkum podu ;;)

Karthik B.S. said...

Thala as usual wonderful postu!

Harish said...

Yes U are....
"if u cant come up with a good idea, at least dont marr someone else's!"
There we go...applies to most indian movies.
I am expecting Bourne Ultimatum to be at least good :-)

No yaar...seriously...I would say Baasha shot in India was ultimate compared to worldwide shot Shivaji :-)

Seriously....U will have lot of fun :-)

Harish said...

Wait till U the great and amazing Perarasu act :-)

For all the kodumai going arnd...we need more :-)

Maapu...sema mokkai padam daan maapilai adu. Apdi podu...nee "onsite" poitta nu Nandoo sonnan. Ippadi daan Nandooum parakka aarambichaan..agatum aagatum...

Harish said...

Maapu...konjam nama TR maadiri irukkan inda paiyan. Nama Perarasu nadika poraar nu kelvi patten :-(

Thanks for the amazing suggestion dude...really I shld have thought abt it. Man...with no comedy arnd U better watch it :-)

Oh cmon yaar...its not fair to just watch good movies alone :-)

Harish said...

Jai Maata di...
nee daan nama katchi pa :-)

Seriously..U shld watch it to believe it..

Hee hee....nijamaave anda Rat evalavo tevalaam.

Harish said...

Hmmm..adu sari..
I admit he is one good music composer..aana nadipellam tooooo much.

Then U gotta keep waiting for good ones as Lage Raho or Omkara which happen like once or twice an year :-(

Hee hee...enna panna...nama summa irundaalum nama ivanunga usupeti vidaraanga.
Btw..I loved the title too :-)

Harish said...

Hmm...enna panna..apdi enna daan irukku nu daan oru curiosity la daan paathen. Plus...mokkai post pottu konja naal aagudu illa :-)

Ennapa..aalaye kaanum :-)

Dimplicious said...

omg..tat was too gud..he he..i was laughin ma head out...too gud yaar..voah!!!seriously i kept readin d lines again n again..too hilarious!!!