Friday, May 11, 2007

Dial J for Joy

He had been waiting for almost 40 minutes. Patience. More patience. That's what he needed at this moment. He had sensed this coming and didn't want to miss it at any cost.

From one end of the room he was spying her. She appeared calm and composed. Not much movement and not much action. A book lay in front of her but she looked disinterested. He had known her for only a year and a half but it was strange that he loved her more than anything else in the world. He remembered how he had a knot in the stomach when he saw her for the first time. She looked pretty. No no. Prettier? Uhumm.....Its gotta be prettiest. Yes...that's right. She was, is and will remain the prettiest one in the whole world.

Her eyes had the sparkle of the stars. Her perfectly chiseled nose accentuated her facial features. Her lips were small and rosy as if she had just finished eating a cherry. God! She looked divine. How much he wanted to kiss her right now?!? No no....patience. He would spoil the whole mission if he were to disturb anything right now. She was looking at the TV but apparently didn't show much joy or enthusiasm. Ah...he could see it coming.

"What are you doing?" quipped his wife from behind.

"Shhh...keep quiet." He switched on his Sony MiniDv handy cam and started to record his daughter's movements.

She sat up, crawled, got up on her feet and started to walk a few steps before limping on the soft bed. Bingo!!! He had recorded her first steps. He felt as if he was on the moon. He rushed and kissed her heartily out of joy.

Move over Armstrong. There is one soul less on earth who doesn't give a rats tail to your first step on moon.

P.S: Inspired from a friends tale of similar happiness and my 2 year old pic :-)


Nivi said...

Wow awesome!!!
"Move over Armstrong. There is one soul less on earth who doesn't give a rats tail to your first step on moon"
Loved this. :)
Move over people the king of twists is here :-)

Anu said...

gr8 post!!!

The suspense element as usual was ingrained in it....

Aditi said...

fabulous post... well written and so sweet

brute said...

heheh nice story ;)

Padma said...

:).. good one.. y r u also adopting the same prinicple (friday posting ) as ambi anna:).. i smell something fishy:D..

Heidi Kris said...

Man you rock! Awesome. //Her lips were small and rosy as if she had just finished eating a cherry.// too cute of a description >:D<

Sat said...

ada....u wont shake off this twist in the tail routine or what? :P
daughter-a pathi podradhuku enna maari build up kodukura man ne!!!!!!!
u startign to walk is rather scary...ivalo naal goods train maari thavazhndhu uyira vanginadhu ini rajdhani maari veeta suthi oda podhu...that'll send a chill down any parent's spine!

Aparna said...

For once I guessed that the person being referred to must be his daughter, in the beginning itself! So, twist is missing this time ;)

prithz said...

Awwwwwwww!!! That was such a cute post!!! Loved it (as usual) :D

Capturing such moments in life would be a wonderful experience by itself and will be enjoyed everytime we see them :D I guess its a straight from the heart post and hope u can do this for your kid someday :)

Nithya said...

THat was so sweet and adorably cute....
I somehow culd guess munnadiye, that the lass, u were talkin abt, could not have definitely been more than 10 yrs old atleast :P...What's ur frnd's kid's name btw ? :D

The description of her (i presume) is so cute, that I wanna know abt her :)

N!kh!l said...

ooh! Didn't see that coming. Good post dude. U should ocnsider naming urself "The Twister" instead of "The Mask". Keep Rocking.

Arunkumar said...

cute post but i guessed it was abt his kid :)

ZaNYChiLD said... cute a post
one of the best moments in each parents life i guess!
and a nice twist too
keep blogging!

Ganesh Ranganathan said...

super pa...

armstrong line dhool...

prithz said...

Me loves Armstrong line tooooo!!! :D

Krithika said...

touchy n very beautiful..

Vidya said...

I love the comment about Armstrong. Great post.

Anand said...

Another great one dude. Keep it coming!!

SKM said...

Awesome! Ippdi yezhudha yeppdi mudiyudhu?
it has brought back my memories too.Thanks .
I don't miss your posts harish.Ovvoru thadavaiyum Vayai pilandhuttu, sonnadhaiyae sollanuma nu ,onnum sollama poiduven some times.Do not mistaken me,Please.

Priya Iyer said...

hi! I came across your blog from nithya's and read your last post. Too cute and sweet! Keep up the good work! :-)


rsubras said...

First timer here :) but i think u wud have known me :D

as nivi said,

"Move over Armstrong. There is one soul less on earth who doesn't give a rats tail to your first step on moon."

These words are awesome and lovely..... naan vanthavudanaye intha lines ah padichittena..semmam impressed...appuram full story padichappa, etho sweetness konjam kurainja maathiri irunthathu.....coz my expectation grew more reading these lines first :D.. Probably i shud have read the story from first....

welcome to my blog too boss :)

Dreamzz said...

ithu enna kulandhaigal nadakkum seasona! kittu maama blogla video! inga ithu!

babies are so cute!

G3 said...

Cute post.. ulaga adhisayama naan startinglayae guess panniten adhu oru kutti kozhandhannu ;-)))

Revathi said...

ha ha ha ha ha!!weightu..first few lines padichu i was like what is he getting at because knowing u i was sure u wud have a twist in the end!!:):)
good one!!

Shruti said...

Hi harish came here from Pricess of Joy's blog..
Lovely moment ...
How beautiful the moment will be like...
God bless you all..
Take care...

KK said...

Vanakkam Thalaiva.... nalla kiriya??? Soka yezhuthuriya kathaya.... Naan kooda yetho Joey and Chandler Baywatch'la yetho ponna paarthu jollu vidura maathiri oru twist koduthu mudipa appadinu paarthen...

Yenga amma kooda appadi than santhosa pattanga... aana as Sat said later she thot "Yean da ivan nadaka arambichanu" :D

Padmapriya said...

wah..cute post..just loved it :)

Harish said...

Hee hee....idellam romba over. But any way...Thanks a lot :-)

I tried my best :-)

Its indeed a sweet moment that deserves a sweet mention :-)

Harish said...

Thanks Bro :D

Its not intentional.....
If only I Could tell the truth :-)

Wish I could have more mastery over the language :-)

Harish said...

Innama alutukkara...hmmm....eppo odidumo ngara bayam daan :-(

Grrrr....I hate it when someone guesses it. Hmm....Sometime I will fool you out :-)

Sollita illa....ippove Handycam order panida vndiyadu daan :-)

Harish said...

Its Rhea. Its really adorable and sweet that I wanted to hug it from the pic.

Thanks a lot man. The Mask is because eve I hardly get to see the man behind and front of it.

Hmmm....I guess sometime later I would have to trick you out :-)

Harish said...

Thanks yaar....I am lazy....just once a week in itself seems draining at times :-)

@ganesh and Prithz
Thanks man...Seems that line has become a favorite :-)

A magical moment...that deserves a magical mention :-)

Harish said...

Wow...I am glad U liked it

I will try my best :-)

Dayavu saidu vandutu atleast "kevalama irukku: nu aavudu sollitu ponga. Cant afford to miss someone as you :-)

Harish said...

Welcome yaar. Hope to see more of you :-)

Welcome Boss. Moral of story...dont start from bottom :-)

coincidence sir :-)

Harish said...

Unnai apparam kavukaren :-)

Hmm...i guess for sometime inda twist a mootai katti vekkanum

Its priceless indeed :-)

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

How did i miss this post :O
Was busy with exams :D Hehehe...
The way u brot the child in 2 the picture was so damn good! :) U have ur own style of writing! :) Applause!

Harish said...

nanba....enna laayae enga kadai pakkam kaanum???sema aani pola???
hee hee....un pullai paaru....1 maasam kazhichchu velila vanda udane Kangaar maadiri taavi taavi odum

Thanks yaar :-)

Harish said...

Hee hee...I try my best yaar :-)

Incognito said...

:)You seem to have specialised in capturing faterhood-moments very well!

Hell's Angel said...

i guessed he was admiring his own kid.. and my mind is not corrupt as well hehe.. :D..

Harish said...

Hee hee....Imagination works :-)

Tried my best :-)