Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Rain Rain go away....

"It’s raining men...hallelujah..." Geri Halliwell was crooning loudly on the CD player. Chandru, aged 8 was dancing to her tunes and was watching the rain from his balcony.

Watching the rain was a joy and even more joyous was getting wet. Of course the trouble of catching cold was always there...but then who cares. The whole area around him seemed to have turned into an island and there was water everywhere. It seemed to him like the scene of the movie WATER WORLD where there was no sight of land anywhere. He had a small fishing net and he was fishing standing on the wall just a few meters away from his house. Life is full of fun...or so Chandru thought.

Suddenly there was commotion all over. His mom came and asked him to pack his clothes. He wanted a reason and no one gave him one. After a few minutes a few policemen came in boats and asked them to get into the boat. His parents and his neighbors alighted into the boat with some sobs and it seemed as if he was the only one who was happy at the sight of rain. He wondered why elders despised rain so much when they got to be thankful for it.

Then he remembered that he had left his favorite cycle in his house and asked his mom if they could return back. His mom already angry and furious slapped him hard and Chandru was left crying alone. Out of rage he jumped out of the boat and tried to swim. But the tide was high and he found himself drowning...drowning...drowning.....

"Chandru...Chandru..wake up. I should not have allowed you to watch that stupid flood on TV. Wake up. You are getting late to your school".

Chandru, woke up to face a new rainless day to his school in a 'desert'ed Rajasthan city.

P.S : Happened to see a boy fishing standing on a wall near my company.


Anonymous said...

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JB ! said...

hey..good one :)

vJ said...


Good One.

The foto is too good.


Harish said...

Thanks :-)

Yeah..when i was searching for the photo and saw this one i almost yelled :-)

IBH said...

harish first time here...good one !

Yours Truly said...

Rajasthan - ur post brought back lotsa memories :)

Harish said...

Thanks :-)

U were in Rajasthan?
I was in Gujarat. So i knew how thrilling it was to see rain once in a while.

bindhu said...

Good Story!! Aana Rajasthan payyan flood vara maadhiri dream pannuradh konjam over...

naanum indha maadhiri dream panniyirukan .. After reading "Tell me your dreams".. that night I dreamt that I also had multiple personality disorder... chanceeillla dream romba thrillingaa irundhudhu.

Harish said...

Philosophically speaking naama ellarumae split personality thaan...difference is that ppl who cant suppress it show it and are labelled as MPD and rest walk on the streets.

chaitü said...

good one :) i love rain too... i can't stop myself from getting wet when its raining
here we were flooding with rain till few days ago :)

beautiful picture

keep coming

Harish said...

Welcome Chaitanya
Yeah..i love getting wet in rain too..
i love walking in the rain...donno why :-)

Sugee said...

Wow beautiful pic i thought u took frm net, do u do photography also?

Harish said...

hell no Sugee
But i know to pick a good one when i see it :-)
Pakka CTRL C+ CTRL V..

Chandru said...

I think that chandru can be me

Chandru said...

See also this..

Chandru Thought